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Birthday wishes for boyfriend will put a heartwarming message in your boyfriends heart. Scroll through a huge choice of self-ironic and original birthday greetings for your loved one with fun images to download and share on his special day.

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

Other than that, no day of the year is any more special than a person’s birthday. And when lucky enough to have a boyfriend, you shouldn’t let March 10 go by so fast without delivering a pass-like romantic happy birthday.

Using words to praise someone special on an occasion like his birthday is an incredible thing to do. That is why you ought to look for something that is the most romantic and emotional in kind of your birthday message for him.

Forget the exceptional plans of surprising him, even if you can’t make a birthday wish in a blink, everything will be meaningless.

Please, where did I miss this point/what was previously unsaid? Here are 60 birthday wishes for your boyfriend on his special day:

1. ‘This unexpected, yet much-appreciated, birthday gift is just one example of how solid our relationship was and always will be. Nothing could be more true that loved must be sought, found, and treasured. Everybody deserves to love and be loved.’

2. ‘My handsome man, as you open your eyes on the day of your decision, I want you to have fresh memories of how much I cherish and love you.’

3. ‘I love you with all my being, no matter what you do; you’re my best friend and the two of us belong to one another. Happy birthday!’

4. ‘Wishing you a day filled with love, laughter, and memories that will last a lifetime.’

5. ‘Happy New Year once more, here’s to more years of togetherness, happiness, and love. It’s your birthday now but you are an important piece in my life; you make my world shine.’

6. ‘Farewell of happiest birthday to this heart be-thief who gives me the only special days to cherish. I couldn’t put it into any words if that is all that there would be.’

7. ‘Here’s to you nonstop festive cheer and we wish you these happy moments forever. You have been my best Birthday gift too!’

8. ‘This day marks one more loop around the sun and signifies how lucky I am to have a person in my life whom I call a friend. Besides, I hope that the sun is as brilliant as you today. Happy birthday!’

9. ‘I wish all the dinners and celebrations on the man whose days remind me of a party atmosphere, happy birthday! I wish you all the good you ever thought of for that into the new year.’

10. ‘Take a moment to celebrate the person who has held my hand through my distance and beyond, it’s your birthday day.’ 

Perfect Wishes for His Birthday

11. ‘Till I can see your smile or hear your cheerful tunes again, you all have my love on your birthday. What I’m about to say, may sound a bit corny to you, but I don’t care. You see, you’re not just my boyfriend; you’re my everything. Happy birthday!’

12. ‘Cheers to another year of our lives interlacing together, belly laughter, and love for each other growing by every passing day. Happy birthday, my dear!’

13. ‘I hope that It is a really big day for a big girl. Honestly, you do. You deserve the best because the world deserves you. Happy birthday, my love!’

14. Today is you and you alone at the center of our attention – you who are just awesome, the special person you are. Happy birthday, dear lover.’

15. ‘One toast for a year in which the memories are unforgettable, and an endless smile is the response. Oh!!! They let me know they love me! Now, happy birthday, my dear!’

16. ‘You’re not only experiencing your continuance to live, but you’re also rejuvenating your soul every day.’ 

17. ‘Besides you, I couldn’t have believed in fairy tales! What looked like magic was the way you made my life suddenly appear as fantastic as if it had jumped from a fantasy book!’

18. ‘May your birthday be the kind of epic, unforgettable holiday that you have ever had, from now on. I can’t help feeling like I love you way more than I ever realized. Happy birthday!’

19. ‘Happy birthday to the man who can make me spellbound. It’s you who makes me believe that love is real and not a fairytale.’

20. ‘And here’s to the party of the year celebrating life after 365 days. Happy anniversary, dear boyfriend of mine!’

21. ‘I wish that your birthday is a happy moment where love fills your heart and all the things that will bring you happiness are present. Happy birthday!’

22. ‘A happy birthday to the fellow who bit by bit each passing day lightens up my life with his smile. How thankful I am that you become a part of my sensitive side.’

23. ‘Today is all about you and immersing into the universe which presents you as the real and outstanding person you are. Happy birthday, my love!’

24. ‘Gotta say kudos, to this year that is full of love, laughter, and out-of-the-ordinary moments. This is a shout-out to my special amazing boyfriend on his birthday!’

25. ‘Thank you for always being there for me and making my life fun and exciting! Today is your birthday, so it’s my pleasure to wish you a happy birthday on this special day. Why I love you is beyond words, my world revolves around you.’

Short and Sweet Birthday Messages for Your BF

26. ‘While raising a toast to the coming months of love, joy and so many more, we shall surely be together. Happy birthday, sweetheart!’

27. ‘I cannot start my birthday wishes without saying I love you and wish you an unforgettable day with love and joy. Hey, Merry birthday!’

