Study Abroad Programs for International Students You Need to Know

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Study abroad programs for students who want to continue their education in top European and American countries in 2024, are available for you to grab.

Study Abroad Programs for International Students

If you have a full interest in studying outside the country, there are programs also waiting for you to study them outside the country.

If finding abroad programs suitable for international students has been hectic for you, today it is made easier for you.

All over the world, there are abroad programs suitable for any international student who has the urge to study abroad.

A list of 2024 abroad programs for international students is compiled in this article to give you a clue towards making a step.

Top 10 Study Abroad Programs

Here are the best Study-abroad programs for 2024:

1. ISA Study Abroad in Costa Rica

ISA Study Abroad offers this program in San Jose, Costa Rica. However, if your skills are barely beyond hola and Cerveza, never fear—all Spanish levels are welcome! The range of subject material is wider than just Spanish, and students can choose to study healthcare, liberal studies, or environmental studies.

Program fees include tuition, homestay, meals, laundry, a New York Times digital subscription, internet access, excursions, and cultural experiences.

2. USAC Poland

The USAC Poland program is based in Krakow. The program focus is political, with an emphasis on the history of Poland, and course material includes economics and Jewish studies.

Despite being in Europe, living costs in Poland are overall affordable. Program fees include tuition, housing placement, health insurance, visa assistance, and field trips.

USAC is a great organization to study abroad through and offers fulfilling and safe experiences across the board. They can help foster new friendships and also offer both interesting classes and helpful professors.

Location: Poland

3. AIFS Study Abroad in India

AIFS Study Abroad in India, in addition to being quite affordable, offers a range of subject material unrivaled by most other programs.

Students will be able to choose from courses including anthropology, business, IT, and gender studies. Classes take place at the beautiful University of Hyderabad.

Program fees include pre-departure assistance, tuition, housing, meals, excursions, bicycle rental, and volunteer opportunities.

To kick off the program, AIFS offers a six-day tour of the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur). Students will also enjoy the large campus, where they will find lakes and hiking trails. There is also an option to extend your stay if you just can’t get enough!

4. IES Abroad Summer in Argentina

The IES Abroad summer program in Argentina is based in busy Buenos Aires. Here, students will be able to study agricultural and environmental sciences, with Argentina’s dairy and agricultural industries (and their impacts) at the center.

Students will also gain hands-on experience through lab work. Program fees include tuition, housing or homestay, meals, and insurance.

IES does a great job of encouraging cultural immersion and keeps participants in the loop about local cultural events happening around town. The small group sizes enhance the experience, and students will love trips to waterfalls and mountains.

5. Asia Exchange in Malaysia

Asia Exchange in Kuala Lumpur offers courses in economics, engineering, technology, political science, and more. Universiti Putra Malaysia is ranked as the second-best university in Malaysia, so there is no doubt that you will be receiving a quality education.

The teaching language is English, and participants have their choice of both bachelor’s and masters-level courses. Program fees include tuition, academic advising, orientation, and volunteering options; it is worth noting that the program fee does not include visa costs, rent, or insurance.

Asia Exchange is touted as helpful and responsive. The program makes it easy to meet new people, and students will find lots to see and do in Kuala Lumpur—one of the most affordable cities in Asia. Studying in Southeast Asia has helped many students realize skills they didn’t know they had.

6. Sol Education Abroad in Granada, Spain

If you’ve been looking for low-cost study abroad programs in Spanish, look no further—Sol Education Abroad offers an affordable program in Granada in intensive Spanish. Studying in Granada will give you firsthand access to Alhambra, the Sierra Nevada mountains, flamenco shows, and Moroccan teahouses.

The provider also has options for summer, winter break, month-long, and academic year programs, so there’s almost no excuse to not go. Program fees include tuition, homestay, meals, cultural activities, excursions, medical insurance, community service opportunities, cell phone rental, and more.

With this program, you will be able to significantly improve your Spanish language comprehension. Sol has also been praised for its quality of support and guidance.

7. Culture and Language Abroad in Guanajuato

You may have never heard of Guanajuato, but you’ll never be able to forget it after you have studied there. Culture and Language Abroad offers high-quality, cheap study abroad programs for college students in liberal arts and culture at the University of Guanajuato.

The city hosts 21,000 students and is thus an exceptionally great location to spend a semester abroad. Program fees include orientation, housing, meals, travel insurance, tuition, excursions, Spanish lessons, and volunteer opportunities. We think you should make it a personal challenge to try out every one of more than 30 street tacos around the city.

CLA will show you just how different Mexico is from the United States despite its proximity. You will have the opportunity to share classes with students from all over the world and enjoy a small-town feel in Guanajuato.

8. CISabroad in South Africa

Stellenbosch, in the Cape Winelands, is the oldest college town in South Africa. It’s not far from Cape Town itself, so you don’t have to worry about being too remote.

The university offers English-taught courses in a large range of subject material, and courses are also available in Afrikaans and Xhosa.

If a semester seems too long, there is an option for a shorter summer program. Stellenbosch University also makes it easy to join student organizations or club sports, so you won’t ever feel like an outsider. Program fees include tuition, housing, medical insurance, a New York Times digital subscription, excursions, and airport pickup.

CISabroad guarantees great student life at Stellenbosch. The provider does a great job of making sure students stay safe and also helps provide insider tips to living in the town.

9. API Study Abroad in Grenoble, France

API in Grenoble, France offers both language and culture studies, as well as intensive language studies for those who want to take their French skills from sad to exquisite. There is also an option for a shorter summer program.

Program fees include student residence or homestay, as well as tuition, airport pickup, pre-departure advising, a transportation pass, tutoring, medical and life insurance, excursions, cultural activities, and volunteer opportunities.

API offers many different programs in France, but none with mountain views as stunning as those in Grenoble. API helps foster personal growth and expanded horizons, and they have been praised for their encouragement and desire to know their students.

10. Athena Study Abroad in Greece

Paros Island is a tight-knit fishing village in Greece that offers stunning Mediterranean weather. Courses are taught in English and oftentimes take place outside the traditional classroom. Students will be able to choose from material in the humanities, art, or social sciences.

Program fees include tuition, accommodation, excursions, airport pickup, and health insurance, but services can be arranged “à la carte,” too. Summer programs are also an option.

Athena provides teachers who are more interested in what students get out of the experience, rather than grades alone. The provider also offers qualified and helpful advisors, who only serve to enhance the experience.

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