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Call Center Interview Questions And Answers Tips 2022 Update

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– Call Center Interview Questions –

Working in a call center is a great option for people who love interacting with and helping others. Individuals in these jobs spend their time dealing with various customer requests and questions or, sometimes, soliciting contact in order to sell products or services directly to customers.

Call Center Interview Questions

Call Center

A call centre is usually a fast-paced and competitive environment to work in, where the call centre executive needs to radiate a positive company image to every customer or potential customer they speak to.

This article will explain how to approach for a Call Center Interview Questions for one of these positions and provide some example questions to think about.

Providing outstanding customer service is paramount for all companies with 76% of consumers saying they view customer service as a “true test” of how a company values them, according to a 2015 Aspect report.

As a result, companies are looking to staff their customer service call centres with highly detailed and friendly employees who can provide that outstanding service, as well as thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Masterson Staffing Solutions has years of experience connecting talented individuals with various call-centre job opportunities.

More Information on Call Center Interview Questions

So, if you’re preparing for a Call Center Interview Questions, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions you’ll likely encounter and tips for successfully answering them.

The first task is to actually receive an invitation to interview. Working with a recruitment agency will help a candidate identify vacancies and create effective applications in order to secure an invitation to attend for interview.

Once an interview is arranged, candidates should be careful to thoroughly research the background of the company for whom they wish to work.

They should take time to consider who their target market is and try in advance to imagine some challenges that the company may be facing.

Candidates should arrive for the interview with 15 minutes to spare, and dress smartly to make a good first impression, offering a firm handshake, and trying to maintain eye contact in a friendly and natural way.

General Call Center Interview Questions

A call centre being a centralised office used for receiving or transmitting a large volume of enquiries by telephone requires some informations from the employee to verify their application.

An inbound call centre is operated by a company to administer incoming product or service support or information enquiries from consumers.

General Interview Questions

Regardless of the industry or job title, all job seekers will probably encounter the following interview questions:

1. Tell me about yourself.

This question is usually the opening ice-breaker. Take this time to highlight your accomplishments, strengths and previous job experience, while also mapping them to some of the specific desired qualifications outlined in the job description.

Be professional, but also show some personality. Beyond your experience and skills, interviewers are also trying to determine if you’ll be good and culturally fit for the job.

2. Why Did you Leave Your Last Job?

Why Did you Leave Your Last Job?

Honesty is definitely the best policy here, but avoid disparaging your former employer. Some brilliant responses could be.

3. Why do you want to Work for Our Company?

Interviewers want to understand your career intentions, as well as know if you’ve done your company research. Share something you’ve learned about the company’s mission, values, or reputation, and tell interviewers why it’s important to you.


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4. What are your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Once again, match your strengths to the preferred skills and qualifications in the job description to reinforce that you’re a strong candidate. When it comes to weaknesses, look for ways to turn them into strengths.

For example, you might say: For more ideas on the skills you should highlight, check out the seven skills we believe every call centre agent should have.

5. What Questions do you have for us?

This question not only gives you the opportunity to learn more about the position and the company, but also the ability to promote your skills and desire to become a part of the team.

Compile a few questions while doing your company research. Some questions ask, as well as some potential follow up responses,

Call Center Interview Questions And Answers

Call centres offer help on behalf of companies for customers with questions, concerns or feedback about products or services. Interviewing for a call centre position is an opportunity to showcase your problem-solving skills and show your ability to build trust with customers.

In this article, we review some common call centre interview questions and provide examples of impactful responses. Here are common questions and example answers to prepare you for your upcoming call centre interview:

1. Do you Enjoy Communicating with People?

The only answer to this is that you love talking to people and that you are also a good listener. Say that your ideal job involves talking with people to help resolve problems and to provide support and information.

Give an example of how you have used your communication skills beneficially in a previous position. Try to be inventive and honest here. If you have done no call centre work, you could talk about your experience in meetings, discussing strategies with colleagues.

If you have done any voluntary work, especially if it involved speaking with people regularly, this is a good time to mention it.

2. What are the Most Important Skills for a Call Center Representative?

What are the Most Important Skills for a Call Center Representative?

Skills such as empathy, active listening, speaking, problem-solving and time management are key to helping customers effectively. The job description may mention specific skills the company is looking for, so be sure to address those skills with examples when possible.

Example: “I would say the most important skills are listening, critical thinking and multitasking. In this position, I could listen to a customer’s concern, identify a solution and talk to them through my process of solving their issue.

