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– BPT Courses –

BPT courses train students and help them gain skills and techniques that are necessary for the practice of physiotherapy treatment.

BPT stands for Bachelor of Physiotherapy. It is a 4½ years long undergraduate degree course. The field of physiotherapy is also known by the name of physical therapy.

About Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy is a field in medicine that focuses on treatments that will help an individual to maintain, restore, and develop movement in certain body parts after an injury caused due to an illness or an accident.

Initially, physiotherapy was considered a kind of massage but after the penetration of modern treatment tools such as:

Heat therapy, Hydrotherapy, Shortwave, Ultrasonic, Electrical, Stimulator, Electric massagers, Paraffin wax, Infra-red rays, Ultraviolet units, laser therapy, Traction, etc.

It has taken a tremendous leap in treating and curing physical deformities.

Considering the increasing number of physical malfunctions and distortions such as amputation, disability, injury, ailments, paraplegia, quadriplegia.

Also, joint pain, arthritis, muscular problems, body strain, and stretch, the physiotherapy graduates are in great demand.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a part of rehabilitative medicine. It focuses on the use of physical therapy, massages, physical movements, and exercise to improve and cure injuries, deformities and diseases.

Along with rehabilitation, some other important sections of physiotherapy are- diagnosis, examination, and assessment of the condition.

Unlike the traditional branches of medicine, physiotherapy doesn’t rely extensively on the use of drugs and medicine. Instead, it relies on the use of physical treatment to improve the situation.

BPT Course Details

BPT, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, is an undergraduate course. On completing the course, graduates will get the DPT (Doctor of Physiotherapy) Degree.

Duration: This professional course is 4½ years long when it comes to duration. Regular classroom sessions and clinical sessions constitute 4 years of the academic program.

6 months are dedicated to the internship. So, in total, the course duration is of 4½ years!

BPT course trains students and helps them acquire skills and techniques that are necessary for the practice of physiotherapy treatment.

Some important skills and techniques taught in the BPT program are- exercise therapy, physical therapy, electrotherapy and handling of surgical (for rehabilitation) and physical conditions.

BPT Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed 12th Science stream Biology group (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology subjects) from a recognized board are eligible to pursue this course.

BPT Admission Process

With reputed institutes, the admission process follows the rule of ‘merit-based admission. Seats are allotted to eligible candidates based on marks scored by students in the 12th Science board examination and entrance test (State/National/held by Institute).

Some institutes also have minimum marks criteria, which students have to satisfy, to be considered eligible to take part in the admission process.

Minimum marks criteria are usually around 50% marks aggregate in PCB (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology) subjects in the 12th board examination.

BPT Courses: BPT Syllabus

1st Year Subjects-

1. Introduction to Physiotherapy

2. Physiology

3. Anatomy

4. First aid and nursing

5. Biochemistry

6. Food Science and nutrition

7. Psychology

8. Sociology

9. Communication skills

2nd Year Subjects-

1. Pharmacology

2. Biomechanics

3. Electrotherapy

4. Microbiology

5. Pathology

6. Clinical observation

7. Exercise therapy

3rd Year Subjects-

1. Sports science and medicine

2. General medicine and surgery

3. Physiotherapy in general medicine and surgery

4. Bioengineering

5. Rehabilitation science

6. Orthopaedics

4th Year Subjects-

1. Neurology

2. Neurosurgery

3. Medical ethics

4. Physiotherapy in Cardio disorders

5. Physiotherapy in respiratory disorders

Note: Only important subjects have been mentioned in the lists above. Along with theoretical classroom sessions, practical clinical training sessions are also present in the case of each academic year.

After completion of the final year examination, successful students have to go through 6 months of internship.

Someone equally divided the internship period across departments such as Orthopaedics, Neurology, General Surgery, General Medicine, and Physiotherapy.

The final Degree would be awarded to those students who manage to complete the internship with satisfactory performance.

