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Laundry Memes 2022 That Will Brighten Your Day

Filed in Articles by on December 31, 2021

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– Laundry Memes 2021 –

Doing laundry is probably one of the worst and hardest adult things one has to do – no matter what.

A lot of us dread it, while others totally procrastinate in doing it. If you’re like most people who like putting off doing laundry, here’s a collection of funny laundry memes.

Laundry Memes 2021

There are few tasks more irritating than having to do your own laundry. Dishes could give it a run for its money, but in the end, laundry wins because of the folding and putting it away part.

For most people, laundry is something they put off until it’s absolutely necessary. Like “you’ve already worn your last pair of underwear inside out,” is a kind of necessary.

Here you will find a bunch of funny laundry memes and pictures that will spin cycle your brain.

These viral laundry photos will not only serve as a friendly reminder that you don’t have to do your laundry tonight if you don’t feel like it, but they’ll also make you want to fluff and fold for the rest of your life.

If you’re anything like me, you have at least one pile of laundry taking over your home. There’s the clean pile that you haven’t quite gotten the chance to fold.

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Then there is that other pile: a combination of dirty clothes, damp swimsuits, clean clothes that fell off of hangers, and every outfit your teenage daughter tried on before going to the mall with her friends.

Toss in some smelly towels and the sofa throw your dog adopted, and you have the familiar Mount Everest of laundry that always seems to be spilling out of the hamper.

I actually don’t even really mind doing the wash. I’d much rather sit on my couch in front of the TV folding clothes than, say, get down on my knees to scrub the shower floor.

The problem is that no matter how many loads I do, there is always more, more, and more! Thankfully, I am not alone in my laundry struggle.

Hilarious 2022 Laundry Memes

The fact is, laundry is a drag but funny laundry memes? Well, those are fantastic! I’ve gathered some of the best, most hilarious memes about laundry from some of the funniest people on the internet moms.

Check out these super funny memes by parents whose laundry piles also never seem to end:

1. Washing can be one of the laziest things to do for a lot of, sounds weird right! yes but that is why we end up having a lot of clothes left for us to wash be we feel lazy washing them when it is not much.

Laundry Memes 2021

2. First-time laundry, you can’t imagine how stressful it will be.

First-time laundry

3. Sleep it off; How do you feel when you wake up to realize that you actually washed all your all dirty cloth, the joy is unmeasurable?

Laundry Memes 2021

4. Saved by Undies; this is so hilarious, just because you have another clean pair of underwear you have chosen not to wash the dirty ones.

Saved by Undies

5. “There is no need for laundry she said,”: the motivation some people really need, wow! The cloth is not dirty so no need for laundry!

There is no need for laundry

6. We need to do laundry because everywhere is dirty, where do we start from.. Lets wait till weekend so we can have all the time we need to do laundry.

Laundry Memes 2021

6. I had a stressful day because I spent 3hours doing laundry……It was one hell of a day, am visiting the spa anytime from stressed.

Laundry Memes 2021


Folding Laundry Memes

“The war had ended by the break of day. This soldier was the only alive one among the hundreds of others who died fighting the war.

7. He was sitting calmly under the tree as there are no more enemies to fight.” This is a scenario of how I appear after, washing and folding my clothes.

8. Imagine some hoodlums robbing and taking away all our washing machines and we receive bans from buying any washing machine and we are told not to even wash again… it’s worth celebrating, funny right! There’s no need to do the laundry, because……..

folding Laundry

9. Gotta love a good laundry pun. So punny…..


Laundry Memes 2021

10. Funny how laundry is done differently when it’s just the guys doing it. Maybe they should take it over full time. Just saying.


11. Every time I think about becoming a nudist… but hey, no laundry is needed except sheets. Nudists use sheets, right?

12. How successful can you be more than washing a lot of clothes, drying them and even folding them, ah! My dear, you had a successful day…

successful washing

13. “You’re going to forget that laundry in the washer.”… she said, and oops, I did, and found out this was done some days ago.

Laundry struggle

A Laundry Haiku Memes

The term haiku is derived from the first element of the word haikai (a humorous form of renga, or linked-verse poem) and the second element of the word hokku (the initial stanza of a renga)

 The hokku, which set the tone of a renga, had to mention in its three lines such subjects as the season, time of day, and the dominant features of the landscape, making it almost an independent poem.

The hokku (often interchangeably called haikai) became known as the haiku late in the 19th century when it was entirely divested of its original function of opening a sequence of verses.

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Today, the term haiku is used to describe all poems that use the three-line 17-syllable structure, even the earlier hokku.

Originally, the haiku form was restricted in subject matter to an objective description of nature suggestive of the season, evoking a definite, though unstated, emotional response.

The form gained distinction early in the Tokugawa period (1603–1867) when the great master Bashō elevated the hokku to a highly refined and conscious art.

