Wedding Wishes: What To Write in a Wedding Card

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There are some days in life we’ll never forget. Wishing the newlyweds a happy marriage is customary and a wonderful way to commemorate their wedding day and a new chapter in life is one of those days. This article can help if you’re looking for wedding wishes from humorous wedding messages, wishes for family and friends, and many others.

Wedding Wishes: What To Write In A Wedding Card

What Should be Written on a Wedding Card

The ideal wedding greeting card message should be personalized for the couple, written from the heart. Having said that, no two wedding card messages will be the same.

Don’t worry if you’re feeling pressed to say the perfect words. Our wedding card rules guide includes simple sample messages and instructions to help you decide what to write in a wedding card.

‣ Congratulations are in order. This common expression, regardless of your personal writing style, is a great way to warm up your wedding greeting.

‣ Include a personalized wedding wish for the couple. Create a personalized wedding wish for the couple using the next few lines of the card. Before you start filling in the blanks, consider your relationship with the couple. What will the bride and groom read after their wedding?

‣ Thank you to the couple. Save a line in your greeting to thank the bride and groom for inviting you to partake in of one of the most important days of their lives.

‣ Finish on a positive note. Before you sign your name, extend a warm greeting to the newlyweds. Leave your signature with  a name or what they know you as.

Congratulation Messages for Wedding

People frequently choose to include a congratulations expression in their wedding greetings. It serves as both support and a celebratory way to let the couple know they did an excellent job of finding their soulmate.

Congratulations are appropriate no matter what side of the aisle you are on.

1. On this extraordinary day, when you will end your bachelor life, love will be shared. I wish you a life filled with love and care!

2. Marriage is a wonderful thing. You’ve finally found that one person who you can annoy for the rest of your life.

3. I wish you a magnificent ceremony and a lifetime of wonderful memories! On this happy day, my congratulations to you both for finding your life partners, dear husband wife.

4. Your wife is an excellent match for you. She draws attention to your flaws while emphasizing your strengths. We now understand why you decided to marry. 

5. I wish you a magnificent ceremony and a lifetime of wonderful memories! On this happy day, congratulations on finding your life partners.

6. Walking you down the aisle seemed a long way away on the day you were born. It is my honor to give you to such a deserving and loving man. With the addition of a new son-in-law, my heart feels complete. I am confident that you two will look after each other and raise a lovely family.

Wedding Wishes

Informal Wedding Wishes

The couple will enjoy reading each wedding card when they open them after the ceremony for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, because of who sent them.

 When writing your wedding card, be authentic and make sure your personality comes through.

7. Congratulations on one of your most memorable days! Congratulations on your happy and prosperous marriage to two people who truly deserve each other.

8. I wish you the best of good luck with your wedding and wish you many years of happiness and joy with your partner.

9. To my sister, friend, and confidante since childhood. You’ve grown up and are about to marry. Even though you’ll soon be married and beginning a new life with your husband, you’ll always be my sister and in my heart. So, I wish you a happy wedding day and many years of happiness in your marriage.

10. You are going to write the next chapters of your life stories together, and I cannot wait to read them. Congratulations on your wedding day!

11. What a wonderful day for our family, particularly you two. May the happiness you experience today last a lifetime.

12. Coming together in hope, joined by a promise and united in love. Congratulations on your Wedding! May all your days be filled with light and joy!

13. Thank you, brother, for demonstrating what it means to have someone you can rely on. Take care of her and stay healthy.

Official Wedding Wishes

Official Wedding Wishes

You can reflect the ceremony’s theme in your wedding wishes as well, when you want your message to be classic, traditional, and of course, romantic, formal wedding wishes are ideal.

14. We were concerned about our little girl on your first date. You’ve grown into a lovely young lady who can look after herself. It’s no longer our responsibility to be concerned now that you’ve found a wonderful husband. Be kind to one another and remember to do the little things.

15. I am overjoyed to see you mature into the man I always hoped you would be. Now, as you embark on an adventure into the unknown, I wish you both the best of luck and hope you know how much you are loved!

16. Congratulations to the newlyweds! May your lives together be full of love and happiness.

17. Getting married is akin to attending drama school. You will have the opportunity to practice everything from comedy to melodrama to tragedy. Congratulations.

18. We all need someone to love, care about, and believe in. I’m overjoyed that my best friend has found this special someone. Congratulations on your wedding, and may your marriage be a perpetual honeymoon.

19. Marriage is more than just a beautiful union. It is a journey that will last until the end of time. Best wishes for the rest of your day!

