BSc Computer Science Career Prospects, Syllabus, Scope, and Salary

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– BSc Computer Science Career –

It is a profitable path to sail, i.e. BSc Computer Science Career. Computer Science offers a short-term work-based learning experience. Moreover, that will give you the opportunity to work on a real-life problem, which is normally set by an external organization as a small-scale project.

The key aspect of computer science is its flexibility and the ability for you to build a customised route within computer science.

You will follow the recommended pathways in several computing areas to suit your interests.

You will develop a wide range of skills and knowledge in areas such as creative computing, information systems, graphics and games development.

Equally, mobile and web computing, software engineering, design and development, and software security.

Computers, while still a fairly new form of technology, are rapidly changing and advancing almost daily.

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science, graduates may play a role in managing, researching, and developing this type of innovative technology.

Students, who desire to work with computers in their future careers often ask, “What is a BSc in Computer Science?” This degree educates students regarding a variety of different technologically based subjects.

Students enrolled in a computer science program will probably learn about programming languages, such as Java and C, operating systems, computer architecture, software engineering, and more.

What is BSc Computer Science?

B.Sc. Computer Science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where the latest technologies and trends are the most important topics.

The course empowers students to deal with the technicalities and issues with allowed knowledge of databases and analytical skills.

BSc Computer Science (BSc CS) is one of the most popular programs in the IT domain. This field has the potential to propel your career.

It is a consistently growing field with a large variety of job opportunities both in India and abroad as the industry and demand grow.

This degree can lead you to profiles like computer scientists or an information systems manager or a networking specialist whose job is to draw the technological roadmap for the organisation, ensure efficient management of the computer facilities.

Such a person also handles smooth functioning of the local area and wide area networking, implements cybersecurity systems, looks after software and hardware system upgrading.

Also, manages system designing and technical analysis for the organisation.

BSc. Computer Science: Scope

The IT sector has witnessed a significant boom in the recent decade, which has increased the number of jobs, giving freshers new opportunities to make successful careers.

Students have gained jobs not only in the IT sector but in other sectors like Data Publishing, Consultancies, Financial institutes, etc.

With immense scope for students to get placed in software and hardware companies, the students can work in the following sectors:

1. Banks

2. Schools and Colleges

3. Technical Support

4. Traffic Light Management

5. Consultancies

6. Insurance Providers

7. System Maintenance

8. Security and Surveillance Companies

9. Computers and Related Electronic Equipment Manufactures

10. Software Development Companies

BSc. Computer Science: Who Should Opt?

B.Sc. Computer Science can prove to be the right choice for students who are intrigued by Computer Science and want to explore it.

Those who are familiar with word processing skills, spreadsheet skills, web navigation skills and enjoy learning these can go for B.Sc. Computer Science as well.

BSc Computer Science Career:  You’ll be qualified to:

1. Build and maintain reliable software to address the sophisticated demands of today’s market.

2. Develop innovative and creative approaches to problem-solving.

3. Work independently with confidence.

4. Compete for roles at the cutting-edge of the tech sector, including application programmer, mobile app developer, web developer, video game developer, SFX and post-production, and systems analyst.

5. Sc. stands for Bachelor of Science. B.Sc. Computer Science is a Bachelor’s Degree program. Technically, it is a Science course!

This course is popularly known as ‘B.Sc. in Computer Science’ and BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science).

As the name suggests, this professional course focuses on the discipline of computer science. The course covers important topics related to computer science, such as –

Coding, programming languages, computer hardware and software, networking, database management, information technology, mathematics, statistics, and electronics.

BSc Computer Science Career: Course Details

Type of Course

It is a Bachelor’s Degree course


The academic program is 3 years long. Each year is divided into two semesters. The entire program consists of 6 semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

The general eligibility criteria are – 10+2 passed from a recognized board with PCM subjects OR passed valid (and relevant) 3 years long Diploma course from a recognized institute.

But it has been noticed that eligibility criteria may vary from one institute to another. But reputed institutes stick to the criteria that have been mentioned above.

Admission Process

Reputed institutes rely on the merit-based admission process. Marks scored by students in the 10+2 board exam and/or relevant entrance test are taken into consideration. Based on the marks scored, a merit list is formed.

Depending upon the cut-off marks, seats are allotted to deserving candidates. Some institutes are also known to conduct their own selection/entrance test.


Here are some of the important subjects present in B.Sc. Computer Science course.

1. Fundamentals of Computer

2. Programming in C

3. Mathematics

4. Calculus

5. Physics

6. Environmental Studies

7. Theory of Matrices

8. Object-Oriented Programming C++

9. Visual Basic .NET

10. Relational Database Management System

11. Advanced Calculus

12. Differential Equations

13. Communication Skills

14. Data Structure

15. NET

16. Graph Theory

17. Software Engineering

18. Computer Networking

19. Computer Graphics

20. Java Programming

21. Fundamentals of PHP

22. Operating System

23. Software Testing

24. Fundamentals of Mobile Computing

25. Data mining and Data warehousing

PG Courses and Further Studies

B.Sc. Computer Science graduates may go for the following PG courses –

1. MBA

2. PGDM programs

3. Sc. (relevant discipline)

4. Advanced Diploma (technical) courses

Career Prospects and Job Opportunities

B.Sc. Computer Science graduates have both government and private job opportunities available in front of them. Some of the prime recruiters are

1. Software companies

2. MNCs (Technical support wing)

3. MNCs (IT wing)

4. IT companies

5. Banks

6. Consultancies

7. Educational institutes

8. Relevant Government departments

In the above work setups, B.Sc. Computer Science graduates may take up the following job profiles:

1. Software engineer

2. Software developer

3. System admin

4. IT officer

5. Consultant

Computer science course equips students to work as Software Engineers in renowned IT companies that offer them a decent salary that increases with experience and expertise.

It is concerned with understanding, designing, executing, and solving issues related to computer systems and applications.

The academic program comprises both classroom lectures and lab sessions. Lab sessions (practicals) are as important as classroom lectures when it comes to CS!

Many colleges (both Government and private) across India offer software development, IT, banking, consultancies, etc.

Graduates have excellent employment opportunities (both Government and private) available in front of them.

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