Cost of Vacation in Malta 2020 See Highlights and Tourist Centers

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Cost of Vacation in Malta 2020 See Highlights and Tourist Centers.

Vacation in Malta: When searching for a place for a next city break or holiday, what you need to consider to some extent is the cost of visiting a county.
The good news about Malta, and its capital city Valletta is that there is so much choice when it comes to traveling around. Food, drink, and sightseeing at a Malta holiday can be enjoyed on any budget.
Cost of Vacation in Malta

Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea south of Sicily, a small, island country. The three largest of the islands are inhabited. These include Malta, Gozo, and Comino.

The country’s location in the Mediterranean Sea influences its climate. The winters can be windy and wet, but summers are almost always hot and dry.

If you’re interested in spending time on the beach it’s best to visit the country sometime between the end of April and the end of October when the weather is best.

Malta’s coastline has many dramatic cliffs and bays that serve as excellent harbors. The inland is low, rocky, and flat. Most visitors to the country head to Malta Island.

This is, by far, the largest of the three populated islands. It is the main population center and has the largest cities. Comino is the smallest of the three inhabited islands.

The majority of this island is a nature reserve, and the isolated feel of the island makes it an interesting place to visit. There is one hotel that generally serves international visitors that are on all-inclusive package tours.

The island’s most famous sight is the Blue Lagoon which has beautiful crystal clear water that is great for swimming. Gozo is smaller and less developed than Malta Island. It’s only 95 kilometers from Sicily and has a remote and isolated atmosphere.

It’s a popular travel destination for those who want to experience the culture and beautiful countryside. There are many old churches and historic fortifications that are worth exploring. It’s a great place to visit as an excursion from Malta or on its own for a few days.

Highlights of Malta

  • If you’re flying to Malta from mainland Europe, you have a handful of options. The country’s national carrier is Air Malta, which has regular connections to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. Ryanair offers affordable flights from a good number of cities within Europe and Easyjet has a few connections as well. Wizzair is an option if you’re coming from Eastern Europe. Many of these flights are seasonal and do not fly during the fall and winter months, so plan ahead.
  • Another option is to arrive in Malta by boat. Ferries run from the Sicilian port of Pozzallo, Italy. The trip takes about 90 minutes and currently the only company is Virtu Ferries. Trips do not occur daily so check a schedule in advance. Flights are comparable in price to ferries so unless you’re traveling with a vehicle (which can be transported on the ferry), flying may be your most convenient option.
  • The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. Italian is quite common as well and there are some people who speak basic French. Almost all Maltese speak English fluently. Official documents are written in both Maltese and English and some media is broadcast in English.
  • During the summer months, there are plenty of outdoor sports and activities for visitors. Hiking in the countryside or along the coast is a favorite activity, as is sailing and visiting the country’s impressive caves. There are also some great dive sights with high visibility and interesting marine life. Most of the dives sites are close to shore making them easily accessible.
  • There are a handful of great festivals during the spring and summer months in Malta as well. These include the Valletta Carnival, the Jazz Festival, the Arts Festival, and the Farsons Great Beer Festival. Festivals are a great way to experience the country’s culture and local cuisine, so if you happen to be in town during one, it is worth a trip.

Flight Fare

While most European carriers operate seasonal flights, there aren’t many airlines that fly to Malta year-round. Ryanair, Air Malta, EasyJet, and Lufthansa are the biggest carriers that service the island year-round.

One-way flights from the mainland cost 50-100 EUR ($53-106), especially if you book in advance. You can also take the ferry to/from Sicily; it’s 2.5 hours and costs 61-127 EUR ($65-135) each way (depending on the season).

Cost of Food and Drink in Malta

Maltese food and drink are generally, not expensive. In Valletta, there is a varied selection of bars, cafés, and restaurants that serve anything from a snack to a five-course meal.

Of course, the restaurants serving fresh fish, home-made dishes, and good quality wine will be more expensive.

For example, the popular Rampila Restaurant in Valletta serves traditional meat and fish dishes at a cost of €18.00 to €25.00 for the main course.

For a coffee from a café expect to pay around €2.00, and for a pint of local beer, it’ll cost you around €2.50.  A glass of wine is usually around €5.00, whilst spirits cost around €2.50 to €3.00, depending on where.

Accommodation Cost in Malta

There are a couple of hostels on the islands, with dorm prices beginning at 9 EUR ($9.50) per night (though prices double in the peak summertime). Airbnb is ridiculously cheap — I found a whole house for 35 EUR ($37) a night.