20. Congratulations to a very special couple who have found their most precious moments in the happy life they share!

21. My heartfelt congratulations to you two on your wedding day, my dear friends. I wish you not only a wonderful day, but also a life filled with unending joy, happiness, and lots of love.

Funny Messages for Wedding Cards

Write something that will make people laugh if you think a humorous wedding card message will make the bride and groom smile.

Just be careful because you don’t want to come across as insincere or sarcastic in your wedding message. Keep in mind that a sentiment that might seem like a joke could be misinterpreted when written down.

22. I spent the majority of our time together teaching you how to be a wonderful woman. I am constantly amazed by how much you know about life. You appear to have everything figured out, but marriage is a different kind of lesson. It will be wonderful if you are always supportive, forgiving, and patient.

23. I hope you are aware that all of your friends and well-wishers have been anticipating this special day with bated breath. We wish you all the best for today (and the rest of your lives together). We hope that this special day will provide you with many happy memories to cherish for many years to come. Congrats!

wedding message for a friend

24. We are delighted to have you as a member of the family. Best wishes, both of you!

25. Today marks the start of an incredible new journey into the future and all that it has to offer. May your wedding day be everything you’ve imagined for my beautiful sister, who deserves nothing but the best. I wish you love, joy, and a long life together.

26. I adore both of you. Thank you for inviting me to join you in your celebration.

27. The fortune teller in Vegas was correct. You did meet the love of your life. Best wishes, both of you.

Religious-theme Wishes for Wedding

One of the ideal ways to personalize your wedding wishes can be to share a religious affiliation with the couple.

Let the newlyweds or intending couple know you are praying for them and their marriage by including a religious a message in your wedding invitations.

Before you start writing your card, consider the couple’s religious perspectives. Here are some examples;

28. You are the most ideal couple for each other. Let us pray for a bright future for you to grow stronger.

29. This day will be remembered for the rest of your life, and I couldn’t be happier to share it with you two! Enjoy every moment of your wedding as much as possible. Enjoy the joy of being united with one another in the presence of loved ones. Congratulations and best wishes!

30. Congratulations to the Happy Couple! Today I wish for you all the happiness your hearts could ever dream of!

31. May the love that brought you two together cement your love for the rest of your lives. May you grow old together and enjoy the long, happy company of each other, dear friends.

32. We’ve noticed a significant improvement in you at work, and we’re delighted that you’re content. Congratulations on your marriage, and best wishes for this new chapter in your life.

33. Congratulations to a very special couple who have found their most precious moments in the happy life they share!

Friendship-themed Wedding Card Messages

Friendship-themed Wedding Card Messages

Is your close friend is tying the knot? With the ideal greeting, wish them luck as they embark on their new adventure with their spouse.

You have the option of being very subjective or keeping things more general when writing a wedding card message for friends. Check out some of these examples;

34. We’re thrilled to share this special day with you.

35. We pray God blesses your marriage and leads you on your new adventure together.

36. When a loving couple shares their love, it is always multiplied. Love unites the lover and the beloved into a single being. May you always find love and hope in each other’s hearts! Congratulations on the establishment of your loving family. Congratulations on your wedding day!

37. We’ve been friends since childhood, and who would have guessed that one day we’d all be married? But it happened, and today is your wedding day! I wish you both trust and understanding, as well as patience and love.

38. May your friendship bring you as much happiness as it has brought me—and more!

39. God bless you with all of life’s blessings and the joys of love.

40. Loving God first will make it easier to love your spouse second.

41. I wish you both all the joy and happiness for your wedding ceremony and a long and happy married life! Best wishes to some of my favorite people.

42.”Be excellent to each other.”

43. I am confident that the two of you will accomplish great things in this world together. You are my brother, and a fine man; anyone with whom you would share your life must be equally excellent, and two such people cannot help but improve us all.

colleague Wedding wish

Best Wishes for a Family Member’s Wedding

 Celebrating the nuptials of a close relatives? You should make an extravagant wedding wish for those who know you and whom you know best.

A thoughtful wedding card message is a wonderful way to warmly welcome their new spouse into your family.

44. I wish you success and, most importantly, happiness in your marriage.

45. Getting married is akin to attending drama school. Hopefully, there will be more comedy than melodrama.

46. We are overjoyed to be welcoming this wonderful young lady into our family! It’s amazing to see how happy she makes you, and how happy she makes you. So, congratulations on this very special occasion, and may you live the rest of your lives with only peace and love in your hearts.

47. To my sister, who has always meant a great deal to me. I am overjoyed for the wonderful love you’ve discovered. May your marriage be everything you want it to be. I wish you all the best.

