Modern European Languages And Linguistics Project Topics

Literary Stylistic Analysis of Labo Yari’s a Day without Cockcrow

Abstract The primary focus and interest of stylistics has been the analysis of style in any instance of language use, it examines both oral discourse and written text in order to ascertain the form and effect of choices and to determine essential linguistic properties, structures and patterns influencing perception of oral and textual discourses. This […]

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Reduplication in Nigerian English

ABSTRACT This research work is concerned with reduplication in Nigerian English from the speeches and  utterances  of some  students  in  the  Department  of Modern European Languages and Linguistics, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. The  study  shows  that  reduplication  occurs  to signify contrastive meaning, pluralism, emphasis and creation of new words with different semantic forms. Reduplication was […]

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Problems Associated to Learning Second Language a Comparative Analysis

Abstract This research work aims at the investigating aspects of language that causes problems in learning second language. Many teachers have  conducted researches and discovered some aspects that cause problems in learning second language. Those aspects of second language learning include difficulties with linguistic codes (such as phonetics, phonology, semantics and syntax), mother tongues interference, […]

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Semantic Analysis of Language Advertisement in Daily Trust and Vanguard Newspaper

Abstract In today’s word of mass media advertisement are ever-present and influence people to high extent. It can be said that advertising, as a phenomenon has rapidly developed for the past few decades, thus becoming a futile ground for good communication. The starting point for making sense of what is bees communicated, is that the […]

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Comparative Study of English and Hausa Nominal Phrases

ABSTRACT This research studies the occurrence of the constructions and functions of NPs in English and Hausa languages and finds out the similarities and differences that exist between them. Data are collected from primary and secondary sources, i.e. published Grammar, Linguistics, and Comparative Analysis, unpublished lecture notes; internet-based material as well as personal observation. The […]

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Semantic Analysis of Nigerian English Expression

ABSTRACT This study analyses some selected Nigerian English expressions. The expression’s context is made up of forty (40) established English expressions interpreted based on meaning and level of intelligibility which access whether they are typically Nigerian English expressions or not. In presenting the data, tables were used, this enabled the researcher to present the meaning […]

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Reflecting the Times: A Journey of Self-Discovery in Sefi Atta’s Everything Good will Come

Reflecting the Times: A Journey of Self-Discovery in Sefi Atta’s Everything Good will Come. Abstract This research work presents A Journey of Self-Discovery reflecting the times of Sefi Atta’s novel Everything Good Will Come. It has examined the growing up of a child from adolescence to adulthood. This research is subjected to textual analysis, using […]

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Ambiguities in Newspaper Headlines

Ambiguities in Newspaper Headlines. Abstract This research shows that ambiguity is an important topic worthy of consideration and exploration. It is a phenomenon that learners of English may very possibly encounter. As argued by many authors, ambiguity can be found everywhere in language and is usually difficult to understand. Clare (1993) suggests that “ambiguity is […]

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Subtitling Challenges in Kannywood Movies: Pros and Cons

Subtitling Challenges in Kannywood Movies: Pros and Cons. Abstract The study aims to draw attention to the need to have correct and appropriate subtitling in Kannywood movies, so as to elevate its status and promote better grasp of its aesthetics. To highlight the historical background of Kannywood movie industry. Researcher reaches that good and correct […]

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The Manifestation of Non Standard Usage of English among University Students: the Syntactic Perspective

The Manifestation of Non Standard Usage of English among University Students: the Syntactic Perspective. TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page ………………… i Approval Page …………… ii Dedication ……………….. iii Acknowledgments ………. iv Table of Contents …….. v CHAPTER ONE 1.0 Introduction ………….. 1 1.1 Statement of the Problem ………….. 5 1.2 Objectives of the Study ……….. […]

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