I also think a good attitude is crucial in this role because it makes customers feel heard and supported, and it gives them a positive impression of the company.”

3. How do you work to Improve your Customer Interactions?

When it comes to providing the best possible customer service, there is always an opportunity for improvement. Additional or advanced training, asking a supervisor for feedback and reviewing your customer satisfaction survey numbers are all ways to improve how you interact with customers and address their needs.

In your answer, discuss your willingness to learn and adapt to new techniques and policies in order to make the customer experience the best it can be.

Example: “In my previous position, I met with my supervisor every quarter to review my customer satisfaction survey results. I asked for additional training on the specific service and advanced customer interaction techniques.

For this position, I want to expand on that practice through your customer service training program and continue to improve my survey numbers.”

4. How Would you Describe the Role of a Call Center Representative?

The role of a call centre representative is to answer questions and provide solutions to customers over the phone. When you interview for a call centre position, it’s important to know the expectations of the role and understand what value you will bring to the organization.

Review the job description and answer this question by explaining the skills you can use to address the position. Highlight experiences that show your ability to navigate the role’s responsibilities and meet company goals.

Example: “As a call centre representative, I would be the first point of contact for incoming callers. I am skilled at actively listening to customer questions and identifying the best solution.

For example, if a caller needed to refill a prescription but did not know how to do it on the website, I would first help the caller complete the refill over the phone.

Then, I would provide instructions on navigating the website and prescription portal so that the caller could complete the task online in the future.

I have strong communication skills with which I can teach customers how to use the company’s helpful online tools and assist them in completing tasks they may not know how to do.”


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5. What’s your Idea of a Call Centre?

If you have no previous call centre experience, interviewers will use this question to gauge your familiarity with the call centre environment.

Use this opportunity to not only highlight the actual function of a call centre but also the role call centre agents play in providing quality customer service.

You should also pay special attention to what kind of call centre you are applying for. They will spend inbound call centres field, the customer calls placed towards a business and your time addressing customer questions and concerns.

Whereas in outbound call centres, you will dial customers and prospects to collect survey responses, schedule sales demonstrations, perform telemarketing, and more.

6. Why do you want to work in a Call Center?

Illustrate your knowledge of a call centre’s atmosphere and the unique demands you’ll face in the position. For example, you could say: To learn a bit more about what it’s like to work at a call centre.

7. How do you Define Quality Customer Service?

How do you Define Quality Customer Service?

Successful call centers require quality customer service from kind, knowledgeable and helpful representatives who support a strong company reputation. Your answer should show your experience of treating customers with respect, resolving conflict, and putting their needs first.

If you have little customer service experience, it’s helpful to answer this question in terms of how you prefer to be treated as a customer.

In both cases, illustrate what quality customer service looks like, what value it brings to the company, and how you ensure quality customer service to each caller.

Example: “Quality customer service is being able to empathize with a customer and view their issues as your own. For example, the caller who wanted to refill a prescription online might not have understood how the online portal worked.

If I were in the customer’s position, I would want the representative to explain the online system so that next time I could do it myself.

As the representative, I would understand the fact that the caller might not be familiar with the online portal, and I would be patient as I walked through each step.

A thoughtful, comprehensive solution is what I would appreciate as a customer, so I would aim to provide the same for my callers.”

8. How would you handle a call from an angry customer?

Angry customer calls are a reality for any call centre. Tell interviewers the steps you would take to de-escalate the situation and solve the problem. Be detailed in your response and emphasize that staying calm and empathetic during the call will be key to coming up with a solution the customer will be happy with.

9. How do you Handle calls from Dissatisfied Customers?

In order to be successful as a call centre representative, you should know how to navigate handle challenging customer conversations.

It is important to remain respectful and focused on the customer’s needs while resolving their issue and creating a positive experience for the caller. Sometimes, you may need to follow a certain protocol or bring in your supervisor to help you find a solution.

When answering this interview question, use the STAR method to describe the situation, illustrate what task you needed to complete, explain what action you took and provide the results of your efforts. You can use an example from your own experience or discuss a hypothetical scenario.

Example: “I had a customer who was very upset about his subscription service, which did not meet his expectations. As the representative, I apologized for the inconvenience and assured him I would research his issue.

After gathering more details, I discovered he was having connectivity issues because of a lapse in updating his software. I explained the issue and the solution to update his software, but he explained he was considering cancelling his service altogether.

