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10 Reasons Why Physical Education Remains a Requirement in School

Filed in Education by on March 27, 2019

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10 Reasons Why Physical Education Remains a Requirement in School

Why Physical Education Remains a Requirement in School – A lot of schools now motivate and encourages it, students, to maintain a balance between their school work and physical education. Physical education is an important part of healthy living for people of all age groups, especially in schools.

Why Physical Education Remains a Requirement in School

Researches have proved the need for physical activities of students in a school environment. Many schools are now encouraging students to participate in physical education.


research studies have shown that performing physical activities aids in enlarging the basal ganglia of the brain. The Basal Ganglia is a part of the brain responsible for maintaining an individual’s capability to focus. Presently students have several diversions in the form of technologies (Television, tablets, PCs, Mobile phones), therefore, it is difficult to maintain focus. Through promoting physical education, school teachers can help students improve their concentration. Schools usually arrange physical games and exercises which needs concentration. Thus, students are advised to take part in such activities along with their school work, so this will aid in maintaining their healthy body and minds.


Presently, many school children eat unhealthy foods, which include fries, soft drinks, pizzas, and burgers and Consuming these on a regular basis can result in childhood obesity.
Physical education at school helps in stopping obesity and high blood pressure. Physical exercise and activities will help them cut down extra calories. If these calories are not cut off, they will be stored as fat. By doing physical exercises individuals utilize their extra calories to build energy.

In addition, physical education plays an important role in the healthy growth and development of bones and cartilages. Bone-strengthening exercises such as jumping are specifically important for school children as such activities produce a force onto the bone that helps improve its strength and growth. While muscle strengthening exercises make muscles larger and stronger, they as well help children carry more weight and help in protecting joints against injuries.

Being physically active makes the students energetic and strong which motivates them to take an active part in classroom activities. Exercises which help strengthen muscles include:

  • Climbing Trees.
  • Monkey bar exercises.
  • Bike Riding.
  • Push-ups.
  • Hula hooping.

A physically active student will also have a healthy heart as well. An exercise which provides oxygen to the muscles is known as an aerobic exercise. Such exercises are necessary for a healthy heart. Studies have it that kids who perform aerobic exercises, two to three times a week for at least twenty minutes, have a healthier heart as compared to those who do not indulge in physical education. Some of these aerobic exercises are:

  • Playing Basketball.
  • Playing Soccer.
  • Jumping rope


A  complete night’s sleep is an important component of a happy and healthy life. students who take part in physical activities and exercise regularly have a tired and exhausted body which needs a good night’s sleep. Complete sleep helps to make kids more upright and attentive during lectures in the classroom. Being attentive will prevent them from performing careless mistakes and will provide the energy to assist their teachers and their fellow students.


School life is hectic for every individual and as such taking part in physical activities and education allows students to relieve their academic stress and anxiety. Stress might be as a result of a fight with a friend or a low grade despite the hard work. Stressed students find it difficult to concentrate and focus on their academic performance if they are not allowed time to de-stress.

Physical activities give them an avenue to breathe out their stress. By exercising and breathing deeply, we provide extra air to our lungs which in turn produces more oxygen to the brain and this makes the brain feel relaxed and stress-free.

A physically active individual is likely to be happy and healthy more, which makes them a better student in the classroom. They always feel proud and happy about themselves and are good towards their fellow students.


Balancing exercise and stretching helps develop physical balance which reduces the chances of injuries. Those students who make physical education relevant as their school work become more flexible in their routine life. Such activities make the body elastic and flexible.

It allows an individual to undertake both a physical and mental workload. research reveals the fact that physical education in school helps in facilitating the connections between neurons of the brain. Healthy and well-connected neurons improve the over-all thinking ability of students and make them better students in the classroom.

Many schools have made physical education an important component of the school curriculum and students are advised to maintain a healthy balance between their education and exercise. This is as a result of the fact that those students who take part in physical activities have been shown to be happier and healthier than those students who spend all their time doing school education work.

Exercises help develop the blood circulation in an individual’s body. This aids in providing more oxygen to the heart and brain and allows the body to maintain a balance between physical and mental health.


As mentioned earlier, Physical education classes typically introduce a wide variety of different types of exercises to children so that they have the opportunity to find a variety of physical activities that they enjoy.

Children learn by example, They need positive role models who encourage them to exercise. When children don’t have the opportunity to indulge in daily exercises, they can take the information they acquired to apply them outside of the classroom.


The heart has a huge job ensuring that the body is adequately pumping blood and inactivity during the day leaves them vulnerable to a lifetime of health problems. kids don’t have to spend time in a gym in order to get the required amount of daily exercise. Instead, kids can spend ample time playing and running around even on the playground.

Physical education introduces your child and children to  varieties of sport, games that involve physical activities, and are able to spend time just playing on the playground


Children today are more inactive compared to previous generations It is proven that children who get required amounts of exercise are generally happier and don’t suffer from ailments such as depression or anxiety. Exercise releases a natural “feel good” hormones and helps keep off mental illnesses. Parents should realize that untreated depression is not healthy and it can lead to risky behaviors even in children and teens.


Frequent exercise helps prevent obesity. Children spend a lot of hours sitting during school hours and spending more time at home playing video games or watching hours of television. Kids who live an inactive lifestyle are at risk of becoming obese at an early age.

Extended time at school for exercise will help and even prevent obesity.


Given the fact that physical education programs are sometimes cut based on economic reasons, one might think that public support for physical education is inactive. More so, support from parents, professional groups, and some government departments are quite strong. Our national health goals show the priority given to physical activity promotion for youths and the need for quality physical education in the schools

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