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HP Student Discount and Promo Codes for College Students in 2022

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– HP Student Discount and Promo Codes –

Every student uses the HP Student discount plan in this century. HP is an American multinational IT company that produces very good hardware and software products. So if you would love to learn more about the HP Student Discount and Promo Codes, read through this post carefully.

HP Student Discount and Promo Codes

HP Student Discount and Promo Codes for College Students

HP is one of the most important and most documented technology brands in the world. HP produces and sells both hardware and software for everyone, from consumers to businesses, and is especially popular within the education sector.

When students are trying to find student discounts on laptops, this may probably be the primary brand they check. From laptops and computers, two printers, tablets, calculators and more, HP retail is all the tech that students need (and tons you almost certainly don’t need but want anyway!)

HP understands that laptops and other gadgets are often an upscale purchase on a student budget, so they’ve created an exclusive online store, especially for college kids in the HP Student Store.

If you are looking for an HP laptop with a student discount or browsing for a student discount on printers? They offer quality laptops, printers, headphones and more at affordable student prices of up to 30% discount. “HP Student Discount and Promo Codes”

More Information about HP Student Discount and Promo Codes

HP’s newest printers often accompany their Instant Ink service (and you’ll usually get a couple of months for free once you are check-in and buy a printer).

This is often a very convenient service, especially for college kids, as they monitor your ink levels and automatically send you new cartridges when you’re running low.

So you never run out of ink! We use HP Instant Ink ourselves and would definitely recommend it – there’s nothing worse than running out of ink when you’re printing an assignment and you’re already tight on time!

Past Offers of HP Student Discount and Promo Codes

Some recent examples of offer HP have put on include:

• 5% off tablets and 2-in-1 laptops

• 8% off laptops & desktops

• 15% off print supplies & accessories

• 10% off Elite Range orders

• Up to £200 off

• Free delivery

HP produces some of the best laptops on the market. From top-of-the-line devices like the Envy 13 to its budget workhorses and Chromebooks, to its powerful Omen gaming laptops, the brand has options across the spectrum, whatever your needs.

Thankfully, a student discount makes even its most expensive devices somewhat more approachable.


Does HP offer a student discount?

Does HP offer a student discount

Yes! HP offers a student discount of up to 40% (up from 35% last year) across its laptops/PCs, printers, and other products via its HP Student Store.

HP currently offers to:

• 15% off laptops

• 10% off displays and monitors

• 10% off of printers

• 40% off accessories, like keyboards and mice

• Don’t forget HP now offers free delivery on all orders.

Eligibility for HP Students Discount

To get the student discount from HP, you must be:

1. Over the age of 16,

2. Currently enrolled in a further or higher education institution or academic staff.

3. Have a valid school or university email address (usually in the format of [email protected])

How to get the HP student discount

How to get the HP student discount

Here are a few ways to access HP’s student discount:

1. Go directly to the HP Store

You can get HP Student pricing by registering at the HP Student Store. Just click on “Join the HP Student Store” and sign up with your university.ac.uk address.

2. Get the HP Student Discount via Student beans

Student Beans is the world’s leading student loyalty network. They deal with the marketing of a technology company that helps brands and services run their own student discount and loyalty programmes to connect with over 163 million students across 52 countries to drive student sales.

Another way to access HP student deals is through Student Beans. Student Beans centralises student discounts from major brands in one place while also verifying your student status.

Student beans are not only for college students but for anyone over the age of 16 and in full-time education, including university, college, sixth form, and high school, can use Student Beans.

All of them need to register and verify your student status in order to get access to thousands of free student discounts. “HP Student Discount and Promo Codes”

This saves you from individually registering as a student across different sites.

Right now, you can pick up the following HP deals:

HP’s general student discount of up to 40% off

15% off HP Workstation Laptops

You’ll need an institutional email address to create a Student beans account. The service verifies your student status by either allowing you to log in to your institution’s learning portal, by email confirmation, or by submitting proof by documentation.

You can provide images of your student card, acceptance letter, or academic transcript. This is, however, the slowest way to sign up as approval can take up to 24 hours.

How to get HP student discount via UniDays

How to get HP student discount via UniDays

You can also access HP student discounts and deals through Unidays, which offers discounts to sixth form, college and university students.

UniDays, like student beans, is a popular verification platform that many brands used to offer student discounts, including the Apple Education Store.

UniDays offers access to all deals the HP student store has available. Right now you can get 15% off HP Workstations with Nvidia Quadro cards.

