NYSC Camp Checklist 2024 See Full List of Items Needed for NYSC Camp

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After your NYSC registration, it will seem like all have been fully accomplished. But that isn’t the case. There are still a few things which you will need. That is your NYSC camp checklist, which in this article all the information has been provided below.

Without the list of things stated below, it is like going to the farm without cutlass or hoe. Therefore, you don’t need to miss out any of the things listed below. This update is to make it easy for you to know the things to go with and for you to prepare yourself ahead of time.

NYSC Camp Checklist

Firstly we will be looking at the few documents which you will need for the camp registration at the campground. This includes;

  1. NYSC call-up letter
  2. School Identity Card
  3. Statements of Result or Certificates
  4. Passport photographs
  5. Medical Certificate of fitness

Other Items Needed

Though the items or things listed below are not mandatory but you need it for your personal use.

It includes the following:

  • A pair of NYSC white tennis shoes.
  • Antiseptics/disinfectants.
  • Bed items such as bedspread/sheets, pillowcase, pillow and a wrapper or blanket.
  • Books you can read during your free time in camp.
  • Bucket
  • Dish set such a food flask, spoon, and a drinking cup or flask.
  • Dishwashing agent
  • File Jackets
  • Flashlight (Torchlight)/Rechargeable lamps. If you are going with a flashlight that uses batteries, you should do we to take enough batteries with you.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Medical kit containing medications such as multivitamins, analgesics or pain relievers, antibiotics, prescription tablets for malaria, anti-purging pills, and other medicines that you need to cope (especially if you know you have some conditions), cotton wool, plasters, methylated spirit, Robb and other things you think you might personally need.
  • Money and ATM Cards (you should have some money on you because you might need one or two things and you will not want to start borrowing at camp).
  • Padlocks
  • Phone charger/Power bank. If possible you can go with an extra battery for your mobile phone or smartphone.
  • Plain white sneakers or tennis shoes
  • Provisions
  • Rubber slippers
  • Stationery
  • Toiletries
  • Towels
  • White round neck T-shirt
  • Treated mosquito net.
  • Underwear (take enough with you that will be sufficient for the period of your stay in camp)
  • Waist Pouch.
  • White shorts
  • White socks

If there are other things which you think are necessary which are not included here, you can as well go with them.

Therefore, if you have any question on the NYSC camp checklist, kindly drop it in the comment section below. Also, do well to this article with all your friends and loved ones on all your social media handle.

CSN Team.

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