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How to Book the Cheapest International Flights Anywhere in 2021

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One of the first things most people consider when thinking of traveling to their dreamland is the cost of the flight. It is even more so if you have a limited budget but still want to fly out of the country to your dreamland. Below you will find out how to book the cheapest international flights to anywhere in the world.

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“How do I book the cheapest international flights to my dreamland?” you have likely asked, then you imputed it in the search bar on your browser which led you to this article.

You have arrived on the right page because in this article we have got you covered and would be answering all your questions on how to book the cheapest international flight to your dreamland.

There are many ways of booking the cheapest international flight but from researches and compilations we have made, these are the procedures. Do well to follow them.

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1. Ensure that your Online Research is as Discreet as Possible

Ensure that your Online Research is as Discreet as Possible

Airlines increase flight fares if the searches to a particular location have an upsurge online so when searching, search incognito mode which is available in most web and mobile browsers so your searches don’t get tracked.

2. Only Flight Search Engines Which are Reputable Should be Used

All search engines have inflated flight prices as a part of taking a cut from the airlines. Some search engines (e.g. Expedia) systematically inflate above others (listed below). It pays to familiarize yourself with sites that provide the cheapest flights.

To search and book for the cheapest international flights, it is recommended that the use the following:

  • Skyscanner (on the website or the mobile app)
  • AirFare Watchdog
  • Momondo
  • Cheapoair
  • AirWander
  • JetRadar
  • Google Flights

3. Find Out and Take Note of the Days Which Flights are Cheapest

Find Out and Take Note of the Days Which Flights are Cheapest

Most times, the weekdays – especially midweek- are the cheapest days to fly out but take note of the flight costs for a month daily to ascertain this.

4. Follow Cheap Airlines and the Comparative Advantage they Offer

You follow the activities of airline which offer the cheapest flights but be aware that services such as free food and drinks are usually excluded in this package.

5. Book Connecting Flights by Yourself at Cheaper Costs

Book connecting flights yourself and eliminate the cost that comes with paying an agent to do so for you.

It is even easier to do so these days as most airlines have their flight packages online and you can do from the comfort of your mobile phone with suitable browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

6. Research on the Cheapest Place to Fly to

cheap places to fly to is one of the best online platforms and online flight search engines to do this as you can find estimates of flight costs over a period of time, where it is cheapest to fly from and to and so much more.

Connecting flights are usually more expensive than direct flights as you would be changing airplanes, airports, varying departure and arrival times, crews and even airlines sometimes which involve various costs.

7. Bulk-buy Flight Tickets

As a general rule, you can recuperate money on your flight tickets if you purchase many tickets at once. However given that they’re with one airline, or same airlines within the same alliance (e.g. Ethiopia Airways).

It is more economical to buy a return ticket from Lagos to Johannesburg instead of buying two tickets with one at Lagos and the other at Johannesburg.

8. Search for Flight Tickets Sales Promos

Many airlines organize flight ticket sales promos for many reasons. Some organize flight promos in commemoration of an anniversary or even or any other thing. Just be on the lookout for such promos as they are well advertised on and offline.

9. Local Airlines Offer Great Deals and Cheap Flights too so use them!

Most top-rated international search engine usually does not include local airlines in their search results, particularly in flights to parts of the world which are less populated and in which the number of persons traveling there is few.

If you are flying somewhere that is lesser-known, Google searches and look around to see if there’s a local airline with flight schedule to the place.

Even after coming across these local airlines in search results, check the airlines’ websites to be certain about the schedules and flight costs as they regularly update these informations on their websites.

10. If you know the exact time you would be traveling and the dreamland of your choice you would be traveling to, book your flight ahead of time as your departure date you have scheduled approaches so does the flight cost increase.

11. Research for Which Flights are Cheapest to Pay in the Most Prominent Countries of the World

cheapest destinations

Mostly it is advised that you search with U.S dollars at the equivalent currency since most airlines offer their flight costs and advertise them in this format. Other preferable currencies are the Pound Sterling and the Euro.

Booking the cheapest international flights to your dreamland might seem impossible as most international flight costs are usually dear but if you follow the steps as stated above you can get these.

At first the results might frustrate you but if you search well enough and keep at it, you would be successful.

Don’t forget to make plans for cheap accommodation and feeding costs when you travel abroad to your dreamland as these are very important factors to help you enjoy your stay in your dreamland.

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