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He began writing what was considered this “new style” of poetry in the 1670s, while he was in Edo (now Tokyo). Among his earliest haiku is.

  • On a withered branch,
  • A crow has alighted;
  • Nightfall in autumn.

Bashō subsequently traveled throughout Japan, and his experiences became the subject of his verse. His haiku was accessible to a wide cross-section of Japanese society.

These poems’ broad appeal helped to establish the form as the most popular form in Japanese poetry.


Haiku laundry Memes

below are a few laundries haiku:

14. If laundry was a person.. we have a lot in mine to tell him, Gosh! You are annoying, some will say why are you even existing.. but guess what? I will be specific like I hate you Mr. laundry.

15. How to overcome adulting when it comes to laundry…..Pack the clothes in a machine and abandon them for some days, funny right! go back and wash when you feel like it.

16. The endless cycle of laundry; this cycle never ceases, it keeps rotating, which makes it more tiring for us. You wear clothes, its get dirty and the next action is laundry..mehn! this is tiring

A laundry Day Memes

17. Just in case you are ever wondering what to do when procrastinating laundry, consider writing a haiku about laundry. I did, and let me tell you it, unfortunately, didn’t help my laundry situation.

Laundry Memes 2021

18. Instead of laundry, this time is about how to Target and buy new clothes. I can totally relate to this……funny right!

Confession. I have gone to Target way too many times to admit to buying new clothes in order to not have to think about doing laundry. This especially works well with clearance kids’ clothing, just saying.

19. Alexa, Fold the Clothes: If only there was an Alexa skill for folding clothes and doing laundry. Amazon make this happen and every home will have an Alexa device!

folded laundry

20. The Neverending Story of laundry

The Neverending Story of a laundry

21. We have named our laundry pile Mount Washmore. It grows daily. Yes, that’s our laundry method.

laundry method.

22. I always put off doing laundry. No shame in my game. You get that right!

laundry drink meme

23. Who else has thought about throwing the laundry in the fireplace? ME!!!!

Laundry Memes 2021

24. The chair of clothes: I mean, what else does the chair do? I mean, people will still sit in it–even with all the clothes. This also applies to my dresser.

clothes on the chair

25. That’s right, Buzz Lightyear…. laundry… laundry Everywhere…… Laundry Everywhere, where do I start from, hmmm! this is terrible. 

26. Laundry is never fun and games! What mom can’t laugh at this giant laundry pile and relate. Never fun when washing but interesting when wearing and changing.

Laundry Memes 2021

27. We would all be RICH if our bank accounts filled up as fast as our laundry baskets! Mehn! we would have been the riches.. the reverse is always the case…

Laundry Basket

28. Check your pocket before laundry. In case there are some lollipops that will help your washing, I guess if you are busy eating the laundry won’t boring.

Laundry Memes 2021

29. I love my husband, but laundry is not one of his skills either.

Laundry Memes 2021

30. This feels 100% accurate; when all laundry has been washed- “Laundry Memes 2021”

Laundry Memes 2021

31. Oops! I can wash all day, it’s just folding clothes–nope! I hate laundry. After washing, you strap into folding, mehn! laundry can be so hectic.

I hate laundry

32. You can’t imagine I question the sanity and truthfulness of anyone who says they enjoy laundry. Really! they enjoy laundry. I can believe that.


33. When life will be all about laundry and bingo. Impossible… If life had given a choice between bingo and Laundry..I will choose bingo a thousand and one times.

bingo after laundry

34. Did laundry without losing a sock? Guess I haven’t had a good day yet!

Did laundry without losing a sock?

35. I think this really makes laundry tiring, laundry timetable

laundry timetable

36. It feels like I won a trophy; I did all my laundry. Really! Just can’t believe I finished all my laundry, Mehn! It feelslike I just won a trophy.

my laundry

37. Try laundry they said…it will be fun “Laundry Memes 2021”

Laundry Memes 2021


Laundry refers to the washing of clothing and other textiles, and, more broadly, their drying and ironing as well.

The Laundry has been part of history since humans began to wear clothes, so the methods by which different cultures have dealt with this universal human need are of interest to several branches of scholarship.

Laundry work has traditionally been highly gendered, with the responsibility in most cultures falling to women (formerly known as laundresses or washerwomen).

The Industrial Revolution gradually led to mechanized solutions to laundry work, notably the washing machine and later the tumble dryer. “Laundry Memes 2021”

More Details

Laundry, like cooking and child care, is still done both at home and by commercial establishments outside the home.

The word “laundry” may refer to the clothing itself, or to the place where the cleaning happens. An individual home may have a laundry room; a utility room includes but is not restricted to, the function of washing clothes.

An apartment building or student hall of residence may have a shared laundry facility such as a tvättstuga. “Laundry Memes 2021”

A stand-alone business is referred to as a self-service laundry (laundrette in British English or laundromat in North American English).

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