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New Facebook Account Login and Sign Up Portal 2022/2023

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– Facebook Account Login Portal –

Facebook Account Login Portal: Do you want to join the ever-increasing Facebook community? Creating a Facebook account is free and user-friendly. This article is a comprehensive and step by step guide on how to join the popular social media networking platform.

Once you have successfully created your Facebook account, you can use it to chat with friends and family, share pictures, upload videos, join groups, etc.

Below is the step by step guide on how to successfully register or create a new Facebook account:

How to Create a Facebook Account

1. Open the Facebook homepage. You need to be at least 13 years old to be eligible to create a Facebook account. Note that you can only create one Facebook account per email address.

2. Enter your information on the homepage. You will be required to enter in your first name, last name, email address, password, birthday, and gender.

Note that you must use your real name for your account. Nicknames are allowed as long as they are a difference in your real name. Example Jim instead of John.

3. Click the “Sign Up” button. If all of your information is correct, you will be sent a verification email to the address you provided.

4. Open the verification email and click the link in the email to activate your account. It may take a few minutes for the email to get delivered.

Setting Up Your Profile

1. Add a Profile Picture

This will allow others to quickly see who you are, making conversations between friends and family easier.

2. Add friends

Facebook is nothing if you don’t have friends and family to share with. You can search for people by their name or email, import your contact lists, and invite friends that aren’t currently using Facebook.

When you find someone you want to add, you will have to send a friend request. Once they accept your request, that person will be added to your friend’s list.

3. Manage your Privacy Settings

There are countless stories of people posting things that they don’t want others to see, or losing a job because of something controversial they shared. Take some time to set up your privacy settings to prevent the wrong people from seeing your post.

What to Do While Using Facebook

1. Share and Post

You can post to your own timeline or post to your friends’ timelines. Also, you can share content from elsewhere on the internet, including links, images, and videos.

2. Chat on Facebook

Facebook allows you to chat with anyone on your friends’ list. If the person you are chatting with is not online, they will receive your message the next time they log in. You can also download the Messenger app for your phone to chat.

3. Upload Photos

Facebook allows you to upload your photos to post to your profile and share with friends and family. You can upload single photos or organize your photos into albums. Make sure to not upload anything containing questionable content.

4. Create an Event

You can use Facebook to create events and invite people. You can set the date and time, enter a location, make posts for people that will be attending, and invite specific people. Facebook events are quickly becoming one of the main ways that people organize gatherings.

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