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 Count of Monte Cristo Quotes and Sayings

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 – Count of Monte Cristo Quotes –

The Count of Monte Cristo is a timeless work of literature by French author Alexandre Dumas, published in 1844. Only The Three Musketeers is more widely read among the author’s writings. Read these count of monte Cristo quotes from the book.

Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

About the Book

The Russian theater Moscow Operetta produced the musical Monte-Cristo in 2008, with lyrics by Yulii Kim and music by Roman Ignatiev. It won the Daegu International Musical Festival in South Korea six years later. Some characters are not addressed in the musical and the original plot has been slightly altered.

The musical The Count of Monte Cristo is based on the book and draws inspiration from the 2002 movie version of the same name. Jack Murphy wrote the lyrics and the book, while Frank Wildhorn wrote the music. It made its debut in 2009 in Switzerland.

The story takes place in France, Italy, and the Mediterranean islands between the years 1815 and 1839, which spans the Bourbon Restoration to Louis-rule Philippe of France. It starts on the day Napoleon departed Elba, his first exiled island, and the start of the Hundred Days period leading up to his restoration to power.

 The book’s historical backdrop plays a key role in the adventure story’s major concerns—hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, and forgiveness. The story revolves around a man who was wrongfully imprisoned, escapes from prison, amasses wealth, and decides to seek revenge on those who put him in prison.

 Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

These quotes will help you know more about the book. Read on to find out.

1. In reality, when you have once devoted your life to your enterprises, you are no longer the equal of other men, or, rather, other men are no longer your equals, and whosoever has taken this resolution, feels his strength and resources doubled. ― Alexandre Dumas

2. “But, with such an outlook,” Franz told the count, “which makes you judge and executioner in your own case, it would be hard for you to confine yourself to actions that would leave you forever immune to the power of the law. Hatred is blind and anger deaf: the one who pours himself a cup of vengeance is likely to drink a bitter draught.”

Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

3. Those born to wealth, and who have the means of gratifying every wish, know not what is the real happiness of life, just as those who have been tossed on the stormy waters of the ocean on a few frail planks can alone realize the blessings of fair weather. ― Alexandre Dumas

4. Live, for a day will come when you will be happy and bless life. ― Alexandre Dumas

5. Hatred is blind; rage carries you away, and he who pours out vengeance runs the risk of tasting a bitter draught. ― Alexandre Dumas  count of monte Cristo quotes”

6. I wish to be Providence myself, for I feel that the most beautiful, noblest, most sublime thing in the world, is to recompense and punish.

7. Moral wounds have this peculiarity – they may be hidden, but they never close; always painful, always ready to bleed when touched, they remain fresh and open in the heart.

8. I am hungry, feed me; I am bored, amuse me. ― Alexandre Dumas

Quotes and Sayings

9. Misfortune is needed to plumb certain mysterious depths in the understanding of men; pressure is needed to explode the charge. My captivity concentrated all my faculties on a single point.

10. The heart breaks when it has swelled too much in the warm breath of hope, then finds itself enclosed in cold reality. -Alexander Dumas   count of monte Cristo quotes”

11.“Why so?” inquired Dantès.

12. When you compare the sorrows of real-life to the pleasures of the imaginary one, you will never want to live again, only to dream forever. ― Alexandre Dumas

13.“I regret now,” said he, “having helped you in your late inquiries, or having given you the information I did.”

14.“I have seen the man I loved preparing to become the murderer of my son!” She said these words with such overwhelming grief, in such a desperate voice, that when he heard it a sob rose in the count’s throat. The lion was tamed, the avenging angel overcome. -Alexander Dumas

Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

15. All was useless, the treasure disappeared, and had again reverted to the genii from whom for a moment he had hoped to carry it off.    count of monte cristo quotes”

16. Yes; and remember that two-legged tigers and crocodiles are more dangerous than the others. ― Alexandre Dumas

17. He decided it was human hatred and not divine vengeance that had plunged him into this abyss. He doomed these unknown men to every torment that his inflamed imagination could devise, while still considering that the most frightful were too mild and, above all, too brief for them: torture was followed by death, and death brought, if not repose, at least an insensibility that resembled it. -Alexander Dumas

18. The treasure will be no more mine than yours, and neither of us will quit this prison.

Dialogue Quotes

19. I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride.  count of monte cristo quotes”

20.“That is precisely what terrifies me,” said Dantès. “I cannot think that man is meant to find happiness so easily! Happiness is like one of those palaces on an enchanted island, its gates guarded by dragons. One must fight to gain it; and, in truth, I do not know what I have done to deserve the good fortune of becoming Mercédès’ husband.”

