Average Cost of Traveling Abroad from Nigeria in 2020 | Latest Update

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Average Cost of Traveling Abroad from Nigeria in 2020 | Latest Update.

Average Cost of Traveling Abroad: Have you ever thought of travelling abroad? Of course you have! You are not alone.

Whether it is a fun trip to the thrilling and exotic islands of Hawaii or Polynesia, or relocating to study in Germany or for a job in Canada, one of the first questions you would ask is, “What is the average cost of travelling abroad from Nigeria?”

Average Cost of Traveling Abroad from Nigeria in 2018

To travel abroad from Nigeria, you need to get the following:

1. Nigerian Passport.

If you already possess a passport which has a validity of at least 6 months as at the date you intend to travel abroad, you are covered but if not go for a passport renewal by checking the official NIS portal.

If you don’t have a Nigerian passport yet, you have to get an international passport form from the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) closest to you or simply register and fill in the necessary details while following instructions on www.portal.immigration.gov.ng . Currently as state on the website the 32-page regular e-passport costs 17,600 naira for adults but processing fees may be charge by some officials in state offices of the NIS which would make it cost up to 28,000 naira.

You would have to provide proof of the information you provided on the online application forms such as your National ID card, your birth certificate or sworn affidavit of age declaration in any Federal High Court in Nigeria, Local Government of Origin Certificate and a passport photograph.

2. Visa

A visa is an official document which grants the person whose name is on the visa the right to legally enter a foreign country. There are many types of visa which are travel/tourist visa, work visa, business visa, student visa, refugee/asylum visa, working holiday visa, spousal visa and transit visa.

The type of visa you chose would be determined by the purpose of visiting the foreign country.

Visa costs vary. Depending on the type of visa you seek, most visa applicants would have to pay about $ 160 (59,000 naira), $190 (70,300 naira) or $265(98,050 naira) at GT Bank in Nigeria to the US embassy.

3. Flight and Hotel Information

The average cost of booking a hotel in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A is about $450 a night and for a week which is 7 days, it would be $3150. You would have to factor in feeding cost and a few other utilities.

According to farecompare.com and flights.ideolo.com, the average cost of flight from Lagos to the Indiana,U.S.A at 3 stop over with flights by Emirates Airline and American Airlines is $949.17 which is 351,192.9 naira.

4. International Driver’s License

If you intend to driver while abroad you have to get an international driver’s license to be able to do so in any foreign country you travel to.

According to www.intldrive.com an international driver’s license cost $68.88 which does not include shipping cost to your residence.

5. Insurance Information

There are several insurance packages even for foreigners like health insurance, automobile or vehicle insurance, liability insurance, home insurance and so much more. Do well to search out the packages which really suit your needs.


It is important that you check with the necessary authorities to confirm the prices for each of the services but this article would give you an estimate of what it costs averagely to travel abroad.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Are there different prices for all flights when traveling abroad?

Yes. The prices for economy class, business class, first class and packages for families are different. Also it varies with the distance, the number of stopovers and the flight operators. Choose with flight plan you are more comfortable with.

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