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Careers in Automobile Sector: It’s the 21st century and owning a luxurious car is a thing. Thank God for social media everybody wants a flashy car with stainless rims.Those who can’t afford the fast cars will do with the SUVs and those who can’t afford the SUVs will do with just any car as long as they can move around with and travel long distances in comfort.

careers in automobile sector

The increased demand for automobile vehicles is accompanied by the increased demand for the maintenance of these vehicles which require certain skill sets.

The availability of these skills is what creates careers in automobile sector of any country’s economy.

The beautiful part of this tale is that every country of the world makes use of automobiles, so there will always be a demand for personnel capable of maintaining these automobiles.

That brings us to the Engineers, Mechanics, Dealers, Technicians, etc.

So if you believe fallacy of the automobile sector lacking career opportunities, you read this article religiously as it is about to expose you to the numerous career opportunities available in the automobile sector.

Careers in Automobile Sector

The Automobile sector continues to grow as of now. There are a wide variety of roles available, which allow you to apply your passion and skills to your chosen sector of the car industry.

All one needs is the required skillset or a certification from an automobile school. Additionally, since forms of automotive transport are always in use, a career in the industry is likely a stable one.

As already said it is important to find the right area of interest for oneself, guess what? We are here to help with that. Take a look at the following careers in automobile, see if anyone interests you.

Car detailer

Primary duties: Car detailers are responsible for keeping the vehicle clean. They tidy the interior and exterior of vehicles by washing, vacuuming, waxing and polishing the car.

If needed or requested by the vehicle’s owner, they may also steam and deodorize the carpets, buff the painted surfaces, apply protective finishes to the exterior and shine the wheel rims.

Car rental agent

Primary duties: Car rental agents administer and recommend rental cars to guests who need to temporarily use a vehicle. They take customer documentation and ensure vehicles in the rental fleet are well maintained.

Car rental agents should be familiar with the operation and technological features of a variety of vehicle types and be comfortable driving them around their lot as needed.

Tire technician

Primary duties: Tire technicians service, repair and replace car tires to create a fuel-efficient and smooth ride for the driver.

They are knowledgeable about various tire types including snow tires and recommended treads for various road or off-road environments.

Vehicle inspector

Primary duties: The vehicle inspector ensures that vehicles meet safety standards, regulations reports violations and recommends repairs. They check cars for damages and drive them to determine any malfunctions.

The inspector also connects the vehicles to mechanical and electrical testing devices to examine the components for damage or incorrect settings.

If repairs are necessary, the inspector will review the cars after repairs are ensure that they meet quality standards.

Auto instructor

Primary duties: Auto instructors teach high-school or college students about repairing cars, engines, mechanical features and electrical systems. They may specialize in one or two maintenance areas or teach the basics of all vehicle components.

They typically work in a shop-style classroom where students are able to gain hands-on maintenance and repair experience. A state teaching license is required for all teachers, including auto instructors.


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Auto body repair technician

Primary duties: Auto body repair technicians are responsible for safely and efficiently fixing car frames, suspensions, dents, windows and the wheel alignment after a vehicle has been damaged.

They primarily focus on the exterior, non-mechanical components of the vehicle and make them look new again.

Auto body repair technicians often directly interact with customers in their repair shop and must have strong customer service and business skills to give the customer an upfront estimate of the cost and time required to repair their vehicle.

Auto mechanic

Primary duties: Auto mechanics or Mechanics as they’re popularly called, are responsible for carrying out routine maintenance, diagnostic testing and mechanical repairs.

They primarily work on motorized components including engines, drive belts, power-steering, brakes and transmissions.

Newer vehicles can be plugged into a computerized diagnostic testing machine, which tells the mechanic what repairs are required.

Auto electrician

Primary duties: Auto electricians are responsible for inspecting, repairing and maintaining a vehicle’s headlights, dashboard warning lights, alarm system, circuit boards and starter motor.

They often work in mechanical and auto body shops with other technicians, but focus on the electric issues within the vehicle.

The auto electrician plugs the computerized diagnostic system into the car to determine the issue and develop a plan to fix it. The plan could include rewiring elements, replacing light bulbs or the entire electrical system.

Auto engineer

Primary duties: Auto engineers research, develop and design the technical systems in vehicles. They work with the development and design team to utilize sophisticated technology in a safe and user-friendly way in the vehicle’s navigation, warning, control and fuel systems.

The auto engineer can continue improving upon previous technologies used in their vehicle or develop new systems based on the current market trends. You can say they play active role in the manufacturing of vehicles.

They also partner with the process engineer to plan and develop the manufacturing process for their technological components.

Process engineer

Primary duties: Process engineers handle the engineering of the plant production process by maintaining automated systems and resolving technical issues.

They have strong technical expertise in the automated manufacturing process and use creativity to further develop and pilot new production processes.

Auto designer

Primary duties: Auto designers are responsible for developing the appearance of the interior and exterior of the car. They combine art, engineering and business to make the car visually pleasing, aerodynamic, functional and cost-effective.

This is the person who determines what the car looks like. They use creativity to incorporate all required mechanical, electrical, technical and comfort features into the vehicle.

The designer partners with the auto engineer to create and implement the technological systems in an efficient way. They are very effective in the automobile manufacturing process.

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