21. All human wisdom is contained in these two words – Wait and Hope.

22. Ah, lips that say one thing, while the heart thinks another. ― Alexandre Dumas

23. And now…farewell to kindness, humanity and gratitude. I have substituted myself for Providence in rewarding the good; may the God of vengeance now yield me His place to punish the wicked. ― Alexandre Dumas

24. Woman is sacred; the woman one love is holy. ― Alexandre Dumas

25. If it is one’s lot to be cast among fools, one must learn foolishness. ― Alexandre Dumas

26. To learn is not to know; there are the learners and the learned. Memory makes the one―philosophy the others. ― Alexandre Dumas


Alexander Dumas

Short Quotes

27. He felt he had passed beyond the bounds of vengeance, and that he could no longer say, “God is for and with me.”  count of monte Cristo quotes”

28. “Yes, if he is clumsy and poor; no, if he is a millionaire and adroit.”

29. Order is the key to all problems. ― Alexandre Dumas

30. How did I escape? With difficulty. How did I plan this moment? With pleasure. ― Alexandre Dumas

31. All human wisdom is contained in these two words–“Wait and Hope.” ― Alexandre Dumas

32. Faria, who for so long a time had kept silence as to the treasure, now perpetually talked of it.

33. Life is a storm. One minute you will bathe under the sun and the next you will be shattered upon the rocks. ― Alexandre Dumas

34. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout as you did in Rome. Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as we know you. ― Alexandre Dumas

35. What is truly desirable? A possession that we cannot have. So, my life is devoted to seeing things that I cannot understand and obtaining things that are impossible to have. I succeed by two means: money and will.

36. Dantes drew a plan of the island for Faria, and Faria gave Dantes advice as to the means he should employ to recover the treasure.    

37.“Come now, “he said. Have you anything to fear? It seems to me, on the contrary, that everything is working out as you would wish.”

38. Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. 

Count of Monte

39. “Because it has instilled a new passion in your heart—that of vengeance.”

40. Remember that what has once been done may be done again. ― Alexandre Dumas

41. Now I’d like someone to tell me there is no drama in real life! ― Alexandre Dumas

42. God is merciful to all, as he has been to you; he is first a father, then a judge. ― Alexandre Dumas

43. I have always had more dread of a pen, a bottle of ink, and a sheet of paper than of a sword or pistol. ― Alexandre Dumas

44. For all evils, there are two remedies―time and silence. ― Alexandre Dumas

45. The difference between treason and patriotism is only a matter of dates. ― Alexandre Dumas

46. But my real treasure is not that, my dear friend, which awaits me beneath the sombre rocks of Monte Cristo, it is your presence, our living together five or six hours a day, in spite of our jailers; it is the rays of intelligence you have elicited from my brain, the languages you have implanted in my memory, and which have taken root there with all their philological ramifications.

Counte of Monte


Alexandre Dumas  Quotes

47. What I have always wished for, desired, and coveted, is the life of an artist, free and independent, relying only on my own resources, and accountable only to myself. ― Alexandre Dumas

48. If you wish to discover the guilty person, first find out to whom the crime might be useful. ― Alexandre Dumas.  count of monte cristo quotes”

49. It’s necessary to have wished for death in order to know how good it is to live. ― Alexandre Dumas

50. They had previously been dispersed, now they clashed in a narrow space; and, as you know, the clash of clouds produces electricity, electricity produces lightning and lightning gives light.

51. Happiness is like one of those palaces on an enchanted island, its gates guarded by dragons. One must fight to gain it.

52. Return to the world still more brilliant because of your former sorrows. ― Alexandre Dumas

53. We are always in a hurry to be happy… for when we have suffered a long time, we have great difficulty in believing in good fortune.

54. This treasure exists, Dantes, and if I have not been allowed to possess it, you will.

55. You know, mother, Monsieur de Monte Cristo is almost a man of the East and an Oriental; in order not to interfere with his freedom to take revenge, he never eats or drinks in his enemy’s house.

More  Count of Monte Cristo Quotes

56. It is not the tree that forsakes the flower, but the flower that forsakes the tree. ― Alexandre Dumas  count of monte Cristo quotes”

57. Your life story is a novel; and people, though they love novels wound between two yellow paper covers, are oddly suspicious of those which come to them in living vellum. ― Alexandre Dumas

58. You who are in power have only the means that money produces — we who are in expectation, have those which devotion prompts. ― Alexandre Dumas

59. I am as persevering in the pursuit of my whims as, for example, you are, Monsieur Danglars, in building a railway; or you, Monsieur de Villefort, in condemning a man to death; or you, Monsieur Debray, pacifying a kingdom; you, Monsieur de Château-Renaud, in finding favour with a woman; or you, Monsieur Morrel, in breaking a horse that no one else can ride.

60. So all my opinions—I would not say political, but private opinions—are confined to three feelings: I love my father, I respect Monsieur Morrel and I adore Mercédès.

61. This treasure belongs to you, my dear friend,” replied Dantes, “and to you only.

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