To sign up, you’ll need to provide your full name, institution name, which year you’re enrolled in, and the length of your program. Unidays only verify your student status by logging into your institutional portal or via email.

How to get 50% Off HP

HP is offering a 50% student discount. To claim this offer you’ll first need to sign up with Unidays. Here, you can verify your student status by providing an official university email.

Once verified, you will gain access to exclusive student discounts from HP. If you have additional questions about HP student discounts and eligibility requirements, you can contact them here.

HP’s student discount can save students up to 50% off. Save up to 50% off select products, 35% off gaming products, 5% off gaming PCs $999 more, and 10% off gaming PCs $1399 or more. Visit HP for the full list of eligible products.

Other Ways to Save at HP

1. Check our HP coupon page: Visit the BrokeScholar HP coupon codes page for up-to-date coupon codes and sales. Currently, we have 200 active offers available to use.

2. Follow HP on social media: Often, HP releases special deals to their followers on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

3. Check Amazon for HP items. Amazon sells HP products at discounted prices and Prime members can receive free shipping. See HP deals at Amazon

4. Shop used HP items on eBay: It may be worth checking eBay for used HP products if you can’t find a deal elsewhere. See HP deals at eBay.


Save on Computers & Laptops with Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student is a cheaper version of Amazon Prime designed specifically for college students. Amazon Prime is an annual subscription program that provides several benefits for members.

Amazon Prime Subscribers are eligible for free two-day (and, sometimes, one-day) shipping on most items and other delivery perks.

Members also get unlimited streaming video and music, as well as special offers on other digital media and a variety of other Amazon-specific services at half the price of the company’s traditional Prime membership.

Prime Student is a program only for college students. For just $6.49/month, Prime Student includes free shipping on your favourite items, access to thousands of TV shows and movies, and exclusive student discounts.

New members get a 6-month free trial, and you can cancel anytime. Find discounted products + free shipping when you shop Computers & Laptops on Amazon.

Three Reasons Your Brand Should Offer College Student Discounts

Between school, socializing, and work, college students are busy. They’ve got to be selective about how they spend their free time when they’ve got it.

But despite being low in leisure time, college students aren’t skimping on shopping. But rather than browsing brick-and-mortar stores, most college students are taking care of their shopping online.

Refuel Agency reports that college students spend 45.8 hours a week skimming social media or consuming content on laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

From brand awareness to post-purchase retention, college student discounts are a powerful way to encourage first-time purchases and ongoing brand loyalty.

So how can your brand be a lifeboat amongst the endless sea of online options if you don’t do student discounts? The solution is simple: offer online student discounts. Here are 3 reasons your brand should offer college student discounts.

1. College Students Love Student Discounts

You may think duh, everyone loves discounts. What’s so special about offering them to college students? A survey of college students showed that when brands offer student discounts, it can make a big difference in college students’ purchasing decisions:

86% of students say that they would shop at their favourite stores more often if they offered student discounts.

78% say it would only take a 20% discount to help them decide to make a purchase.

73% say they would be more likely to buy from a company that offers student discounts online compared to a competitor that doesn’t.

Practically, all the college students would shop more often if the brands they loved offered student discounts. College students have money to burn to make where to spend their cash a simple decision for them.

2. College Students Are Loyal

Don’t be so quick to pull that discount off the table once college students graduate. A discount program can also make a big impact on college students’ long-term loyalty to your brand, even after Graduation Day has come and gone:

61% of college students say they would carry on their loyalty with a company that offered student discounts well past graduation.

69% say they would be more loyal to a company that offered student discounts and prefer that company over one that did not offer sales to students.

On-going brand loyalty and customer retention are important, considering it costs 5 times more to get a new customer than keep an existing one.

So make sure your brand has a sound plan in place for keeping college students engaged, educated, and interested in your brand, even once they’ve gotten their diploma.


3. College Students Are Brand Enthusiasts

Yet another perk of earning college students’ loyalty is that they’re natural brand ambassadors. If they like something, they share it with everyone they know:

86% of college students say they would network with their friends about student discounts they had received.

Through college student’s active use of social media, your student discount program can spread like wildfire. But beyond the discount program, social media attention can give you a chance to connect with more college students:

80% of college students say that Facebook is one of the most effective ways to reach them.

Students discounts can earn your new customers in the college demographic, help build loyalty that lasts a lifetime and create word-of-mouth excitement about your products.

You can be a part of HP student discount and promo codes if go through this article very read. As a student, you will get a discount of different percentages when you get an HP product.

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