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Are you aware that Information Technology Engineering is everywhere in our daily lives? However, from building a spaceship, to delivering food at our doorsteps through the use of applications?Important Facts about Information Technology Engineering Course


Apart from industrial and high-risk tasks, every day-to-day activity is now governed and performed through the use of Information Technology (IT).

While most people confuse Information Technology courses with computer science the latter is only a component of the complete study.

Information Technology is everywhere in our daily lives from building a spaceship, to delivering food at our doorsteps through the use of applications.

In such a scenario, a career in Information Technology is the most relevant and financially rewarding path to follow for students.

Students who have an interest in web and internet technology, database management may pursue this course.

It is a 4 years long Undergraduate Level Degree program. The 4 years’ duration is divided into 8 semesters, with each semester lasting 6 months.

During each semester, students will have to face a different set of theoretical subjects and practical lab sessions.

The Information Technology branch comprises topics related to Information management (storage and retrieving), information security, software engineering, Computer Science, web scripting, etc.

In short, it is aimed at training students to become information management experts and put their skills to support various industries and spheres of life.

Information Technology Engineering

In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of B.E./B. Tech. Information Technology course. IT (Information Technology) is a relatively new Engineering branch.

Despite its late entry, it quickly became popular among students and used to create numerous job opportunities with decent pay packages!

But with the recession, the reputation of this Engineering Branch took a dent. Still, if pursued from a reputed Institute, Information Technology Engineering is a valuable course.

In this article, I will provide information about B.E /B. Tech. Information Technology program such as basic course details, course duration, eligibility criteria, important subjects present, scope, and job opportunities.

Students who have an interest in web and internet technology, database management may pursue this course. Students may also go for B.Sc. Information Technology course, but B.E. /B. Tech degree is more valuable than B.Sc.

How Does it Differ from Computer Engineering?

While it shares almost 60% syllabus and subjects with Computer Engineering, where it differs is that it totally deals with Online and Web Information systems programming, whereas computer Engineering deals with Software Coding and Programming.

How Does it Differ From Software Engineering?

First of all, software engineers are not “engineers” in the literal sense. They do not do any B.E/B. Tech degree and only learn coding from an institute like NIIT or Aptech etc.

It’s true that many of these things like SQL and database\management etc. are also taught in B.E Computer Engineering and I.T engineering.

But then, these people just use the “engineer” tag to make themselves seem more legit. They can also be art students or commerce students that do a software course after graduation and then start coding in a big company.

Your value as an I.T Engineer will always be heavier than a “software engineer”.

Information Technology Important Subjects

This is the list of only the important subjects present in B.E. /B. Tech. Information Technology course. It has been done so that readers may get an idea about what the course structure is like.

In the first two semesters, the general set of Engineering subjects are present.

1. Engineering Mathematics

2. Communication Skills

3. Engineering Physics

4. Engineering Graphics

5. Elements of Mechanical Engineering

6. Elements of Electrical Engineering

7. Basics of Civil Engineering

8. Computer Programming and Utilisation

9. Mechanics of Solids

After the first year, from the 3rd semester onward, subjects focusing on IT and its various sub-branches are introduced.

1. Data Structure

2. Database Management System

3. Logic Design and Structure

4. File Structure

5. Operating System

6. Programming in C Language

7. Business Information Systems

8. Object-Oriented Programming using C++

9. Data Communication

10. Networking

11. Programming using Java

12. Computer Graphics and Multimedia

13. Computer Networks

14. Software Engineering

15. Information Management

16. E-Commerce

17. Web Scripting and Technology

18. Data Mining


20. Project Management

21. Management

22. Data Compression

23. Java (Advanced)

24. Algorithm Design

25. Electronics

Those were some important subjects present in B.E /B. Tech Information Technology course. Some of the above-mentioned courses are recurring ones, meaning they will appear in more than just one semester.

In the case of some subjects, along with the theoretical part, lab sessions are also present. Students, in the case of some semesters, will also have to select elective subjects whose availability may vary from one Institute to another.

