Development of an Online Visitor Gatepass Management System

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Development of an Online Visitor Gatepass Management System


Gate Pass Management System is a software application. It manages the entry and exit of the vehicle of employees and visitors. Gate Pass Management System is an efficient system to keep track of each vehicle entry and exit.

Gate Pass Management System (GPMS) Allow you to manage all Incoming and Outgoing items from your office or company. Gate Pass Management System is available for use and it is easy to use and manage.

This system is defined as a gate pass security system and its main aim to secure company from outside visitors, contractors and the departments, company vehicle security, material, visitor scrap information, contractor.

Gate Pass Management System help the organization as well as a visitor to manage the Gate Passes. Frequently Visitors have data entry in top level to make them easily entry and exit.

Statement Of Problem

Visitor Management system provides a way to effectively control, record & track your organization’s visitor traffic. It helps to prevent the entry of any unauthorized or unwanted person in the premises.

The flexible architecture of Visitor Tracker System allows various people in the organization to directly access the data they need.

Integrated with various hardware’s like web-cam, fingerprint scanner, bar-code scanner & printers. Email/SMS/popup alerts for visitor notification. Available in client-server & Enterprise versions.

Visitor Management System has 3 modules with user specific roles.

  • Administrator Module: This module is generally installed on the Security Administrator PC. It consists of the menu where administrator can define, Companies, Host details, User Right Management, Set Gate pass formats, Generate Reports
  • Host Employee Module: The host employee can check the visitor details on the web pages. Pop up client is also available which notifies the host about the visitor.


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