MBA in Information Technology 2021 Details, Syllabus and Careers

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– MBA in Information Technology –

Do you want to get an MBA in Information Technology? Information technology has been at the heart of redefining what it means to work, to work well, to be productive, and to provide a valuable service. 

MBA in Information Technology, Details, Syllabus and Career Prospects

Software engineers, system information managers, and other workers commonly held an MBA in it in positions that require leadership and management skills.

About MBA in Information Technology

What’s MBA in IT all about? What’s the scope associated with this field? How is the course content like?

An MBA in IT focuses on the business, organisational, and financial side of the IT industry rather than the nuts and bolts of programming or technical troubleshooting.

It teaches students how to head up projects and manage software teams.

Software engineers, system information managers, project managers, network engineers, and other workers commonly held an MBA in positions that require leadership and management skills.

In competitive environments, innovation drives business results. And while once-leading organizations can hang on for a time without innovation, they’re set up to be rapidly caught by the competition.

In this article, you will be made to have an in-depth analysis of MBA in IT (Information Technology) such as course duration, eligibility, colleges, admission, syllabus, fees, careers, and salary.

At the heart of any MBA program lies a curriculum in business management, strategy, and economics. However, business runs on information, and in today’s world, information is shared through technology.

Whether the technology comes in the form of a cash register, data warehouse, or robotics production, knowing how to incorporate it into a company is essential to modern business.

An MBA in Information Technology integrates business management and technology knowledge into an advanced graduate program.

While MBA programs traditionally take two years of full-time study, some programs may only take one year of study to complete. Students may also have the option to take their coursework remotely through an online MBA program.

Why Should I Earn This Degree?

With a growing number of businesses either adding an Internet presence or providing strictly online sales, an MBA in Information Technology program gives entrepreneurs a greater understanding of the management of people, e-commerce, and security.

Starting a new business requires skills available through MBA programs, and in the modern technology-based world, knowing how to plan a systems infrastructure at the outset can lead to smoother future growth.

Management staff also gains a competitive advantage with an MBA in Information Technology by providing a conceptual vision and advancing a business to change with technological trends.

MBA programs give students and professionals a solid foundation in management skills, and a concentration in information technology helps them keep their business practices current.

What is an MBA in IT?

An MBA in IT will provide you with the skills needed to manage both IT systems and employees, combining the traditional business knowledge of an MBA with specialised courses on information security, telecommunications and IT project management, to name a few.

Is an MBA Necessary to be an IT Manager?

While an MBA has not been necessary for the past to become a successful IT manager, the skills engendered by the MBA are becoming more and more essential as IT becomes increasingly ingrained across industries and business functions.

If you throw in all the new tech startups and IT-based companies that have recently cropped up – and the potential ones waiting to be founded –

Then an MBA in IT looks like it has truly cemented its place in the pantheon of MBA specialisations.

Companies need flexible minds to deal with both the business and technical sides of the business coin.

MBA in Information Technology is a job-oriented management course. It is a postgraduate-level academic program.

The academic program is 2 years long. Candidates who have completed Bachelor’s Degree from a recognised University/Institute are eligible to pursue this course.

MBA is a general management course. There also exist specialisation programs, which focus on a particular domain/discipline.

MBA in IT is one such specialisation program. This MBA program focuses on the discipline of IT (Information Technology).

MBA in IT Course Overview

IT stands for Information Technology. In simple terms, IT is all about storage, protection, transmission, retrieval, and conversion of information.

In order to perform the above tasks, Information Systems are used. Information systems comprise hardware, software, networks, and databases.

IT’s influence on business operations has increased in the past few years. Nowadays, IT systems play a huge role in the day-to-day operations of MNCs, Businesses, Banks, Hospitals, Government Organizations, and other Industries.

In order to manage and operate these IT systems, the above-mentioned establishments need skilled IT managers. This is where a course like MBA in IT comes in handy. The primary aim of MBA in IT course is to train students in the following areas –

1. Fundamentals of IT

2. IT Systems

3. HR Management

4. Project Management

5. E-Commerce

6. Technology Management

In short, the course trains students in IT management and its allied sectors. The academic program churns out skilled IT managers.

MBA in IT Duration

The academic program is 2 years long. Each academic year is divided into 2 semesters. Thus, the entire course comprises 4 semesters.

MBA in IT Eligibility

The minimum educational qualification required is – completed Bachelor’s Degree course from a recognized University/Institute.

MBA in IT Colleges

There are many Government and Private colleges across India offering this course. Government colleges charge relatively lower fees than their private counterparts.

MBA in IT Admission

Reputed institutes rely on the merit-based admission process. Such institutes make use of relevant entrance tests to select deserving candidates.

However, it knew some institutes to conduct their own qualifying test in order to select deserving candidates.

Some other institutes are also known to conduct direct as well as donation-based admission processes.

MBA in IT Syllabus

Here are some of the important subjects present in MBA in IT curriculum –

1. Principles of management

2. Business laws

3. Business Communication

4. Computer Application

5. Economics

6. Business environment

7. Marketing

8. HR management

9. Organisational behaviour

10. Business planning

11. Finance management

12. Taxation

13. Retail management

14. Communication skills

15. DBMS (Database Management Systems)

16. Computer Networks

17. IT Systems Management

18. Technology Management

19. E-Commerce Management

MBA in IT Fees

Fees charged for the academic program may vary from one institute to another. Course fees depend upon the following factors –

1. Type of institute (Government, Private, Aided, etc)

2. Location of the college

3. Status and rating of the college

4. Scholarship status (of a student, if applicable)

Government colleges charge low fees. Average fees in private colleges could be anywhere between 80-150K INR per semester.

MBA in Information Technology Jobs and Career Prospects

IT managers have diverse job opportunities available in front of them. Though IT companies are the prime recruiters, MNCs, Industries, Government departments, and Businesses that are reliant on IT also hired them.

Some of the prime recruiters are –

1. IT Companies

2. MNCs

3. Government Departments

4. E-Commerce Firms

5. Digital Media Firms

6. Digital Marketing Firms

7. Software Development Firms

In the above-mentioned places, IT managers may don the following roles –

1. IT Manager

2. Assistant Manager

3. Project Manager

4. System Manager

5. Database Manager

6. IT Consultant

Entrepreneurship is also an excellent opportunity available in front of IT managers. Using their knowledge, IT managers may start their own IT ventures. Freelancing and working as an independent IT consultant is also possible.

MBA in Information Technology: IT Salary

The starting salary of an IT manager depends upon a number of factors. Some of the prominent factors are –

1. Institute from which the candidate completed the course

2. Level of education (UG, PG, etc)

3. His/her specialization

4. The domain he/she has chosen

5. Job location

On average, the starting salary could be anywhere between 40-70K INR per month. In the case of a Government job, the salary will be as per the pay scale and grade.

We believe you have learned one or two things from here. And that the above information has given you the satisfaction you needed as regards the MBA in IT?

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