In the final and pre-final year, Industrial training and project work will play an important role.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Process

10+2 Science stream students with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics subjects, who have passed 12th board examinations from a recognised board, are eligible to pursue B.E. /B. Tech Information Technology course.

Students must also have appeared for the state-level entrance examination to be eligible to take part in the admission process.

More so, they held the admission process at both Central (Govt run) as well State (State-wise Authorities) levels.


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Courses to do After B.E /B. Tech Information Technology

Graduates may go to various Information Technology Edge courses offered by Private institutes. M.E./M. Graduates can also pursue tech programs.

However, they may choose to specialise in sub-branches within the Information Technology field by taking the help of this PG program.

M.B.A. is another option that will add to the management skills of a Graduate! Graduates may also go on and pursue relevant M.Sc. programs too!

Also, check – job-oriented computer courses in India & an exhaustive list of science stream courses after 12th.

Scope, Job Opportunities, and Salary Details

These days, the IT sector is so well developed that it is directly or indirectly influencing the working of various other sectors and industries.

IT sector acts as a supporting figure for various sectors such as healthcare, aviation, education, manufacturing sector, telecommunications sector, various Government initiatives, and departments.

Graduates may take up the following job posts in the above sectors-

1. Web Developer and Designer

2. Data Security Officer

3. Database Manager

4. Software Developer

5. Information Technology Engineer

The startup scenario also recruits talented Information Technology professionals. So, those who are looking for a creative and challenging work environment may land a job in the startup sector.

One may also use Information Technology skills and start their own venture or even a consultancy firm also. But starting a consultancy business will require one to have excellent work experience first!

These days, Information Technology companies are even recruiting graduates from other engineering branches and training them to take on jobs in the Information Technology Industry.

This has led to a general reduction in the salary of Freshers.

Still, if you manage to pursue Information Technology Engineering from a reputed Institute, you’ll be able to land a well-paying job right from the start. The average starting salary is generally between 20k-40k Rupees per month.

How to Prepare for a Career in the Information Technology Sector

Students, who study IT in over 4,000 institutes in India, can opt for a wide range of job options across the globe.

Students can initiate their education for a head start in the IT sector by opting for computer science in their curriculum.

This sets up a strong base for the focused education and training required to be a high-earning IT professional.

To gain admission in public institutes, students of the general category must obtain a minimum of 50 percent marks and students of the reserved categories must obtain a minimum of 45 percent marks in their 12th examination.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) mandates this. Autonomous private institutes can set eligibility criteria of their own and can keep the minimum passing mark as their cut-off.

Top Companies That Recruit Information Technology Engineers

1. Wipro

2. Accenture

3. Flipkart

4. Vistaar

5. TCS

6. Google

7. Facebook

8. Oracle

9. Capgemini

10. P morgan


12. IBM

FAQs about the Information Technology Engineering Course

What Designation will be Provided After B. Tech?

One who has successfully completed a B. Tech degree in any of its disciplines will be designated as “Engineer”.
If you are specialized in computer science and engineering then, your job title will be ‘Software Engineer‘, those specialized in civil engineering will be titled as “Civil Engineer”.

Which are the Simplest Faculties for Following B. Tech?

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and the National Institute of Technology (NITs) are the highest public establishments that give engineering courses.
There are twenty-three IITs and thirty-one NITs settled across the country.
If you would like to pursue B. Tech from these faculties then you’ve got to see the engineering entrance exams. Several alternative institutions/Universities aside from these conjointly offer engineering education.
Apart from the above-mentioned merits, the future is bright for the Information Technology sector because of the realization of the Artificial Intelligence idea.

The technology required to run every task for this new development is developed by the Information Technology sector.

And with greater dependence on machines for every physical job, developers and programmers will be in high demand for years to come. It is truly an exciting time to be a part of this ever-growing industry.

Do we believe you have learned one or two things from here? And that the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards Information Technology courses?

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