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Have you ever heard of Nottingham Business School before? If you haven’t, don’t worry because this article is going to educate you on who they are, and what they do. Keep reading for more on Nottingham Business School.

Nottingham Business School is a full-service business school located in Nottingham, England. Formed in 1980, it is a part of Nottingham Trent University and in 2010 the school opened the regenerated Newton and Arkwright project.

The redevelopment transformed two of the University’s flagship buildings (which are both Grade II listed) into an ultra-modern complex, linked together by a glazed link building.

Nottingham Business School (often abbreviated to NBS) is located in the Newton Building. The school offers qualifications ranging from undergraduate bachelor’s degrees to postgraduate, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees.

Nottingham University Business School faculty are among the leading researchers in their fields and our centers and institutes work with global businesses and regional enterprises to develop practical and relevant thought leadership.

Our vision

Nottingham University Business School’s vision is to shape the future of responsible business and management in an increasingly inter-connected world.

Our mission

Our mission is to utilize our unique global footprint to enable our faculty, partners and students to shape the future of business and management.

This mission is realized through co-producing ground-breaking and impactful research that informs innovative and responsible business and management, and through educating leaders, managers and citizens from across the world so they can realize their contribution to business, economy and society.

Our distinct contribution is made possible through our unique international ‘tri-campus’ footprint that enables us to understand challenges that are both locally distinct and globally shared.

We are attentive to our partners’ and students’ particular economic, cultural and political environments, and the inter-connected world of contemporary business.

Our distinct contributions to the future of business and management are realized through our recognized areas of research and teaching excellence in ethical and responsible business, innovation and entrepreneurship, banking and risk, public and healthcare leadership, and international business.

Who we are

We work across the world in distinct local contexts and across the commercial business, social enterprise, public services, and civil society.

Our wide-ranging offer of undergraduate degrees, MScs, MBAs, PhDs, and Executive Education attracts students from all over the world. The study can be tailored to meet your needs and career aspirations.

What we do

We work together to co-produce groundbreaking and impactful research that addresses the current and future challenges of business and management.

We have distinct areas of research and teaching excellence in ethical and responsible business, innovation and entrepreneurship, banking and risk, public and healthcare leadership, and international business.

How we work

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of collegiality, collaboration, and co-production.

We recognize that we live in an increasingly inter-connected and inter-dependent world, and our ability to thrive and meet the challenges facing business and management requires us to work together towards mutually beneficial and sustainable goals.

We nurture responsible and influential global citizens through our faculty, partnerships, and students.

Only after graduating did I realize the extent to which my course had prepared me for the future, which is invaluable to graduates seeking highly competitive positions in leading organizations.

Accreditation and rankings

The Nottingham Business School has received accreditations from professional bodies such as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), CFA Society of the UK, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development accreditation (CIPD), Chartered Institute of Public Finance (CIPFA), Chartered Management Institute (CMI), EPAS, EdUniversal 2013 (3 Palmes), Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) and QS Stars.

NBS is accredited by EQUIS and AACSB putting it in the ranks of the top 1% of business schools in the world. It is only one of 19 business schools in the UK to hold both accreditations.

Nottingham Business School was ranked 95th in the Financial Times’ list of top European Business Schools in 2017  and 93rd in the world Masters in Management list.

Programs Available:

The University offers a variety of courses in business, management and marketing at various levels.

➛ Undergraduate

➛ Postgraduate

➛ Professional

➛ Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

➛ Research (PhD)

➛ Doctoral (DBA)

Study with Us

We continue to be at the forefront of business education and research, with strengths in entrepreneurship, innovation, and business sustainability.

Why choose Nottingham University Business School for your degree?

➛ There are opportunities to study abroad

➛ We offer many employer programmes in collaboration with global firms

➛ Undergraduates receive professional development support to help adapt to working independently at university

➛ You will be inspired by top business leaders who you can meet and learn from

➛ We offer tailored careers support and guidance

➛ You will work alongside students from 150 different countries giving you an international perspective

➛ You will have access to some of the most informed and current research and thinking

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