What Jobs Can You Get With Low Grades in UK?

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If you do not have high grades as a graduate, there are still some cool gigs for you. What jobs can you get with low grades in UK?

What Jobs Can You Get With Low Grades in UK?

If you’re someone with low grades in the UK, it’s natural to wonder about your job prospects.

Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities available in various sectors, even without a strong academic background.

We’ll explore some of the job options for individuals with low grades in the UK.

What Jobs Can You Get With Low Grades in the UK?

Here are some jobs that you can get with low grades in the United Kingdom:

1. Masonry Worker

Masons construct and repair structures out of brick, stone, and concrete.

But it’s no walk in the park, guys! It’s a physically hard profession that needs heavy lifting and a lot of kneeling and standing.

2. Licensed Practical Nurse

LPNs (licensed practical nurses) collaborate with doctors and registered nurses (RNs) to provide patient care.

Also, They take vital signs, dispense medication, and complete paperwork.

LPNs, unlike RNs, do not need a college degree. You can attend a recognized program at a vocational school to receive the appropriate training.

3. Carpenter

This age-old profession isn’t increasing much, but it remains a continuous opportunity for people to produce beautiful and functional objects with their hands.

Carpenters learn by working with a master of the profession in a structured or informal apprenticeship.

4. Surgical Technologist

Surgical technologists work with surgeons and nurses to execute procedures.

They make sure the room is ready for the surgery, prepare all the instruments, and supply the physicians with the tools they need throughout the surgery.

5. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents (or brokers) work with customers to buy and sell homes.

The advantage of real estate is that it is a commission-based business, so you eat what you kill.

You can work long hours and put in a lot of effort to grow your business, or you can work on a more flexible and part-time basis. To be a successful realtor, you must serve your clients well.

6. Sound Engineering Technician

Sound engineers set up and run sound equipment for media events.

The most prevalent industries for sound technologists are radio, TV, recording studios and film.

This is often a high-energy, fast-paced career that entails plenty of travel and weekend work.

7. Firefighter

Lots of kids dream of being a fireman when they’re thinking of what to do with their lives when they grow up. Because honestly, firefighters are heroes!

They rescue people, animals, buildings, and the environment by extinguishing deadly flames.

Becoming a firefighter is a competitive process and will also likely need you to become an emergency medical technician (EMT).

8. Sheet Metal Worker

Sheet metal workers can be employed in construction or industry.

They design and install things using thin metal sheets. It’s a physically hard job that includes lifting, bending, and squatting.

9. Wind Turbine Technician

Wind turbines are the gigantic white pinwheels that dot the plains of Kansas and other breezy places in the country.

As they become a prominent source of alternative energy, the job demand for specialists is growing.

This job requires a lot of time outside and is not suitable for people who are afraid of heights.

10. Solar Photovoltaic Installer

These guys and girls install and maintain solar systems that transform sunshine into energy.

This work entails travel to numerous residences and companies. If you like being outdoors, this could be a fantastic fit for you!

You have to discover what job is okay for you. Earning a living and putting food on your table does not require bearing a certain title, the jobs on the list above can clear your doubts about that.

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