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Remita Payment Login and Registration Guide 2021/2022

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Remita Payment Login and Registration Guide 2021/2022.

Remita Payment Login: This article is aimed at providing you with the steps on how to make payment on Remita and how to register on Remita. Remita is a platform for online payment and collections solution. It is a payment gateway embraced by the Federal Government for its Treasury (TSA) policy. 

Remita Payment Login and Registration Guide 2019

It was also adopted by the Central Bank of Nigeria for the payment and collections of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Remita supports all types of Biller organizations. With this platform, organizations such as SMEs, Multinationals, State Governments, Corporate Organizations, NGOs, Government Agencies, Resident Associations, Religious Organizations, Hospitals & Health institutions, Educational Institutions, etc.) and individuals can receive and make payments with ease.

How to Make Payment on Remita

  • 1. Go to the official website, and click on “Pay A Federal Government Agency” button.
  • 2. Beneficiary’s name: enter the “Name of the MDA” in the provided space. That is the name of the institution you are making payments to.
  • 3. Name of service/purpose: you have to select the name of service or state the purpose of payment in the drop-down list provided.
  • 4. Description: here, you have to describe what you are paying for. E.g. I want to pay for FIRS annual Tax FEES.
  • 5. Amount to pay: here, you are required to type in the amount you want to pay,
  • 6. Payer’s full name: type in your full name;
  • 7. Payer’s Email: type in your email address;
  • 8. Payer’s phone: type in your phone number;
  • 9. Complete the security captcha: you are required to enter the key characters you see in the box image;
  • 10. Click “Proceed to Payment”.
  • 11. You will be redirected to RRR Invoice Page to generate your RRR code. It is given to you for the transaction. The RRR Invoice page is where you see the payment options.

Remita Payment Methods

Remita Payment Login and Registration Guide 2019

1. Internet Banking

This method requires you to transfer the funds directly from your account to the beneficiary account through the Remita powered transfer.

On the “Pay with Internet banking” column, the icons of banks are shown that support internet banking on Remita platform. All you need do is click on your bank’s name and proceed to make payment.

2. Cards or Wallets

This method allows you to make payments with your ATM cards online. Just click on your preferred card; MasterCard, Visa, Verve. You can also pay through e-wallet such as PocketMoni.

3. Bank Branch

This method allows you to make your payment at any bank branch. All you need do is to print the transaction receipt or copy the RRR code, then take it to your preferred bank and make the payment.

Remita Registration Guide

To register a personal profile on Remita:

  • 1. Visit the official website,
  • 2. Click on Sign Up
  • 3. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ link for Personal profiles
  • 4. Fill in the required details and click on Proceed
  • 5. Type in the OTP sent to your mobile number
  • 6. Retrieve your User ID from your email and login to reset your password
  • 7. Add your account details and click Proceed

To register a corporate profile on Remita:

Visit the official website,

  • 1. Click on Sign Up
  • 2. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ link for Corporate profiles
  • 3. Fill in the Corporate details and other information
  • 4. Duly completed application form contains a unique identifier known as “Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR)” at the top right-hand corner.
  • 5. You will receive login credentials and can begin to familiarize with the platform but cannot make payments until the registration process is finalized by the Bank.
  • 6. A printed copy of the application form is signed by the customer and taken to any branch of the Bank.

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