BPT Courses: BPT Colleges in India

Here’s a list of popular BPT colleges in India –

1. Kerala University of Health Sciences, Thrissur, Kerala

2. Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Kannur, Kerala

3. Medical Trust Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi, Kerala

4. Co-Operative Institute of Health Sciences, Kannur, Kerala

5. School of Medical Education, MGU, Kottayam, Kerala

6. EMS College of Paramedical Sciences, Malappuram, Kerala

7. Government Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

8. Government College of Physiotherapy, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu

9. Manipal University, Manipal, Karnataka

10. Government Physiotherapy College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

11. Government Medical College, Nagpur, Maharashtra

12. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, Maharashtra

13. Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra

14. Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra

15. DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

16. Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune, Maharashtra

17. Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai, Maharashtra

18. West Bengal University of Health Sciences, Kolkata, West Bengal

19. Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research, Kolkata, West Bengal

20. University of Burdwan, Bardhaman, West Bengal

21. Haldia Institute of Health Sciences, Haldia, West Bengal

22. Burdwan Institute of Medical and Life Sciences, Burdwan, West Bengal

23. Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab

24. Christian Medical College, Ludhiana, Punjab

25. Khalsa College, Amritsar, Punjab

26. Rajasthan University of Health Sciences, Jaipur, Rajasthan

27. Mewar University, Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

28. Jodhpur National University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

29. Jaipur Physiotherapy College, Jaipur, Rajasthan

30. Jaipur National University, Jaipur, Rajasthan

31. NIMS, Hyderabad, Telangana

BPT Courses: Scope for Physiotherapy

Once you have completed Physiotherapy Courses after 12th, you need a career in it. A career in physiotherapy can rise to a variety of options in health care.

They can get specialisations in the field of geriatrics, cardiorespiratory, orthopaedics, neurology, and so on.

The physiotherapy course scope has multiple and specialised applications, making this career an open source for numerous job opportunities.

Since it is considered one of the oldest methods to cure physical ailments the career opportunities are flourishing. Physiotherapists have a vast range of career options.

They can choose to work in India or go abroad to improve themselves in the field. With the right skill and qualifications, a well-round graduate in this field can reach heights.

Higher qualifications give you an edge in experience and getting a good platform for earning purposes too.

BPT Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

Job scope and opportunities are immense when it comes to the field of physiotherapy. With age, people tend to develop bone as well as muscle problems. Physiotherapy, to an extent, can help cure such disorders and conditions.

Thus, it is safe to say that physiotherapists may work closely with such patients. In the case of India, life expectancy is increasing. This means people will live on to age more and more.

With old age comes a problem related to muscles and bones.

Treatment of patients suffering from physical deformities is also a task that physiotherapists have to deal with. Deformities may be caused due to accidents or might have been present from birth.

Patients, who’ve had surgeries (such as neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, broken bone surgeries, and fractures) are subjected to rehabilitation after the surgery.

Physiotherapists also play an active role during such a rehabilitation phase of a patient. In fact, there are clinics meant solely for the purpose of rehabilitation and physiotherapists may easily find a job in one such clinic.

One may also start up one’s own physiotherapy/rehabilitation clinic too if one has access to decent financial resources.

Sports is another segment where physiotherapists may build a career in. Sport is one such field where physical activity (of moderate to high intensity) is involved. We all know that sportsmen tend to get injured.

This is a common event in the case of games that require high-intensity physical activities (Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, etc).

Sports teams usually have a physiotherapist in their staff to deal with such injuries and help players recover and rehabilitate.

More Details

One may specialize in this field of sports science and take on such a role! One could also serve as an independent physiotherapist who caters to sportsmen (like a consultant).

With such a qualification, one will also be able to find a job in high profile gyms and fitness centers!

Physiotherapists are also recruited by Private clinics, Government hospitals, Private and Government Nursing homes, Community Health Centres, NGOs, Sports Teams and Franchises, Gyms, Fitness clinics, etc.

Here are some common job profiles available in front of BPT graduates-

1. Physiotherapist

2. Rehabilitation specialist

3. Consultant

4. Sports physiotherapist

After pursuing PG courses like Master of Physiotherapy and Ph.D., one may take on the following job posts too-

1. Lecturer

2. Research professional

Here are some of the well-known places where Bachelor of Physiotherapy graduates may find a job after completing the course-

1. Government hospitals

2. Private Hospitals/Clinics

3. NGOs

4. Sports teams/Franchises

5. Gyms/Fitness Centres

6. Rehabilitation clinics

BPT Courses: Skills Needed for Physiotherapists

To get good placements and excel in course studies, the following skills and talents give extra advantages:

1. Good communication

2. Administrative skills

3. Organizational skills

4. Patience

5. Interpersonal skills

6. Team working skills

7. Ability to work under pressure

8. Sound knowledge of the subject

BPT Course Fees

The course fee ranges between Rs 2 to 5 lakh depending upon the institutes. However, for a specialization course after completing BPT, the charges will be more.

One has to pay more if eager to pursue higher studies, such as MA and Ph.D.

BPT Courses: BPT Scholarship

The funding for the deserving candidates is being done by the respective institutes or colleges. For higher studies, one gets monetarily help if the candidate gets qualify National Eligibility Test (NET).

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