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Social Issues Essay Topics for Student 2021 See Latest Examples

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Social Issues Essay Topics: Social issues influence people within a society. And people strive to find solutions to them. Also, they are exceedingly diverse. And this is because they exist within various boundaries.

Social Issues Essay Topics for Student 2020 and Examples

Also, they exist within ethnic and moral boundaries. There are disagreements around social issues that are worth solving.

Also, some social issues topics are expressed through essays. However, to write a great social issues essay, note. You must have a great essay topic. And in this article, you shall read some great social issues essay.

Some Social Issues Essay Topics for Students

Below are some social issues essay topics for 2021:

Social Issues Essay Topics for Social Justice

Below are some essay topics for social justice:

  1. Is ageism the new racism?
  2. Deprivation of health care: Dealing with consequences.
  3. Are convicts still punished after serving time?
  4. How is society viewing domestic violence towards men?
  5. Are labor laws fair?
  6. Discrimination against pregnant women.
  7. Fat-shaming in the job market.
  8. How is our society dealing with poverty?
  9. Do recovering addicts deal with social injustice?
  10. Are Arabs and Middle Eastern subjects to discrimination?

Social Issues Essay Topics on Pornography

Below are some social issues essay topics on pornography:

  1. How to deal with pornography addiction?
  2. Dealing with child pornography.
  3. Is consent really valid in the porn industry?
  4. Do pornstars suffer from society shaming?
  5. Why do pornstars commit suicide?
  6. Dealing with leaked personal pornography videos.
  7. The pressure in the porn industry.
  8. Pornstars who crossed over to other industries.
  9. Does watching porn damage family life?
  10. When to know that you are addicted to porn?

Social Issues Essay Topics for Social Science

Below are some topics for social science:

  1. How did the Roman Culture collapse?
  2. Body modification in the past and present.
  3. Gift-giving customs in different countries.
  4. Polygamy in the US.
  5. Everything about the totem poles in the USA.
  6. Traditional medicine across the globe.
  7. How did languages evolve?
  8. Weird burial customs.
  9. Evolution of eating utensils.
  10. Have gender roles changed in the US?

Topics on Migration and Immigration

Below are some topics for migration and immigration:

  1. How did the Irish Diaspora change life in the United States?
  2. Refugees across the world.
  3. Building a wall between Mexico and the US.
  4. Palestinian refugees in Jordan.
  5. Forced migration.
  6. History of Australian immigration.
  7. Deportation of refugees and illegal immigrants.
  8. What are the factors behind illegal immigration?
  9. Egyptian illegal immigrants in Italy.
  10. How can immigrants blend into American society?

Social Issues Essay Topics on Peace and War

Below are some essay topics for peace and war:

  1. Children of war.
  2. How does the economics of war affect society?
  3. Who paid the price of War on Terrorism?
  4. Ethnic cleansing.
  5. Is society paying enough attention to peace education?
  6. Role of women in war.
  7. How did the war in Syria affect other countries?
  8. War crimes across the world.
  9. A historical account of the genocide in Armenia.
  10. Role of media in wartime.

Social Issues Essay Topics on Discrimination and Prejudice

Below are some social issues essay topics for discrimination and prejudice:

  1. Common stereotypes in American society.
  2. Racial profiling and its effects.
  3. What is discrimination in sports?
  4. Reverse discrimination.
  5. Hate speech on social media.
  6. Segregation in the US.
  7. White privilege in the media.
  8. Discrimination in the Middle East.
  9. Sex discrimination in the workplace.
  10. Discrimination against gay people.

Cultural Property Topics

Below are some topics for cultural properties:

  1. Ownership of stolen antiques.
  2. Should museums in Europe return ancient artifacts home?
  3. Stealing cultural heritage: Examples in history.
  4. Protection of cultural heritage in times of war and peace.
  5. Art looted in wartime.
  6. The cultural heritage of indigenous people.
  7. Food culture.
  8. Selling copied artifacts.
  9. Cultural heritage in Asia.
  10. What is the importance of preserving cultural heritage?

Topics on Illiteracy

Below are some topics on illiteracy:

  1. Digital Illiteracy.
  2. 5 problems related to illiteracy.
  3. Illiteracy in the USA.
  4. Emotional illiteracy and its effect on family life.
  5. How can financial illiteracy harm you?
  6. Adult illiteracy and how to overcome it.
  7. Can social media help overcome the problem of illiteracy?
  8. Poverty and illiteracy.
  9. How can literacy change people’s lives? 3 Amazing examples.
  10. Women’s illiteracy in African countries.

Social Issues Essay Topics on Violence

Below are some topics for violence:

  1. The effect of political turmoil on domestic violence.
  2. Ethnic profiling and violence.
  3. Movies and violence.
  4. Promoting rape culture.
  5. Dealing with social media bullying.
  6. Aggression in children.
  7. Abuse in the world of sports.
  8. Child abuse prevention.
  9. Gun control in the US.
  10. Gangs and violence in Miami.

Topics on Consumption and Development

Below are some topics for consumption and development:

  1. The culture of consumption.
  2. Over-consumption in America.
  3. The power of buyers in different industries.
  4. Water consumption in Africa.
  5. History of sustainable development in the US.
  6. Consumption of Alcohol.
  7. Sustainable consumption of meat and fish: its effect on the environment.
  8. Children and consumption of fast food.
  9. The dynamics of consumption in the US market.
  10. How can businesses influence consumption trends?

The above are some topics. Thus, you can begin a wonderful social issues essay.

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