Can I Work in UK Without a Degree?

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Can I work in the UK without a degree? Yes, you can work in the UK without a degree because more than just an educational qualification, there are jobs that require high skills or special abilities for one to land it. 

Can I Work in the UK Without a Degree?

The question of working in the UK without a degree depends on the kind of job. Working as a lawyer, doctor or banker will definitely require a degree.

But since schooling is not what interests everyone, there are jobs they can still land.

However, before landing the job it is important to be a British citizen. If not, you will have to acquire a work visa. 

Can I Work in the UK Without a Degree?

If you are yet to acquire a degree and you are searching for a job in the UK, the list below are examples of jobs you can opt for and be confident that even without a degree you can still land any of them.

1. Train Driver

With a whopping sum of £59,000 a year as a salary, you can work as a train driver without a degree. Nevertheless, you will be required to have a high level of coordination and communication with other employees.

2. Fitness Coach

With an average salary of £24,000, a fitness coach provides clients with fitness and nutritional services to help them keep fit and healthy.

 Even though working as a fitness coach might not require a degree, it sure does require some level of qualifications.

3. Prison Officer

A prison officer earns £22,000 for a start. 

Working as a prison officer only requires you to be able to work under pressure and to stay calm under tense conditions, considering the atmosphere of the prisons. 

Nevertheless, having a criminal record is capable of disqualifying you from landing the job.

4. Executive Assistant

If you do not have a degree and you are searching for a job in the UK, you can apply to work as an executive assistant and the salary for a start is £22,00. 

You will only be required to manage the schedules and communication of the key employees in the company.

5. Sales Manager

Sales managers in the UK earn at least £72,783 yearly and you do not need a degree to land the job.

With relevant and high management skills, the duties of a sales manager will entail managing the sales and profit system of the company.

6. Real Estate Manager

As long as you have business experience, and management and organizational skills, you can work as a real estate agent even without a degree.

However, it is important to acquire a real estate license. 

This is because the job requires that you keep track of real estate trends, buy and sell real estate, and watch out for potential investment opportunities. 

You can earn as much as £47,718 or more. Like this content and share it with those who will benefit from it.

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