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5 Best Interior Design Schools In The World, Needed Skills and Courses

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best interior design schools: If you are considering applying to interior design school, you’ll want to research all your options first. Formal education is becoming increasingly important in the interior design profession.

In this article, you’ll get to learn about interior design, its best schools, programs etc.

best interior design schools

Also, interior designing has become a lucrative business in the contemporary for the few who have mastered the art. It is a goldmine, the new normal, for smart entrepreneurs.

Interestingly, through apprenticeship, you too can master the art of interior design, and you can also study the program run by a host of schools around the world.

What is Interior Design?

Interior design can be primarily defined as the process of upgrading or magnifying the beauty and arrangement of a particular place. Essentially, this organization happens in a particular space using diverse designs and beautiful items.

Years ago, interior decorations were part of the architect’s work description. The hub of interior decoration lied in sculptures, frames and engraved writings.

Is Interior Design a good career? 

While most architecture schools have studios that teach interior design, it is also clear that interior architecture has become a branch on its own, and, now, there is a large number of interior design schools that focus only on studying it, but there are some things you need to know before becoming an interior designer.

 Interior design came up as a multi-faceted profession in which creative and technical solutions are applied within a structure to achieve a built interior environment. Interior designers combine knowledge, creativity, problem-solving skills, and aesthetic vision to develop safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that meet the needs of the client.

Specialized knowledge includes programming, design analysis, space planning, interior construction, building codes, materials, furnishings, and equipment. 

However, for easy access to these “goldmine” schools, here are the 6 Best Interior Design Schools in the World.

5 Interior Design Schools in the World 

1. Pratt Institute, New York

Located in New York, the interior design capital of the United States, Pratt Institute is a private university offering programs in Architecture, Design and Liberal Arts. The undergraduate (B.F.A.) and graduate (M.F.A.) degrees in Interior Design are offered by Pratt’s School of Design.

Pratt’s Interior Design programs at all levels have been ranked among top 5 in the United States and among top 10 in the world for several years by various professional surveys such as DesignIntelligence, Domus, QS World University Rankings and more.

The Interior Design programs are architecturally oriented programs where students can learn all aspects of interior design – space, light source, materials, textures, colours, proportion, environment responsibility, human environment, culture and more.  

2. Savannah, GA

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is ranked highly across the board (#1 by Design Intelligence, #1 by Design Schools Hub) for all its art and design programs. The main campus is located in Savannah, GA, but SCAD also has interior design programs based in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lacoste (France).

These other program locations mean greater opportunities to get internships in metropolitan areas, or opportunities to study abroad! The SCAD Collaborative Learning Center, or CLC, partners with top businesses, brands and organizations to generate design-based concepts and solutions for experiences, products, media and technology. 

3. Rhode Island School of Design

The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) is one of the more famous and well-ranked design schools in the country. It has been ranked #4 by Design Intelligence and #3 by Design Schools Hub. The school refers to their interior design program as “Interior Studies” majors at the undergraduate level.

At this level, the student has the choice of three specializations or “pathways” through advanced design studios, focusing on design for the theater, exhibition design or retail design. RISD has one of the highest concentrations of artists in the country, making its interior design program well-known, especially for its practical instruction and coursework.

 4. Florence Design Academy, Florence

Florence Design Academy or FDA is one of Europe’s finest schools for design. FDA has been consistently ranked among the top schools worldwide to study interior design, graphic design, and industrial design. Students learn from faculties who are professionals and leaders in their fields.

FDA offers one Academic Interior Design course designed for students without any prior design experience and one Master Interior Design course designed for graduates and professionals who wish to improve their skills and knowledge.

5. The Interior Design School, London

Situated in the northwest of London, the design school’s tutoring is to emulate a real-life design studio, so that the students are provided the necessary skills for them to survive in the practical world. Freehand is preferred to the computer till the ending of the program.

The curriculum is closely monitored to ensure that the standard of education is up to mark the daily advancements and keeping a check on the requirements of the leading interior design organizations.

The lectures are provided in small briefs, which the student has to work out and design, at the same time complete their projects while keeping the high up firms in the market.

6. New York School of Interior Design, New York

New York School of Interior Design is a private, not for profit college for interior designing studies. The school’s top ranking and unique interior design programs include BFA in Interior Design, MFA in Interior Design, MPS in Healthcare Interior Design, MPS in Lighting Design, MPS in Sustainable Interior Environments.

The school also offers a Basic Interior Design Certificate Program and an Associate in Applied Science in Interior Design course for those without any prior background in this field. 

best interior design schools

Types of Interior Decoration

You might be thinking that the same designs are not applied across all environments; you’re right. In essence, the same decorations used in schools will differ from those used in offices and residential areas.

Therefore let’s take a look at the types of designs;

Residential: This is basically a design used in housing apartments/private residences. In essence, these designs cut across different styles and patterns as individual tastes differ. Designers will face a big challenge when it comes to space management.

Commercial: These are the designs that are executed across a lot of areas. These include;

Corporate organizations
Educational institutions
Sport halls
Restaurants etc.

Interestingly, a lot of designers face a bigger challenge here as these designs must suit the taste of many people.

What skills do I need to become an Interior Designer?

You can become an excellent interior designer when you possess a basic skill set. Technically, your skill sets will increase your creativity in addition to expanding your eye for detail.
The necessary skill sets include;

How much does an Interior Designer Earn?

I guess you would want to know how much money a designer collects as his paycheck as well as how often he does that. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, an interior designer can earn as much as $53,370 per year. However, your earnings will be affected by your country as well as your area of specialization.

Important Reads

What are the available Interior Design programs?

You can pursue interior design as a field of study under diverse programs. Basically, these programs are sectioned into;

  • Associate Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate Degree
  • Certificate & Diploma


If you love decorating rooms and organize furniture, and interested to explore more about spatial arrangements, colours and textiles then you might consider pursuing an education in Interior Design. Interior Designing is not merely decorating a space but it studies also includes ergonomics, spatial concepts, computer-aided drawing, psychology and many more.

In addition, an interior designer is also required to have good interpersonal and communication skills and must be a people’s person. After all, you have to understand your client’s needs and what they expect.

From doctors to celebrities you will be handling a diverse background of clients. Therefore, gaining a quality education is an important factor which will keep you ahead of trends and technology.

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