20 ‘Fun Facts About Me’ to Use When Introducing Yourself

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If you have to introduce yourself, how would you present the “fun facts about me” to the audience? This may just be one’s thoughts and surely, there is a way to go about it, you only have to read on to get to it.

fun facts about me

One’s conception of “fun facts” is far from fun, if not such plain boring tolerable assignments. There is (fortunately) even a state called anxiety as a result of such question startling, that tends to impact your clear-thinking mind. 

In some situations, this may include work, school, or a recently started book club;but then, the principal motive for inquiring about your most amusing anecdotal fact is related to a necessity of connecting with others.

At best, a fun fact is one of the few chances to present who I am beyond my studies or my career even by a minute. 

Think of it this way: What keeps you from being overwhelmed about the fact that this person will remember you later on in your discussion? What is your specific identity that you prefer to lead in the society where the fun question is being posed? 

These 20 quick talks for the next time when you’re stuck to deliver a stump speech, may be of your help, like: 

1. Do you have a favorite collection? What matters is whether you learn how to recognize ancient coins, collect and separate stamps, or sort through old newspapers including music magazine cover pictures of Frank Ocean, then you’re ready.

2. Which is your biggest (most non-scary almost) fear . What you want to avoid is being too revealing here (“My biggest fear, and please, this may seem weird to you but, is death”). 

3. Do you remember the first job which you would like to apply for when you were a kid?

4. What is your high-school superlative? Except for the Most Popular or Most Likely to Succeed award (and maybe not between peers you’re not particularly close with).

5. What is the cherished and familiar TV show that you usually turn to for happy distraction

6. What is the one thing you wished you had known earlier only to discover it when it is almost too late?

7. Who is your celebrity crush? Your contribution to the best celebrity spotting would be a memorable thing. 

8. Name something you dread the most

9. Hand tattoos or body piercings, how many do you have? This could be viewed as a bit way out of bounds (like … where those two are?), so you need to take into account the specific office culture, I guess.

10. Let us skip down to the very last food or drink that you would have to taste on Earth before stepping through. What is it though?

Intriguing ‘Get to Know Me’ Ideas

11. This trip might be the perfect one: Where is the last place you visited?

12. Let’s listen to music! Try to recollect a humiliating thing from Spotify or other music-streaming services. Which would it be?

13. What is your favorite word? 

Intriguing 'Get to Know Me' Ideas

14. You are deep in the woods and hear branches cracking, leaves rustling, and an unknown shadow in the blackness behind you. What are you going to do?

15. What type of unusual or extreme illness have you ever had?

16. Have you ever been on a diet? 

17. Do you keep pets?

18. Have you ever experienced any travel delay? How did you handle it?

19. When was the time you came up with a great idea and won it? 

20. Is there a lyric, verse out of a poem, or movie shot you have made entirely your own?

While answering the listed personal ideas, just make sure you realize discretion is taken away and you may be asked to keep the audience entertained.

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