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Why I Want to Transfer Essay Examples and Writing Guide 2021 Update

Filed in Education by on April 19, 2021

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Why I Want to Transfer Essay Examples is actually hard to come by. Writing a well-fit why I want to transfer essay can be difficult for some students. So if you also find it difficult, then you should read this article.

Why I Want to Transfer Essay Examples and Writing Guide

However, as a transfer student wondering how to start a transfer essay, note. You shall read about how to put up a great why I want to transfer essay in this article.

Some Tips for Writing Why I Want to Transfer Essay

Before looking at some why I want to transfer essay examples, note. The most frequent essay question for transfer applicants is “Why do you want to transfer to X School?”

This is a two-sided question. As such, it’s asking not only why you want to go to X school, but also why the school you currently attend isn’t a good fit. Below are some tips for writing a good why I want to transfer essay:

1. Do Not Slam the Institution You’re Leaving

Even if you hate it with a passion and can’t understand, don’t be negative. That will be the kiss of death for your application. However, be honest when you can. But be kind to the institution you are leaving. It is a good fit for some, just not you.

2. Make a Solid and Specific Point as to Why X School Will be a Better Fit

If you think a University was “too big” and “too impersonal” but you’re applying to transfer to another equally as large, you can’t use those as reasons. The admissions officer ultimately wants to know why their school is a better fit. And what you’re going to bring to the table.

3. Don’t Let Your Application Reader Guess Why You Flunked Four Classes

Don’t let your application reader guess why you flunked four classes. Or why your high school transcript is a disaster even though you have fabulous SAT scores. However, be honest, be genuine, and tell your story.

Also, don’t whine and don’t skirt around answers. Take ownership. But also tell your reader why she should take a chance on you. Admissions officers love the comeback kid. If that’s you, tell your reader!

4. Visit Your Prospective School

The best way to be able to answer “Why do you want to transfer to X school?” is to have visited and be able to give a very specific answer.

The application reader wants to know that lots of thought and consideration has gone into your transfer process. And that you’ve really clarified what you need out of an institution.

Some Essential Steps for Writing Why I Want to Transfer Essay

Some Essential Steps for Writing Why I Want to Transfer Essay

Before looking at some why I want to transfer essay examples, note. In a nutshell, below are some essential steps for writing the why I want to transfer essay:

  • Establish some of your core values.
  • Also, explain why you chose your current school (the one you’re leaving) in the first place.
  • Furthermore, offer specific reasons why you want to leave your current school.
  • Also, show how you’ve made the best of things in your current situation.
  • Additionally, say what you want to do/be/study.

Furthermore, outline how the new school (the one you’d like to transfer to) will help you realize your dream.

Lastly, close it out short and sweet. Bonus points if it’s in a memorable way.

Some Why I Want to Transfer Essay Examples

Below are some why I want to transfer essay examples:

Example 1

In the example below, for example, the student wanted to communicate her core values of connection, intimacy, family and listening. As such, she chose the dinner table.

Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day. In my family the most sacred meal is dinner. The aroma from my mother’s authentic Persian saffron and Barberry spirals around the circular dining table.

This is as we prepare to pile each other’s plates high with current events, future plans, and questions about what we learned that day. Slowly, the notification bells and piercing ring tones are replaced by the clamor of metal utensils…

Each person sits the same distance from the center as we listen to my little sister’s attempt at hopscotch from earlier that day with as much interest as my Dad’s stories about his patient with Atherosclerosis. Listening is how we take care of one another.

Example 2

Why I Want to Transfer Essay Examples

Before I could even walk, my parents instilled in me a love for history. And thanks to their passion for travel, much of my early education was experiential.

At eight, I could not only recite knowledge of Corrie Ten Boom, I’d visited the house where she’d hidden Jews in her home during WWII. By 10 I’d seen the Roman Ruins just outside Paris and by 11, I’d visited Rome and Florence, and begun to develop a passion for Michelangelo.

By 14 I’d climbed the caverns of Mykonos and by 16 I’d walked barefoot through India and jogged along the Great Wall of China.

Though moving around wasn’t always easy, travel gave me the opportunity to become more adaptable and resourceful, and I came to embrace differences as not only normal but exciting.

My passion for cultural experiences and history continued in high school, and I looked forward to more experiential learning opportunities in college.

If you follow the above instructions, then you will surely leave a smile on the face of whoever reads your essay.

Also, one of the ways you can only help your pursuit of getting admitted into that desired school is to keep you’re the reader of your essay excited. You can learn from the why I want to transfer essay examples given above.

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