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 – Automated Examination Time Table To  Generate Package – 

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Higher Institutions all over the nations are expected to make examination timetables for each semester for the respective students to be able to know the course exams they have in each examination period day.

The settings of the examination timetable(s) at times used to be a very tedious, time consuming and pain staking task for any lecturer in charge of the work. And as such, this project work is aimed at developing Automated Examination Timetable Generator.

Each lecturer and student is eligible for viewing his own timetable once they are finalized for a given semester but they can’t edit them.

The software program for this project work is designed using Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition in conjunction with Microsoft Access 2005 which serve as the database.


Project Title Page





Table of content


  • Introduction
  • Statements of Problems
  • Aims and Objectives
  • Significance of the Study
  • Scope and Limitation
  • Organization of the Report
  • Definition of the Stock Exchange Market Terms


2.1 Introduction

2.2. Historical Background of the Study

2.3 Computerization of the Current State of the Art

2.4 The Impact of Information Technology on Financial Institution


3.1 Data Collection Method Employed

3.2 Analysis of Data and Existing System

3.3. Problems of Existing System

3.4 Analysis and Description of Proposed System

3.5 Advantages of the Proposed System

3.6 Programming Language Used with Reasons

3.7 Hardware and Software Support

CHAPTER FOUR: System Design, Implementation and Documentation

4.1 Design of the System

4.1.1 Output Design

4.1.2 Input Design

4.1.3 File System

4.1.4 Procedural Design

4.2 Documentation of the New System

4.2.1 How to Install the New System

4.2.2 How to Use the New System

CHAPTER FIVE: Summary, Recommendation, Conclusion

5.1 Summary

5.2 Experienced Gained

5.3 Recommendation

5.4 Conclusion


Appendix 1

System Flowchart

Program Flowchart

Source Listing

Computer Generated Output


The lecturing staff usually spends a lot of time in examination timetable generation and timetable management. The software program to be design for this project work will captures all parameters used in creating a school examinations timetable and automatically creates one with its timetable generation tool.

This school examination timetable generation software also considers the availability of courses and other resources while creating levels in the department (e.g. NDI, NDII, HNDI, HNDII). Moreover, changes can be easily made in the timetable as and when necessary depending on the availability of courses.

Since the inception of the computer science department, the examination time table schedule has been done manually. Relying on manual schedule posses a lot of disadvantages.

In order to overcome some setbacks in the method used by the department this project design is brought up, titled Automated time table generator.

This project is to develop a program that will allow the department to provide a timely and accurate schedule timetable in the form of program.


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