Mohbad Autopsy Result is Out! The Major Cause of His Death

Filed in News by on September 25, 2023

Mohbad Autopsy Result – The Nigerian public eagerly anticipates the release of Mohbad’s autopsy results, a highly awaited revelation following the tragic passing of the beloved Nigerian singer.

Ilerilouwa Aloba, popularly known as Mohbad, tragically passed away on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. In the wake of his untimely demise, law enforcement agencies have been diligently working to uncover the mysteries surrounding his death.

Mohbad was laid to rest in Ikorodu, Lagos, on Wednesday, September 13, a somber occasion that intensified curiosity among his dedicated fan base, igniting a fervent demand for answers.

Amid growing concerns and allegations of poisoning, the Nigeria Police Force and the Lagos Police Command have pledged to leave no stone unturned in their quest for justice for the 27-year-old artist.

The burning question on everyone’s mind is, “What precisely caused Mohbad’s demise?” Multiple sources in the media have pointed fingers at Naira Marley, the late artist’s former record label boss, and Sam Larry, often referred to as a “consultant” in the Marlian music group.

Incriminating videos of Sam Larry and his associates confronting Mohbad have surfaced, including one where they brandished machetes during the filming of Mohbad’s music video with Zlatan Ibile.

The autopsy results, however, have unveiled the truth. Mohbad’s death was a result of complications arising from a tetanus injection. The autopsy, which encompassed a thorough external assessment, internal investigation, toxicology screening, microscopic analysis, and histopathological study, unequivocally confirmed that the injection had fatal consequences.

The detailed autopsy report provided clarity regarding the cause and circumstances of Mohbad’s tragic passing, shedding light on an event that profoundly impacted the music industry and his loyal fan base. It also underscored the importance of safe healthcare practices to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future.

As Nigerians await the full autopsy report, several unanswered questions continue to linger:

1. Who accompanied Mohbad to the hospital?

2. Who authorized the announcement of Mohbad’s death by those individuals?

3. Which doctor signed Mohbad’s death certificate?

4. Did Mohbad pass away immediately after receiving the medication?

5. Is the nurse responsible for the injection currently under arrest?

6. Who recommended the hospital for Mohbad’s treatment?

7. Was this the first time the patient had administered injections to clients?

8. What led to Sam Larry’s actions that allegedly caused Mohbad distress?


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