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GMAT Essay Examples 2021 And What you need to know about It

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GMAT Essay Examples: The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT, is an important part of the business school application process. The GMAT is a multiple-choice, computer-based, and computer-adaptive standardized exam.

GMAT Essay Examples, What you need to know about GMAT

It is often required for admission to graduate business programs (MBA) globally. Sit tight and read on, for I will tell you more about GMAT.

GMAT Essay Examples: What is the GMAT?

The GMAT changed on April 16, 2018. The Quantitative Reasoning Section dropped from 37 questions in 75 minutes to 31 questions in 62 minutes. The Verbal Reasoning Section dropped from 41 questions in 75 minutes to 36 questions in 65 minutes.

GMAC has elected to reduce overall exam time from 4 hours to 3.5 hours (including breaks and instructions) by reducing the number of unscored questions used for research on the exam.

What is the GMAT and why is it important?

The GMAT is a computer–adaptive test (CAT) required by many business schools. If you want to get accepted to a competitive MBA program, your GMAT score is very important.

In addition to your GMAT score, business school admissions officials consider the extent and caliber of your work experience (especially for more selective programs), undergraduate GPA, letters of recommendation, interviews, and essays. Be sure to contact the specific MBA programs to which you plan to apply to determine their unique requirements.

What is on the GMAT?

The GMAT is comprised of four sections: an Analytical Writing Assessment section, an Integrated Reasoning section, a Quantitative Section, and a Verbal Section. Learn more about each GMAT section.

How is the GMAT scored?

A  GMAT score is made up of several different numbers, each of which covers a part of your performance on the GMAT. The most familiar number is the Overall, or composite, GMAT score.

This number ranges from 200 to 800 in 10-point increments and is determined by a combination of your scores on the Quantitative and Verbal sections of the test. Business schools tend to focus on your Overall GMAT score.

Your Verbal and Quantitative sections are graded separately. You will receive a score ranging from 0 to 60 for each section. Scores below 8 and above 51 are rare.

Your Integrated Reasoning section is scored from 1 to 8 in 1-point increments. Questions have multiple parts, and you must answer each part correctly to get credit for the question. The Integrated Reasoning score is not included in the overall score.

Your Analytic Writing Assessment (AWA) section is graded on a scale of 0 to 6 evaluated by two readers (one human and one computer). GMAC averages the two grades for the essay and rounds to the nearest 1/2 point. Your AWA GMAT score does not count toward your Overall GMAT score.

Your GMAT score remains valid for five years. If you have taken the GMAT several times, GMAC will report all GMAT scores from the past five years.

While there is no way to predict which topic you’ll see on test day, by following the same process and using the same template for each practice essay you write, you’ll be well-prepared. You can download a list of topics here. The topics may change, but your approach never will. Let’s look at one of the official GMAT topics:

GMAT Essay Examples

All GMAT students know the argument essay comes first in the test before we get to the more important Quantitative and Verbal sections, so it’s important not to exhaust ourselves in this first part of the exam.

One way to stay fresh for the rest of the exam is to have a good idea of what a high-scoring essay looks like, so we have provided some GMAT sample essays to review.

Below we look at a “6” and discuss why it would have likely received a perfect score, then we examine a “4” and discuss how it could have been strengthened. You can find more example essays in the GMAT Official Guide. Happy writing!

GMAT Essay Examples Question 1:

GMAT Essay Examples Question

The following appeared in the editorial section of a national news magazine:

“The rating system for electronic games is similar to the movie rating system in that it provides consumers with a quick reference so that they can determine if the subject matter and contents are appropriate.

This electronic game rating system is not working because it is self-regulated and the fines for violating the rating system are nominal. As a result, an independent body should oversee the game industry, and companies that knowingly violate the rating system should be prohibited from releasing a game for two years.”

Discuss how well reasoned you find this argument. Point out flaws in the argument’s logic and analyze the argument’s underlying assumptions. Also, evaluate how supporting evidence is used and what evidence might counter the argument’s conclusion.

You may also discuss what additional evidence could be used to strengthen the argument or what changes would make the argument more logically sound.

Essay 1:

The author concludes that the electronic game rating system is not working compared to the movie rating system. He gives reasoning for the argument by stating that electronic companies’ ability to self-manage and regulate the rating system is part of the problem.