48. As you marry your lovely bride, you will reach a watershed moment in your life. I couldn’t have asked for a better daughter-in-law and am overjoyed to see the wonderful man you have grown into. She is truly a blessing. I adore both of you.

49. You’re giving all of the single people in the office hope. Best wishes for your new life together, you and your new spouse.

50. Best wishes during this exciting time in your life. We can’t wait to see how marriage changes your life and how having a spouse makes you a better person.

Sayings for a Sibling’s Wedding

In writing this, the best approach is to write what comes naturally when sending a card to a sibling who is getting married.

Let the feelings flow because you shared many of your best memories with this person as you were growing up.

51. May One who decided to bring you together bless your marriage, enrich your lives, and strengthen your love for many years to come.

52. Your life lacked something without your would-be. You are, however, completely finished with them.

53. I’m glad I met you at work, and I wish you and your new husband/wife a long and happy life together.

54. Admitting that you are the best and happiest couple I have ever seen, best wedding wishes to both of you, and promise me that you will never stop sharing your incredible joy with the rest of the people in your surroundings.

55. Best wishes, my best friend! I’m overjoyed that you two found each other. You are an example to those around you! May your happiness last forever.

56. Don’t be nervous as you walk down the aisle before saying ‘I do,’ because you don’t have a choice. Best wishes!

57. May the love of God serve as the glue that holds your marriage together.

58. On your wedding day, I’d like to reveal the secret to a happy married life…well, it’s so secret that no one knows about it. Here’s wishing you both a long and happy marriage.

59. I can’t think of two people who deserve true love, happiness, and both for the rest of their lives. Congratulations to my closest friends on their wedding day!

Sayings for a Son or Daughter’s Wedding

Sayings for a Son or Daughter's Wedding

When your son or daughter gets married, it is a big deal for parents. On top of that, you will experience a wide range of emotions on your wedding day.

Chances are, if you have a pen in your hand, you might not even know where to begin. Here are some examples to guide you.

60. For my daughter who has found true love. May your wedding day be the start of many years of your happiness in the world.

61. Please know that I will always love you as my little boy as you move forward in your life. But I also know that each day brings more knowledge and growth. So I proudly hand over my little boy to the woman who will make you whole. I adore you.

62. Today marks the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life. May you two remain in love forever.

Wedding Wishes: What To Write In A Wedding Card

63. Today is the most important life event we’ve celebrated in recent years.

64. We may have struggled as children, but we have grown stronger as a result. You and your love may struggle as you grow together, perhaps more than you and I ever did, but you will grow closer as a result.

65. I thought your father was going to have a stroke the day you announced your engagement. You have to forgive him for jumping to the worst-case scenario. Your new husband has become as much a part of our family as our own son. Every day that the sun rises, do your best to love one another.

66. God bless you and your marriage.

67. A new and sweet chapter of your life has begun today. May you two always stay together in love.

How to Address a Wedding Card to a Colleague

Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to keep your greeting fairly informal and conventional when deciding what to write on a wedding card to a coworker.

Finding a wedding quote that motivates you and sharing it with the soon-to-be newlyweds can be great.

68. We’ve had our share of good times and bad times, brother. And now I get to share the joy of finding love with you.

69. Thank you for inviting me to be a part of your and your family’s special day.

70. As a brother, nothing makes me happier than seeing you so happy on your wedding day. Be brave in your new life together, because there will be obstacles to overcome.

71. I’m so glad you’ve finally found the one who completes you and improves you as a person. Best wishes during this big day.

72. Best wishes for your wedding. I wish you the best of luck in the future as you continue to fall in love.

73. Marriage signifies the end of a love story and the beginning of a wrestling match. In any case, best wishes for everything.

74. Best of luck for a happy married life; I hope you spend the rest of your life with your partner as happily as you do today.

75. May your mutual love shine brightly forever, like a lighthouse at night. Best wishes for your marriage!

76. My heartfelt congratulations to you two on your wedding day, my dear friends. I wish you not only a wonderful day, but also a life filled with unending joy, happiness, and lots of love.

Simple Wishes for a Wedding

You really can’t go wrong if your wedding card wishes are sincere, warm, and written from the heart. To get started, simply consider the kinds of emotions you’d love to see in your own wedding cards and those as your source of inspiration.

77. We’ve been as close as sisters can be for so long, and now it’s time for each of us to go our separate ways. As your wedding approaches, I wish for you every happiness. May you both enjoy everything life has to offer.

78. We are excited to find out what God has in store for you two.

79. You look stunning today, my dear friend. I can’t help but admire you because you’re so happy and inspired. May you always be this beautiful and happy!

