Impact of Personal Qualities of Principals on the Attainment of Basic Administrative Tasks of Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis

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Impact of Personal Qualities of Principals on the Attainment of Basic Administrative Tasks of Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis.


This study examined the “Impact of Personal qualities of Principals’ on the attainment of basic administrative tasks of Secondary Schools in Kaduna Metropolis”. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the basic attributes of a principals administrative functions in any school.

Six (6) research questions were formulated and six (6) null hypotheses were stated and tested to answer the research questions. The research design adopted in the study ex-post facto. The target population for the study was approximately put at Ten Thousand (10,000) made up of public schools in Kaduna metropolis.

Structured questionnaire designed by the researcher was employed in the collection of data from Eight hundred and thirty (830) respondents’ of public secondary schools in Kaduna south, Kaduna North, Igabi and Chukun Local Government Area of Kaduna state.

Descriptive and inferential statistics were used in data analysis at 0.05 level of significant. Inferential statistics like One-way Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and T-test statistical procedures were meant to analyze all the hypotheses stated while descriptive statistics was used for the respondents’ bio-data section.

The results of the study showed that all the hypotheses raised in the study were rejected. The major findings of this study revealed that all the respondents’ agreed to a significant difference on the intelligence of school principals’ on their administrative tasks.


The issue of leadership in an organization centred on the personal attributes of the individual occupying such position. The art of leadership is as old as age itself, and covers all aspects of human life without excluding the educational system be it private or public, mixed or single schools, day or boarding school system and so on.

The success of any school in meeting its goals depends on its leaders – especially the headteachers. The nomenclature of the title differs from one institution to another and evolving different functions. They are referred to as headmaster/headmistress at the primary schools, and principals, at the secondary school levels.

Education in a wholistic view is the cornerstone of any nation and thus, should be handled with caution to promote the necessary socio- cultural and economic development. It is in line with this, that the National Policy on Education (2004) described education as an instrument “par excellence” for effecting national development.


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