The customer agreed to a brief hold while I discussed with my supervisor reparation for the inconvenience. I could give the customer an additional month of service at no charge. The customer seemed pleased with my solution and thanked me for solving his issue. He even agreed to sign up for additional service with us.”

10. Are you Able to work with Multiple Phone Lines?

Are you Able to work with Multiple Phone Lines

If you have previous call centre experience, answering yes to this question should be easy. In addition, tell interviewers how many calls you handled during a typical day. For those without previous experience, highlight other positions that required multi-tasking skills.

11. How do you feel About Meeting Goals and Targets?

The best answer is to say that goals and targets provide you with focus and that you enjoy the challenge of being the first in your team to reach the set goals. Also, say that targets help to foster healthy competition within a team.

12. How do you Make Sure you Meet your Targets?

Say that you stay focused on the job and stay organised to ensure that all tasks are completed within good time. If, for any reason, a target may not be attainable, you will raise this with your team leader to see if there are available resources elsewhere.

A team leader will always appreciate being alerted to the risk of a target being missed because they have their own targets to meet.

13. Are you Able to Cope Well Under Pressure?

You must be able to work under pressure in a call centre. Explain that you thrive when working under pressure and that you can focus on a task well when there is a tight deadline.

Questions For Call Center Supervisor or Manager Job Seekers

1. Describe a Complex Issue you helped a Customer Solve

Your job is to provide the customer with an efficient solution to their problem and encourage them to continue using your product or service. In your answer, demonstrate your ability to troubleshoot issues, solve problems and satisfy customer needs.

Use the STAR method to describe the situation, actions taken, and results achieved. If you do not have an example to discuss, consider using your knowledge of the company to explain possible scenarios customers might encounter that you might help solve.

Example: “I once had a customer call about having his subscription ended without his consent. I apologized for the inconvenience and asked for his account information. I reviewed his account and discovered there was a billing error.

I explained to the customer that he would need to update his credit card information so it could be charged and his service resumed. I offered to update his billing information over the phone and helped him resume his service.”


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2. How many People have you Managed in the Past?

Whether you’ve managed just a few employees or an entire team, expand on the management techniques you’ve used and the skills you’ve honed through your experience.

3. Tell us About a Time when a Customer Call was Escalated to your Attention. How did you handle it? What was the Outcome?

Share a story that shows how you could solve the problem and improve the customer experience. In addition, tell interviewers how you used that experience as a teachable moment for the entire team.

4. Tell us About your Experience in Onboarding and Training New Employees. What does your process look like?

Interviewers want to know how you will efficiently and effectively set new employees up for success. As you walk them through the process, some good items to touch on are:

1. Setting expectations

2. Delivering hands-on training

3.Evaluating new employee progress

4. Ongoing training

5. How Would you Address Performance Issues with your Employees?

How Would you Address Performance Issues with your Employees?

Be detailed in the steps you would take to have the conversation with employees, and the solutions you would offer to help them make improvements. Share an example of how you’ve handled a similar situation in the past to show interviewers you’re up for the task.

6. How do you Encourage Customers to buy Additional Products or Services?

You might be asked to offer new or existing products and services to callers as additions to their current account with the company. These roles include sales positions and customer service helplines that handle customer accounts.

When answering this question, demonstrate that you can share your in-depth knowledge of a product or service and emphasize to the customer how they would benefit from purchasing it.

You can even discuss one of the company’s products or services and explain how you would sell it to one of your potential customers. This strategy shows you have researched the company and that you can help them meet sales goals.

Example: “If customers call about a certain product, I listen to what they need and try to identify similar or additional products that would further help them. For example, let’s say a customer was interested in your bookkeeping software and was planning to use it for billing at her small company.

As the representative, I would answer questions she had about the bookkeeping software and its compatibility with her company. I would also be sure to mention the add-on software that makes bookkeeping in a small company much simpler.

By explaining the benefits, the customer can see how the combination of the main software and the add-on can solve her billing issues. She can then make her own informed decision to purchase without feeling that I have pushed her to do so.”

Call Center Interview Questions can also reveal which candidates have the characteristics that make a good leader,  excellent communicator and listener, such as resilience, patience, and an influential flair.

Call Center Interview Questions make it known how important the applicant can handle financial decisions and regularly communicate with customers and colleagues.

So, look for candidates with a data-driven approach, attention to detail, and sharp negotiation skills.

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