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Best Memoir Examples That Will Blend Your Imagination

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Have you had to have a hard time writing your memoir? You should check out the following memoir examples? These wonderful samples will show you what a truly good memoir is and what it should look like.

Whether you’re hoping to find a piece of writing that makes you feel less alone, or you want to expand your understanding of the human race, these true accounts will stick with you.

Definition of Memoir

A memoir is an account of your experiences related to events from your personal life or history that you witnessed. A memoir is sometimes also called an autobiography, as the two terms share the same meaning to some extent.

But here’s the deal:

There is a slight difference between writing a memoir and writing an autobiography and it is important to truly understand it to benefit most from reading an example of memoir.

An autobiography always focuses on the author’s life, but a memoir can focus on events that the author only witnessed.

Writing your memoirs is an excellent exercise and a good start for a beginning author.

You can learn from it different approaches to captivating readers, develop a skill to express emotions in the right way, and train your writing style.

And what is more pleasing:

After practicing this assignment for some time you can have the basic knowledge on how to write a memoir book.

If you want to read about other types of assignments, read the Overnight Essay blog. We can also help you to write your paper of any complexity.

Memoir Examples: Memoir nib

A person who writes a memoir is a memoirist or… simply a student who has been assigned this task. No matter to which category you belong, the following memoir writing tips will help you write a killer memoir sample:

  • choose an intriguing title (something like The Other Side of A Day to Remember or Me); it can help you a lot to interest the audience;
  • Feel free to express your personal opinions and impressions (use for instance: to my mind, in my opinion, it seems, it turned out that, etc.);
  • good memoirs contain a lot of sensory details (for example, instead of simply stating that a girl had an angry look on her face, you can specify that her face reddened and her teeth were clenched – these are valuable observations, which can make your description more vivid);
  • write about memories which are important for you – it’s impossible to write a good memoir without feeling a deep connection between yourself and the situation which you describe;
  • be yourself when writing a memoir – you can hide your point of view in many academic writings, but this type of work requires you to be honest and show your traits;
  • choose a proper tone and try to maintain it throughout your memoir essay – it’s an excellent exercise to develop your writing style;
  • do research, even if you remember the situation, try to collect as much information as you could, including your friends’ commentaries, photos, blog posts – everything that can reveal more details;
  • Take care of your memoir idea – whether your writing is funny, well-structured, or creative and unusual, it means nothing if you don’t put a message in it.

The most famous memoir books are based on the principles listed above. Keeping to them, you can create a masterpiece or, at least, get an A at your college.

Memoir Instances to your attention

Finally, you can observe these memoir samples to know how to write one yourself.

Of course, you can use these memoir ideas, but reading these samples can also give you enough inspiration to develop your paper from the very beginning.

Let’s begin.

My dogging of Happiness

I started my dogging of happiness as soon as I came into this world. My Mom says that I was an extremely capricious baby – I could cry out loud for a rather long period until all my demands were satisfied.

A little terrorist, with large rainy eyes and a loud voice, I was! Later on, as I grew up, I preserved my willingness to do everything to get what I wanted, but I learned some new and more effective methods of achieving my goals.

I remember that, when I was 4 years old, I wanted to have a dog. Absolutely nothing, even my allergy to dogs, could prevent me from making my dream come true…

Comment: The title is captivating – it sets the tone, but it does not reveal all the secrets. This example of a memoir contains some self-criticism. The author sounds truly sincere when s/he calls himself (herself) a terrorist.

A Revolt at School

The events of that sunny spring day turned out to change the course of history at our school. I am proud of being one of the revolutionaries, who drove the change.

The problem was our school uniform, which was more or less bearable in winter, but became a cause of students’ torture in spring because it was too hot.

This is why the girls from our class agreed to wear jeans instead of the uniform one day, to show our protest against the silly school rule of wearing the uniform even when it was too hot for it. We felt a bit scared before the beginning of the first lesson. Mrs. Stone, our Geography teacher, had to be the first to see our silent protest…

Comment: The author expresses his/her feelings and emotions about an important event at school. Note that this sample memoir focuses more on the event than on the author’s personality.

One Hour to Recollect

I would never have thought that only one hour could change all my life views. Yet, an hour I spent stuck in a broken elevator with a stranger influenced my life views greatly.

The stranger wore black sunglasses and a grey coat and he behaved a bit strangely. At first, it seemed that, despite my agitation, he did not even notice that we were stuck. He looked so calm that I even wondered if he was not going to unfold his rug and start meditating in the elevator.

Instead, however, we simply spoke for a whole hour, and only at the end of that hour, I got to know that Mr. White (this was the stranger’s name) was visually impaired. It was unbelievable! The main lesson I learned in the broken elevator was that a person can be happy despite any hardships s/he faces if only s/he truly wants to…

Comment: This memoir example illustrates an important moment in the author’s life and explains the lesson that the author learned.

Structuring Memoir essay

Structuring Memoir essay

If your task is to create a memoir essay, then you may be surprised, because this type of essay doesn’t have any typical structure.

You see:

The way you do your memoir writing depends only on your style and preferences.

If you want to combine two different stories into one and underline the message by inferring it from both of them – do it.

If you want to tell a situation when you felt fear or anxiety, there is a nice place to put a flashback to make readers understand you better – then, do it as well.

Memoir Examples: Memoir writing structure is a field where you can apply creativity and originality.

What you must include are:

– The details of your memoir

– The message

– Why this story matters to you

Other elements are free for you to add to your paper. Let your inner writer choose which of them you need to make memoir writing breath-taking.

Memoir Examples: Frequently Asked Questions

Ques.: How long does it take you to write a Memoir or Autobiography?

Ans.: The process takes approximately 6 weeks of full-time work for a shorter book and 11-12 weeks for a longer book

Ques.: When is the right time in life to hire a Memoir Writer?

Ans.: I’ve written memoirs and autobiographies for clients as young as thirty and as old as eighty. If you feel you have a compelling story then it’s the right time.

Ques.: How much time must I dedicate to the Memoir Writing process?

Ans.: We can chat via phone or email in order to gather the information I need to complete your book. You’ll also have a chance to review the manuscript as it’s written.
Expect to spend between 15-30 hours on a shorter memoir and 30-60 hours on a longer memoir. The more time you put into your book, the better your voice and your story will be represented.

So, after reading through these Memoir Examples, you have a pretty good idea of how to write your papers in this genre. Good luck with your memoirs! I am certain that you will make them unforgettable! Do well to share with your friends.

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