Design and Implementation of Automated Patient Medical Records System

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Design and Implementation of Automated Patient Medical Records System.


The patient record system has the potential to bring huge benefits to patients and is being implemented in health systems across the developed world.

Storing and sharing health information electronically can speed up clinical communication, reduce the number of errors, and assists doctors in diagnosis and treatment.

The patient record system aims to use advanced database technology and user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) which can efficiently help the hospitals to manage the patient’s information history without the need to rely on the massive manual job from doctor and nurse.

The patient record system consist of components like HTMLs front end, the back end database. Analyses were done in choosing the right database systems and web programming language to develop the user interface MYSQL database, PHP, Java Script programming language where used in designing the system.


Granting patients the statutory right to have access to their medical records is relatively recent, having its foundation in the access to health records act 1990 which came into force on 1st November, 1991.

As a result of this act, subject to certain safeguards, patients were allowed to see their own manual health records made after this date and earlier records if they were necessary to understand the later ones.

A patient record, a health record is a systematic documentation of a patient individual medical history and care. The term ‘medical record’ is used both for the physical folder each individual patient and for the body of information each comprises, the total of each patient health history.

Patient records are intensely personal document and there many ethical and legal issues surrounding them such as the degree of third-party access and appropriate storage and disposal.

General Automation plays an important role in the global economy and in daily experience. The Patient Information Management System (PIMS) is an automated system that is used that is used to manage patient information and its administration.


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