The author also gives a reason for what needs to be done for the electronic rating system to work, but his reasons are weak. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain why the author’s reasons are weak and what could strengthen the argument.

First, the author mentions that hiring an independent company to oversee the operation of the electronic rating system would solve the issue. This big assumption that the author makes here is that he assumes an independent company would do a better job in rating games than electronic game companies themselves.

If the electronic gaming companies had a better understanding of how to improve, they might themselves do a better job than an independent company to oversee the ratings.

Second, the author mentions that if an electronic company violates the rating system rule, then the penalty would be to prohibit that company from releasing any games for two years.

This is another weak point he makes to support his argument because if the electronic company’s regular product-life cycle is to release each gave every two years, this penalty wouldn’t hurt the company at all. Also, there is no way of assessing how many years of prohibition would be adequate.

The author could have strengthened his argument if he provided some data points such as from the movie industry to defend this stance that making independent companies oversee and prohibition of movie release worked in the long run.

Perhaps, some research data that showed making these changes would work, would benefit the author’s overall argument stance.

Therefore, the author’s argument that the electronic game rating system is not working is weak. Both of the points he made regarding independent companies oversee and violation penalty is weak without data showing that it might work.

RECAP: The first thing that stands out in this essay is the organization. The paragraphs as clearly laid out and succinct, and each begins with a great transition word or phrase.

The introductory paragraph, while unfortunately uses some unneeded self-reference, clearly demonstrates an understanding of the presented argument, which is mandatory of all “6” essays.

Essay 1

Each flaw is then pointed out in a body paragraph, and the author then chooses to include a nice “how to strengthen” paragraph to demonstrate that he/she knows the argument at a more advanced level!

The conclusion is clear and reinforces the claims previously made. While no means perfect, the strong reasoning and clarity of organization give this author a “6”!

GMAT Essay Examples Question 2:

Political organizations that advocate the use of violence to achieve their goals should be prohibited from operating within our country. Such groups are only interested in achieving short-term goals which lead to more serious long-term problems.

Essay 2:

Political organizations that advocate the use of violence to achieve their goals can sometimes lead to destruction and devastation. However, that claim that such groups are detrimental to society does not follow the same line of reasoning.

These groups might be of great help to certain sections of society. Also, the claim that short-term solutions can only lead to more serious long term problems is stated without any evidence. Hence the above argument is flawed.

Firstly, political organizations might be of great help to certain sections of society. Take for example the Indian National Congress party that helped tons of Indian’s voice their views to the British government during the British rule in India.

Although this political organization advocated the use of violence, the organization was critical to India becoming free of British rule in 1947.

Secondly, the argument assumes that short-term solutions lead to more serious long term problems. Short-term solutions are often very important in achieving long term goals, irrespective of whether the organizations advocate violence or not.

The argument must also state clearly what constitutes violence. In a free country, such as the United States, to prohibit any political organization is to put a hold on their freedom. As long as the violence or aggressive behavior is not illegal, one can not prohibit a political organization from operating.

Thus although the argument seems to convey a valid point, that political organizations that advocate the use of violence should be prohibited from operating, it is worded too strongly and lacks evidence to support its claims that these groups are detrimental to society.

RECAP: The major difference between these two essays is the length. More is not always better, but a student who can write 5-6 paragraphs within the given time frame definitely will stand out as a better planner, and as someone who already had a workable template.

Furthermore, some minor grammar and spelling mistakes interfere with the essay’s clarity. The thesis, “Hence the above argument is flawed, “is not as strongly worded as it could be, and doesn’t stand on its own as a powerful statement.

The conclusion also seems to weaken the essay by admitting the argument conveys “a valid point.” This concession, without being more specific, weakens the overall thesis. The takeaway: length, specificity, and strength of argument will take this “4” to a “6.”

How much will it cost you to take GMAT?

The cost to take the GMAT is $250 and includes sending score reports to up to five programs of your choice. You must choose the right time to take the GMAT—and the right test prep—for you, so you don’t have to pay the fee more than once.

Note: On February 4, 2021, the price of the GMAT exam will increase to $275 in the U.S. (excluding US territories) and Canada.

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