28. ‘Here’s to you, my wonderful guy, who makes my heart beat faster every time he walks in the room. I don’t know where I’d be without you! You’re the best boyfriend any girl could ever want and wish for.’

29. ‘Hey y’all to the incredible adventures, love, and once-in-a-lifetime moments we spent together this year. Happy birthday, my dear!’

30. ‘I would like to wish you a birthday with all the happiness which is as much as possible to see in this world. You deserve it all. Happy birthday, my love!’

31. ‘My heartbeat starts to accelerate even before I see you. Keeps you in my thoughts as the moments pass. Man, did you just make my life the happiest?’

32. ‘Today is for your recognition world as I thank you and wish you all the best for your future. Dear boyfriend, I’m sending you a heartfelt birthday greeting.’

33. ‘Here’s another year of love lots of laughter, and so many memories we shared. Happy birthday, sweetheart!’

34. ‘I wish to have a day that has all things, which automatically generate a smile on your face. Happy birthday, my love!’

35. ‘Happy birthday to the guy who destabilized my world positively with his romantic relationships and sense of humor. I feel this much gratitude just thinking that you happened to be in my life.’

36. ‘Even though you don’t have to, I still want to say again that you are the best boyfriend a guy could have. I’m glad you’re here. With you every moment is unique. Happy birthday.’

37. ‘This year has brought us so many reasons to cheer and look forward to more love, joy, and unforgettable memories. Happy birthday, my dear!’

38. ‘My wish for you as you celebrate your birthday today is that you have everything that makes up your life and us who adore you. Happy birthday, my love!’

39. Amazing as it is, this day should be dedicated to my lifelong buddy, the one whom I share plans with and the one who has my back no matter what. You are my world or rather you the whole universe to me.

40. ‘Right now, you stand out for me as the most special human being I have ever met. Happy Birthday, dear one.’

41. ‘Dear you, the words are inadequate to express my love and gratitude for your presence in my life. But one thing is for sure—You deserve the world, and I am more than glad to be a part of it. So, happy birthday to you, my wonderful boyfriend!’

42. This is to the new year again of the building of love, happiness, and unforgettable experiences in our lives together. Happy birthday, sweetheart!’

43. ‘On your special day I want to take you to many places, but most importantly to the place where we met, I want to remind you of how much I love you. You’re my everything. Happy birthday!’

44. ‘On your birthday, I want to congratulate a man who makes the ordinary things in my life wonderful. You’re the most dashing guy, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better.’

45. ‘Cheers again to this year’s shipping, sailing, and melodies that will stay in our minds always.Happy birthday, my dear!’

46. ‘Hope that this year will be one in which you are showered with love, joy, and all the great things the world has to offer. Happy birthday, my love!’

Memorable Texts for Your Boyfriend’s Birthday

47. ‘Cheers to the one that makes my heart go “psyhe panik!” Thanks for being part of my life! You’re my number one dude and don’t forget it.’

48. ‘I am so glad for today and I can express my gratitude for your very existence. You and your sweetheart make me happy all the way. Happy, happy birthday to the number one figure in my life!’

49. ‘We’ll drink to the fact that we’re going to continue living together another year, happy, jolly, and full of wonderful moments! Happy birthday, sweetheart!’

50. ‘I wish it to be a joyous day where you find everything you love. Happy birthday, my love!’

51. ‘On behalf of yourself, who make my world brighter with your love and laughter, I wish you a very happy birthday today. Thank you for your support, you are amazing.’

52. ‘On the day you become my boyfriend and love me, I invite the opportunity to thank you. You nurture and make every moment special. Happy birthday!’

53. ‘Let’s raise a glass in solidarity, a year of joy, of love, and iconic experiences together. Happy birthday, my dear!’

54. ‘I hope your birthday is full of all the magic of joy and love that you spread into my existence. Happy birthday, my love!’

55. ‘Here is to you my co-instigator, my rock, and my best friend! It’s your birthday!’

56. ‘Side by side, the world may be a cruel place, but together we have the strength to conquer all the obstacles on the way.’

57. ‘Today, you are the greatest measure of my choice and worth: the incredible person you are. Happy birthday to you, my dear boyfriend!’

58. ‘Cheers to another year of hugging and laughing and making special memories to last a lifetime with your beloved partner.Happy birthday, sweetheart!’

59. ‘On your one most day, I want to thank you, so grateful to be with you. You’re my everything. Happy birthday!’

60. ‘Here’s to another year of life on the road, of romance, and of the unforgettable times we will always cherish. Happy birthday, my dear!’

This person has been by your side throughout his life, supporting and loving you through thick and thin. Safe to say he has been your closest friend and companion and has done everything in his power to ensure you find your place in this world.

Don’t forget to inform him how special is this day to you along with this unique wording, which will let him know how beautiful the gift you just gave him is.

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