Most budget hotels cost 40 EUR ($42.50) so I would stick to Airbnb or hostels for accommodation. However, like hostels, the prices for places more than double to around 80 EUR ($84) per night in the summer; budget hotels cost around 40-60 EUR ($42-63) in the summer.

Transportation Cost in Malta

There are three ways to get around the island: buses, taxis, and car rentals. Buses cost 1.50-2 EUR ($1.60-2.10) for a two-hour ticket or 21 EUR ($22 USD) for a weekly pass, while car rentals cost 39 EUR ($41) per day (in the summer they start closer to 50 EUR or $53  per day).

There are a number of local rental companies, but I used Hertz since it was close to my Airbnb. Many of the local car companies don’t take credit cards and want deposits in cash. Going with bigger companies adds another layer of security.

Taxis cost 10-20 EUR ($11-21); while not ideal, they can be ordered ahead of time via Whatsapp and are a good last-minute option if you get stuck because the bus doesn’t turn up.

Tourist Centers in Malta:

1. St. John’s Co-Cathedral

Cost of Vacation in Malta - Highlights and Tourist Centers1

Situated in Malta’s capital city of Valletta, St. John’s Co-Cathedral is recognized as an outstanding example of Baroque architecture.

Its exterior is forbidding and deceptive, as it closely resembles a fort. Once inside, visitors discover ornate decoration and priceless works of art.

Perhaps the most recognizable piece is Caravaggio’s Beheading of Saint John the Baptist. The cathedral was commissioned in 1572,

and was intended to be the conventional church for the Knights of St. John, a noble order made up of the sons of some of Europe’s leading families.

The knights defended Malta against marauding Turks, then proceeded to build Valletta and the cathedral.

2. Blue Lagoon Bay

Cost of Vacation in Malta - Highlights and Tourist Centers2

Found on the tiny island of Comino which sits between the main islands of Malta and Gozo, the Blue Lagoon is a restful getaway. The island is so small that no cars are allowed on it. It is also largely uninhabited and only one hotel is located onsite.

Most people arrive on a daily basis via speed boat to claim their own section of sand on the lagoon for the day. Sparkling turquoise waters and white sand make a lovely backdrop for sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and simply enjoying the beautiful views.

3. Hypogeum

Cost of Vacation in Malta - Highlights and Tourist Centers3

The Ħal-Saflieni Hypogeum in the city of Paola is the only prehistoric underground temple in the world. The temple consists of halls, chambers and passages carved out of a rock. Thought to be originally a sanctuary, it became a necropolis in prehistoric times.

The complex is grouped in three levels – the upper level (3600-3300 BC), the middle level (3300-3000 BC), and the lower level (3150 -2500 BC).

The deepest room in the lower level is 10.6 meters (35 ft) underground. Only a limited number of visitors are allowed entry and there can be a 2-3 weeks wait to get a ticket.

4. Mdina

Cost of Vacation in Malta - Highlights and Tourist Centers4

Mdina is an ancient walled city inhabited and possibly first fortified by the Phoenicians around 700 BC. Higher fortifications were added by Malta’s Arab rulers and Norman rulers.

After the Knights Hospitaller arrived in the mid-1500s the importance of Mdina as the seat of power faded steadily.

What was once the old capital of Malta became the ‘silent city’, almost a ghost town. Today most of the palazzos belonging to the old aristocracy are being restored and the tourists bring life to the place, but there are only 300 inhabitants left.

5. Historical Attractions in Rabat, Island of Malta

Cost of Vacation in Malta - Highlights and Tourist Centers5

Just outside the Mdina ramparts is the neighboring town of Rabat. Tourists can see both cities on the same day; Mdina and Rabat are sometimes considered to be one unified urban area.

In Maltese, the word “Rabat” means “suburb.” Rabat is less touristy and more modern than Mdina, but there are noteworthy historical attractions.

One of the hidden gems is the Casa Bernard, a grand 16th-century house that belonged to a noble Maltese family of French origins. Although the Casa Bernard is still a private residence, it is open to the public for guided tours.

The Roman Villa archaeological site boasts some of the finest 1st-century BC Roman mosaics in the world. A key landmark tied to Malta’s Christian heritage,

the 17th-century Church of Saint Paul, stands above the Grotto of Saint Paul, where it is said that the saint found refuge during his stay in Malta.

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