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Effect of Dreyfus Model Training of Career Guidance on Soap Making and Bakery Skills Acquisition of Apprentices for Employment in Niger State


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Challenges on the Development of Almajiri System of Education in Birnin Kebbi Metropolisn the Development of Almajiri System of Education in Birnin Kebbi Metropolis

Abstract The focal point of this study is to known the “challenges on the development of Almajiri system of education in Birnin Kebbi metropolis” . In the case of this research the work is arranged in five chapters chapter one deal with the background of the study, statement of research problems, objectives of study, research […]

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Assessment of the Management and Sustainability of Science and Technology Education Post-basic (Step-b) Project in Federal Unity Colleges in South-south, Nigeria

ABSTRACT   This study assessed the management of the outcomes of STEP-B project, to ascertain the extent to which the project is achieving its objectives and the necessary management factors put in place to ensure the sustainability of the STEP-B activities in the area. The study adopted a descriptive survey design and it was conducted in […]

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Effect of Cognitive Restructuring on Social Competence of Pupils with Social Withdrawal Behaviour in Nsukka Education Zone

ABSTRACT   The study investigated the Effect of Cognitive Restructuring on Social Competence of Pupils with Social Withdrawal Behaviour. Three research questions and three null hypotheses were generated to guide the study. The design of the study was a quasiexperimental non-equivalent pretest-posttest research design involving one experimental and one control group. The sample consists of eighteen (18) socially withdrawn […]

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Influence of Family Structure on Children’s Motivation to Learn And Academic Achievement in Minna Metropolis, Niger State

ABSTRACT The study sought to investigate the influence of family structure on children’s motivation to learn and academic achievement in Minna Metropolis, Niger State. To guide the study, four research questions were posed and answered while four hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted ex-post facto or causal comparative research design. […]

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Strategies for Effective Implementation of Youth Empowerment Programmes in Abia State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT   This study was carried out to investigate strategies for effective implementation of youth empowerment programmes in Abia State, Nigeria. To carry out the study, four research questions were posed. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study was done in Abia North Senatorial District, Abia State. The population of the study comprised of all the youth working with youth led-organizations […]

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Emotional Intelligence as a Correlate of In-School Adolescents’ Self-Esteem and Academic Adjustment

ABSTRACT This study sought to determine whether emotional intelligence serves as a correlate of in-school adolescents’ self-esteem and academic adjustment. This desire was also motivated by the need to determine the gender differences in the relation between among emotional intelligence, academic adjustment and self-esteem of in- school adolescents in Enugu State. Four research questions and […]

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Quality Control and Quality Assurance as Tools for Quality Education in Public Secondary Schools in Nsukka Education Zone

ABSTRACT The study was designed on quality control and quality assurance as tools for quality education in public secondary schools in Nsukka education zone. Four research questions and two null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. A descriptive survey design was adopted. The population comprised 236 principals and vice principals and 1621 teachers in […]

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Education and Gender as Determinants of Political Participation in Anambra State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT The study investigated Education and Gender as determinants of political participation in Anambra State. Five research questions and six hypotheses guided the study. The instruments used for data collection were questionnaire and focus group interview. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. The population of the study was 1,775,842 registered voters in Anambra State […]

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Improving School-Community Partnership in Sustainable Quality Assurance in Secondary School Administration in Nsukka Education Zone  

Abstract This study was carried out to ascertain  ways  of  improving  school-community partnership for sustainable quality assurance in secondary school administration in Nsukka Education zone of Enugu state.   Five research questions and two null hypotheses guided the study. The study adopted a descriptive survey research. A sample of 400,made up of 278 principal/ teachers […]

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