10 Ways to Make A Great Impression On Your First Day of Work

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– First day of work –

First impressions tend to stick. If you’re starting a new job, it’s wise to put your best foot forward so that you form a trusting connection with your manager and co-workers early on.

first day of work

You did it! You made it through the extensive and exhausting interviewing process and stood out against everyone else — and you got the job!

And now, after accepting your job offer, it’s time to start your first day. This article will show the top tips on what to do on your first day of work.

Why Is Your First Day Of Work Important?

Your first day of work is foundational and sets the tone for your job going forward. On your first day, you’ll learn many of the things you need to know to perform your job well.

For instance, the first day is typically when you’ll first see your work area, learn your specific day-to-day workflow and schedule, meet your coworkers, get familiar with different areas of your office or building, and much more.

Your first day sets the foundation for all of your future interactions at work, and, indeed, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

The first impression you make could form some of your colleagues’ opinions for the rest of your career within that business.

Ways to Make A Great Impression

Here are 10 things to do to help you have the best first day possible.

1. Get adequate sleep

This advice may have been given to you while you were studying for a significant test or event. A good night’s sleep will make a huge impact on how you present yourself at work.

You’ll feel better, have more energy, and be better able to focus. Your colleagues will not appreciate you if you seem sleepy or slow at work.

2. Dress professionally

First day of work

Make certain to inquire about the business dress code. You generally won’t need to wear a suit unless you work in law or finance.

Even if you’re just starting, you should maintain a tidy and professional image.

That means you should stay away from anything designed for the gym, anything that is shredded, or anything that exposes too much flesh.

To assist you, pay attention to what your colleagues and management are wearing. If you’re doing remote work, make sure you appear put together on video. If you’re going to wear sweatpants, make sure they’re not visible on camera.

Remember that being slightly overdressed is always preferable to being underdressed.


3. Arrive a bit earlier (or at least on time)

Arrive a bit earlier (or at least on time)

Doesn’t it seem to be straightforward? Don’t forget to go to work on time. Arriving a few minutes early or on time demonstrates to your boss that you are trustworthy and responsible. And that’s the impression you’re going for.

Set an alarm clock and allow plenty of time to prepare. If you’re utilizing public transit or driving, figure out how long it will take you to get there. Then add a little more time to accommodate for any unexpected traffic or delays.

It’s preferable to arrive early than late since you’ll have more time to settle down and get a cup of coffee before the day begins.

4. Make eye contact and smile

Always smile and establish eye contact with new employees while you’re conversing with them. This will make you look pleasant, and they will have a positive opinion of you as a result.

Plus, a pleasant mood is infectious, so spread some happiness around the workplace!

5. Introduce yourself

Introduce yourself

Being the “new person” at work might be scary. However, keep in mind that everyone was once a newcomer. If your boss does not bring you around for introductions, take the initiative and introduce yourself to the individuals of your team.

Be nice, tell them a little about yourself, and say you’re excited to work with them.

Also, say hello and introduce yourself to others in the office—in the kitchen, before a meeting, or even while waiting for the elevator. Be courteous and introduce yourself whenever you see a fresh face.

If a small conversation isn’t your strong suit, ask if they have any ideas for a decent lunch restaurant.

Use any workplace networking or social gatherings to your advantage. Making connections and meeting new people will make a huge impact on your job experience.

6. Take the initiative

work day

If you’ve accepted a new position, you’re probably ecstatic about the prospect. When you take on new initiatives, be careful to show your colleagues that same excitement.

If a colleague approaches you for assistance, you should say yes—as long as you have the time to aid them while still doing your job. This will help you be seen as a team player, and they will be more inclined to assist you in the future.

7. Be Prepared to Ask Questions

Be Prepared to Ask Questions

Even though the first day is more about listening and getting your feet wet, it’s still a good idea to ask questions when you need some clarification. This will help show your employer that you’re excited about the job and you’re ready to learn.

8. Put Your Phone on Silent

This one’s a no-brain. You should always try to be 100% present while you’re at work, especially if it’s your first day. If you can’t tear yourself away from your phone because you’re neck-deep in an Instagram contest, you might want to rethink your priorities.

That being said, you may need your phone throughout the day for various onboarding and orientation events, so do keep it turned on and at hand.


9. Listen and take notes

Consider your first few weeks at a new job as if you were in a class. Taking notes is the most effective technique to recall all of the material you’ll be exposed to.

It’s a good idea to maintain a notepad and pen in your bag at all times and to bring them to every meeting.

It’s always ideal practice to actively listen and take notes, even after the first several weeks! As a result, get started early and establish good habits for the future.

10. Be Friendly


It’s not the same as connecting with friends, family, or classmates while you’re at work. This does not negate the need of being pleasant and getting to know your colleagues.

Start by confining your chats to work-related issues, and you’ll soon develop a sense of camaraderie among your coworkers.

Your greatest bet is to see how your coworkers interact. Some people may engage in more informal talks and be more willing to share information about their families and personal life.

Others, on the other hand, may wish to keep their private life secret. If someone inquires about your birthplace, school, or family, feel free to discuss your interests and ask them similar questions.

It’s also worth keeping your body language in check! You can reveal an awful lot about yourself, just from a blink of the eye!

Good luck!

Please kindly share with family and loved ones to make better impressions on their first day of work.

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