NECO Music Questions 2024 Objective and Theory Latest Update

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Are you wondering where you can find NECO music objectives and theory questions to guide you before participating in the NECO exams?

NECO Music Objective and Theory Questions

The National Examinations Council (also known as NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts the Senior Secondary Certificate Examination.

And the General Certificate in Education in June/July and December/January, respectively.

We have compiled a list of some questions and answers to help you in your preparations.

NECO Music Objective and Theory Questions

The establishment of the National Examinations Council (NECO) in April 1999 is a culmination of the reaction of the Federal Government.

This initiative aims to address the increasing number of secondary school candidates taking the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) across the country.

These are some of the music objectives questions;

Question 1

The English word for vivac is

A. slow

B. sustained

C. slow and steady

D. fast and lively

Answer: D

Question 2

Gulum is an example of

A. an indiophone

B. a chordophone

C. an aerophone

D. a membranophone

Answer: B

Question 3

Sing ye choirs of angels

Sing to God on high

The text above is best represented in

A. m:m|m:f|s:-|m:-|f:f|r:t|d:-|-:-||

B. m.m:-.m|m:f|s:s.f|m:s|f:f|r:t|d:-II

C. m:m.m|m:f:s|s:-:|m:-:-|f:f:f|r:-:t|d:-:-||

D. m:m.m|m:f|s:-.s|m:-m|f:f:f|r:t:r:t|d:-|-:-||

Answer: A

Question 4

The Ars Nova and Ars Antiqua belong to the

A. Romantic Period

B. Baroque period

C. Classical period

D. Medieval period

Answer: D

Question 5

We are H.A.P.P.Y is a Nigerian

A. praising song

B. marching song

C. art song

D. work song

Answer: B

NECO Theory Questions and Answers on Music

Question 1

With reference to Moment Musical by Franz Schubert

a. What period was the music written?

b. State the time signature.

c. For what medium was the music written?

d. List only two dynamic marks in the music.

e. Quote the first two bars of the bass part.

f. List any two articulations used in the music.


a. Romantic Period


c. Piano

d. ppp, p, f, mf, cresc. mp, dim, morendo


f. staccato (.), marcato (-), sforzando (>)

Question 2

a. List any five composers of the baroque period.

b. State the nationalities of the composers listed in 3 (a) above.

c. Mention any one musical type of each of the composers listed in 3 (a) above.


George Frederick HandelGerman/EnglishOperas, oratorios, cantatas, trios and duets, arias, chamber music, odes and serenatas, and organ concerti.
Johanne Sebastian BachGermanConcerti grossi, masses, passions, cantatas, chorales, and fugues.
Henry PurcellEnglishAnthems, hymns, theatre music, instrumentals, fantasias, and sonatas.
Claudio MonterverdiItalianOperas, masses, motets, oratorios, concerti, and madrigals
Antonio VivaldiItalianConcerti, sinfonias, sonatas, operas, sacred music, and cantatas.
Dominico ScarlattiItalianSinfonias, operas, motets.
Arcangelo CorelliItalianConcerti, chamber music, and orchestra music.

Question 3

(a) List any five traditional musical types/ensembles in Nigeria.

(b) Identify the master instrument of each of the musical types/ensembles listed in 3 (a) above.

(c) State the ethnic group that is associated with each of the musical types/ensembles listed in 3 (a) above.


Asian iboikbaObodomIbibio
EsakpaideEmedomighanBini (Edo)
IbiagogoAgogoOra (Edo)
UgholyemaBini (Edo)
Biripolya-llu1 la je
Iri (Uri)Nkwa-nkwallaje
Batalya-ilu bataYoruba

Questions 4

Complete the table provided below by identifying the nationalities, musical genres, and the major instruments associated with the musicians listed in the first column.

Duke Ellington                                       
Bob Marley                                             
Hugh Masekela                                     
Charlie Parker                                        
Diana Ross   


Duke EllingtonAmericanJazz/ Swing/ Big bandPiano
Bob MarleyJamaicanReggaeGuitar/voice
Hugh MasekelaSouth AfricanJazz/ RockTrumpet
Charlie ParkerAmericanJazz/ BepobSaxophone
Diana RossAmericanRhythm and Blues/ PopVoice

Question 5

(A) Melody Writing

Set the text below to a suitable melody. Indicate the tempo, phrasing, and dynamics marks.

Credit will be given for the originality of the composition and proper alignment of texts to the notes.

You hate me ‘cause I’m poor,

You like him ‘cause he’s rich,

My day will come someday,

My day will surely come.

(B) Two-Part Writing

Add an independent flowing bass part below the given melody.


(C) Four-Part Harmony

Harmonize the bass part below by adding alto, tenor, and bass parts.


These are not real NECO Music Questions, but likely repeated questions over the years to help candidates understand the nature of their examinations.

Ensure to note every question provided on this page.

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