A Step by Step Guide to Create an AOL Account in Minutes

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– Create an AOL Account –

There are so many reasons why you should create an AOL account that I don’t even know where to start telling you about all the amazing things that you’ll get as soon as you sign up for a free AOL Mail email address.

How to Sign Up for a New AOL Account

Are you confused or do not know how to get started on getting yourself an account ON AOL? Don’t you worry no more we are here to help you out, the following steps below will get you on your way to sign-up.

1. Go to https://i.aol.com/reg/signupand fill out the registration form on the right side of page

2. Enter your first and last name in the first two fields at the top of the signup form.

3. Now pick a username, it should be something like this “[email protected]”.

4. Create a strong password between 8 to 16 characters. Avoid common words and names to make it more secure.

5. Confirm your password.

6. Select your date of birth from the drop-down menu.

7. Select your gender from the second drop-down menu.

8. Enter your zip code.

9. Set a security question and then type in your answer.

10. Enter your mobile number so that they can verify your identity if you have problems signing in and sending notifications.

11. Enter an alternate email address to verify your identity if you ever have login issues.

12. Type in the characters you see in the box at the bottom without any spaces because AOL needs to make sure that you are indeed a real person.

13. Click the blue “Sign Up” button and you’re done.

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