Appraisal of Computer Technology in Banking Industry

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Appraisal of Computer Technology in Banking Industry.


As Information Technology is vital in banking today, it becomes imperative for banks to realize its impact on operational performance in order to justify capital investments.

The objective of this work is to examine how the adoption of Information Technology affects the operations of commercial banks in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness, customer base and globalization of the bank.

The research methodology involved reviewing the existing network design of the investigating bank and comparing it with the proposed network design solution.

The design and simulation results of work revealed that Information Technology led to increase customer satisfaction, improved operational efficiency, reduced transaction time, better competitive edge, reduced the running cost and ushered in swift response in service delivery.


The rapidly unfolding development within the information technology in recent times has led to resurgent calls for monies towards an effective cash management through Electronic banking (i.e. E-Banking).

In the last few years, within the banking industry in Nigeria several commercial products were designed by banks to improve the qualities of services provided to customer. These products were also designed to meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of finance managers in a cross section or organizations operating in different sectors of the economy.

In recent years, these have been an evolution from paper transfer system and ordinary procedural cash management to an electronic transfer system and more secured and sophisticated cash management. There has been introduced, an increased sophistication in computer applications to cash management and in electronic funds transfer.


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