80. You are a great person and a very good friend. I am confident that you will be a successful family man as well. I can’t wait to see your wonderful future, filled with a happy wife and lovely children. Congratulations on your marriage!

81. Your marriage will be strong because you both have strong faith.

82. Welcome to the perilous world of marriage. It’s too late to change your ways! Have a fantastic journey!

83. Seeing you as a child and then as an adult is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ve grown into a responsible, gifted, and generous young man, and now you have the opportunity to marry your true love. May your future together be blessed, and please know that we will always love and support you both.

84. May your marriage shine brightly and serve as an example to others. Stay blissful, happy wedding! Congratulations to both of you!

85. The only difference between being married and being stupid is that when you marry, you pay someone to perform the stupid act for you.

86. May your marriage be filled with all the right ingredients: a heaping helping of love, a dash of levity, a dash of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. May your happiness last forever. Congratulations!

87. We are overjoyed to share this special day with you both.

88. You have now become two from one on your wedding day. Does that mean I’ll get two birthday presents from you each year?

89. I’ll reveal the key to a happy marriage. It remains…a secret to all! I wish you the best of luck in the future.

90. Warmest wishes to my best friend! I really feel so happy for you two found each other. You are an inspiration to those around you! May your joy last forever.

91. We are overjoyed to welcome another member to our family.

92. When two people become a team, they form a marriage.

93. What a lovely day to honor my coworker. Best wishes in your marriage, both of you.

94. You are the most ideal couple for each other. Let us pray for a bright future for you.

95. Marriage is analogous to a chemical reaction in which two elements interact and produce completely different compounds. I can’t wait to see what compounds await you in your long life together. Congratulations to two of the nicest people I know!

96. I’ve never seen you look more stunning than in a wedding gown. My sweet daughter, all grown up, has an angelic quality to her. Best wishes for recent adventures and experiences with your new husband. I absolutely love you.

97. I am so happy that I got to know you through work, and I wish you and your new spouse a long and happy marriage.

98. I hope your marriage is successful and most of all happy.

99. What a great day it is to honor my coworker. Best wishes to you both.

100. I’m so glad you’ve finally found the person who makes you whole and improves you as a person. Best wishes to you as you enjoy this unique period in your new life.

101. I appreciate you inviting me to spend this day with you, your family, and your friends.

102. I hope your post-marriage life is full of joy and happiness. Happy Wedding Day!

103. “We’re/I’m overjoyed to hear the news of your union and send our best wishes,”

104. “Cheers to this amazing journey.”

105. “Congratulations, newlyweds! Yay, it’s official.”

106. I’m sending you both my best wishes because you two are awesome and your elopement was without a doubt successful.

107. “Major congratulations are in order. A little birdie told us/me you two are married.”

108. “We are so happy to share this special day with you both.”

109. “Wishing you many happy years together.”

110. May your friendship bring you both as much joy as it has in my life and more!

111. “May you always make each other laugh! We’ve had so many laughs together!”

112. On this unique day when you leave the bachelor lifestyle, love will be shared. We wish you a life filled with love and care!

113. Congratulations to a pair that is truly extraordinary. I wish you would always experience the love, care, and affection that only true partners can express for one another.

Wedding Card Closure

You really have nothing to fear if your wedding card wishes are sincere, warm, and written from the emotional core.

To get started, easily imagine the kinds of sentiments you’d love to see in your own wedding cards and use those as your inspiration source. Make sure to include a delightful closing for the couple before having to sign your name on the card.

Some of these examples below will guide you, in case you’re lost for words;

‣ I love you both so much,

‣ Be mindful of one another, in love.

‣ Greetings to newlyweds!

‣ Always and Forever Love,

‣ Best Regards for your Future

‣ Congratulations, my sweethearts!

‣ Much Love

Final Words on Wedding Wishes

Final Words on Wedding Wishes

Weddings are such happy unions that bring friends and families as well as the bride and groom together. Always try to make the newlyweds feel special with your wedding congratulations card.

A thoughtful wedding card, especially one with the ideal words written inside is the ideal complement to customized wedding presents and can be a wonderful way for the bride and groom to cherish the memories of their special day!

Put a smile on the face of that newest couple who is dear to you.

 If you’re wondering when should send a card; you should either bring the card to the reception or mail it directly to the happy couple, between the time you receive the wedding invitation and a few weeks after the wedding.

However, you can send a wedding card whenever you want according to proper protocol.

Hope you found this piece insightful or helpful. If yes, please do well to like and share button!

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