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HP ALM Interview Questions 2021 and Some Sample Answers

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– HP ALM Interview Questions –

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking HP ALM Interview Questions. We can all agree that interviews are nerve-wracking and that competition is fierce. The HP ALM/QC Interview can be aced with a paltry amount of preparation. 

HP ALM Interview Questions

What is HP ALM?

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is a set of software tools developed and marketed by Micro Focus (previously Hewlett-Packard and Hewlett Packard Enterprise) for application development and testing.

Also, it includes tools for requirements managementtest planning and functional testingperformance testing (when used with Performance Center), developer management (through integration with developer environments such as Collabnet, TeamForge and Microsoft Visual Studio), and defects management.

Also, it is a web-based tool that helps organisations to manage the application lifecycle. And this is right from project planning, requirements gathering, until testing and deployment, which otherwise is a time-consuming task.

Some Functions of ALM

Below are some functions of ALM:

Application Life Cycle Management (ALM) previously known as Quality Center(QC) is a set of software products. And it is designed for accelerating the delivery of secure, reliable modern applications.

Also, it is a combination of a common platform, several key applications, and a dashboard targeted at managing the core lifecycle of applications.

Additionally, it focuses on the core lifecycle, from design through readiness for delivery to operations.

Also, it is designed to support the key stakeholders responsible for delivering applications as they progress through their lifecycle. And it focuses on the core lifecycle, from design through readiness for delivery to operations.

HP ALM Interview Questions: Why Use HP ALM?

The various stakeholders involved in a typical project are –

1. Developer

2. Tester

3. Business Analysts

4. Project Managers

5. Product Owners

These stakeholders perform a diverse set of activities that need to be communicated to all concerned team members.

HP ALM Interview Questions 2021 and Some Sample Answers

Below are some HP ALM interview questions and answers:

1. What is HP ALM (Quality Centre) used for?


HP ALM/ Quality Centre is a comprehensive test management tool. And it is a web-based tool and supports a high level of communication.

Also, an association among various stakeholders (Business Analysts, Developers, Testers, etc. ), driving a more effective global application-testing process.

Also, automation tools like QTP, WinRunner & Loadrunner can be integrated with Quality Center. Additionally, one can create reports and graphs for analysis and track for Test processes.

2. What is the difference between Test Director and Quality Centre?


Quality Centre is an upgraded version of Test Director built by the same vendor Mercury (Now gained by HP).

Also, Test Director Version 8.2 onwards is known as Quality Centre. And Quality Centre is has enhanced Security/Test management /Defect management features when compared to Test Director.

3. What is the difference between Quality Center and Bugzilla?


Quality Centre is a test management tool that can also manage defects apart from other features. Also, BugZilla is a Defect Management tool only.

4. What is the Purpose of Creating Child Requirements in TD /QC?


By Creating Child requirements to the key requirement, you can evaluate the sub-requirements related to the fundamental requirements.

Also, you can link test sets and defects to the sub-requirements. This helps in 100% test coverage and its analysis.

5. What is Test Lab?


In order to execute a Test Case (Developed in the Test Plan Module) either manual or automated, it needs to import into Test Lab Module.

In sum, Test Cases are created in Test Plan Module while they are executed in Test Lab Module.


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HP ALM Interview Questions

6. What is meant by Instance?


A Test Case imported from the Test Plan module to the Test Lab module is called an Instance of that test case. Also, it is possible to have multiple instances of the same Test Case in the Test Lab Module.

7. Is it possible to maintain test data in Quality Center?


Yes. One can attach the test data to the corresponding test cases or create a separate folder in the test plan to store them.

8. How does one ensure that there is no duplication of bugs in the Quality Center?


In the defect tracking window of QC, there is a “find similar defect” icon. When this icon is clicked after writing the defect, if anybody else has entered the same defect then it points it out.

9. What will be the status in Quality Centre if you give “Suggestion” to the Developer?


This is a trick question. But you can give “Suggestion” to the developer using the Comments sections provided in QC. However, this will not change the current status of Defects in QC.

And in sum, the status of the defect remains the same, as that before giving suggestions to the developer.

10. How will you generate the defect ID in Quality Centre?


The Defect ID is automatically generated after clicking Submit button.

However, in order to pass the HP ALM interview, please practice and understand the above very well. And this is because the HP ALM interview questions often repeat themselves. Also, please share. Good luck.

CSN Team.

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