January French Girl Names with Lovely and Splendid Meanings

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– French Girl Names –

In terms of cultural heritage and rich history, the French hold a prominent position. French girls’ names also are lovely and smooth. The French have very interesting kinds of names. French girls’ names are quite fitting and sweet. We can give any female child a French name because these names suit so well.

Some persons prefer to go exotic in their choice of names. Maybe due to admiration or certain likeness, you can choose French girl names for your coming angel.

You can find below splendid French girl names and their amazing meanings. From these French girl names, you can select a suitable one for anyone you wish to.

Splendid French Girl Names and Meanings

1. Aaida aaida has much meaning in different languages like in french it means the one who is helpful, in Hebrew it means Ornament or brightness

2. Aamber –  a Precious Jewel or gemstone or it also has a meaning of warm honey color

3. Abelia – Meaning Herdsman that is a person who looks for over a flock or her

4. Abella Variant of Abelia that means breath that is the source of life

5. Abrielle A woman of God, or a woman from God

6. Acadia The land that has plenty, the land of plenty

7. Acelin – A noble girl or a girl who born in the high-status home

8. Birgita To Help; The Exalted One

9. Blaise Stammerer

10. Blanc A white woman

11. Blanche – White

12. Blathnaid – Flower; Blossom

13. Blissany – Full of Grace and Joy

14. Blisse Delight; Joy; Intense Happiness

15. Blondelle – Blonde

16. Bly To be a tall child

17. Bobette – A little one who is bright and famous

18. Bobinette A little woman who is a very bright flame

19. Boheme – A person of bohemian nature

20. Chantel To sing well

21. Chantelle A large rock

22. Chantilly – A name for lace; whipped cream

23. Chanton – Singing together

24. Chardae – A strong, free, majestic individual

25. Chardonnay – Tasty Grapefruit; wine

26. Charee A darling

27. Charil A bright, lovely individual

28. Charilyn – A dear and lively woman

29.Charlette – Free individual

30. Charlotte – Feminine form of Charles; freeman

31. Charlynne – Variation of Charlene or Charles which means Freeman

32. Chayce A huntsman

33. Chelle One who is like the God

34. Cheney Growing from the Oak grove

35. Cher A darling baby

36. Chere – Dear one; a Cherry fruit.

37. Cheree – Darling like a Goddess

38. Chereena – A confident and analytical person

39. Cherelle – An energetic person

40. Cheri Cherry; a fruit.

41. Cherie – A darling person

42. Chloe Fresh blooming, ripe green shoot

43. Darcelle Dark; determined

44. Darcey Girl from Archy

45. Darcia the dark one

46. Darcy Dark-haired

47. Darel One from the Airelle; Lovely

48. Darell Word for huckleberry; beloved

49. Dariela The dear one

50. Dariell Open one

51. Darla Very dear one

52. Darleen – One who has a charming personality

53. Darlena  – Lovely individual

54. Darlene  A child loved by all

55. Darletta – A beloved child

56. Darlina A sweet, innocent child

57. Darline Darling baby

58. Darrelle – A darling person

59. Davignon – Dearly loved person

60. Deanne They are swift and beautiful

61. Dejah A fun-loving person; a pleasant one

62. Delacroix – Who lives near the cross

63. Delana One from a humid place

64. Delaynie – A dark challenger from the woods

65. Delphine – Place where the oracle of Apollo appeared; Dolphin

66. Denese – A follower of God; an amazing being

67. Deni – One who born of two places; energetic

68. Denise – A devoted person; God of fertility

69. Denisha A stable and fun-loving person

70. Denisse One who is intelligent; a creative and excellent being

71. Dennise – A follower; graceful being

72. Deor A beloved baby; golden one

73. Diahann – Diana; a divine woman

74. Diamanta – One who shines and is strong as Diamond

75. Diandra – Goddess of hunting and childbirth

76. Emma the meaning of this name is universal whole.

77. Fernande An adventurous traveler

78. Filicia Good fortune and happiness

79. Firoza Turquoise, a semi-precious stone

80. Firoze An undefeatable person; Also means the gem Turquoise

81. Fitzadam Literally means “the son of Adam”

82. Fizan A flurry of wind or breeze; Can also mean eminence and popularity

83. Flann Represents the color ruddy, a healthy shade of red

84. Flerida – A cheerful and high-spirited woman

85. Floretta – Made of ‘Flora’; it represents a flower

86. Flori It means ‘to flower or to blossom’

87. Floria – A variant of Latin ‘Florence’ which refers to ‘flowering’

88. Floriana – A variation of ‘Florence’ which symbolizes ‘blossoming’

89. Floriane – The stage of blooming and comes from the Latin word ‘Florence’

90. Floriano – Italian variation of the name “Florian’ meaning ‘to flower or blossom’

91. Florida Essentially means a bloom or a flower; flowering Easter

92. Florine A variation of Latin name ‘Flora’, this also symbolizes ‘blossoms’

93. Flur Essentially, it means a flower or a bloom

94. Fountain – Literally translates to a fountain or spring; derived from the French word ‘Fontane’ or Latin ‘Fontana’

95. Francine – Alternant of ‘Francina’, the name means ‘from France’ or a free person

96. Francoise – Feminine word for “Francois”, it refers to a woman who has French roots

97. Gabbie A nice girl of God

98. Gabriel God is my strength

99. Gabrielle – God is my strength

100. Gaelle Another name for Celtic people.

101. Gai Refers to marry or easy going

102. Galla – One coming from Gaul.

103. Garance – Angrier or irater.

104. Garcelle – Resembles a small spear or tiny spear.

105. Garlan – Garland of flowers

106. Garlen – Refers to a bunch of flowers.

107. Geana – God is most merciful and kindful.

108. Gemma – Jewel; Precious Stone; Gem

109. Gencelina – A queen from the heaven

110. Genette – God is kindful.

111. Genevie – Woman of the society or community.

112. Genevra – The person who is fair-minded and charming.

113. Genievre – Inflammation of the snowy waves.

114. Genn – The one who is spiritually open-minded.

115. Genny – The one who is pure, unpolluted, polite, and fair

116. Gennye -The virgin girl, pure

117. Georete – A farmer who tills the soil

118. Georgette – The person who works with soil, seeds, and plants.

119. Georgine – A planter who works on a farm.

120. Germain – A male person who is a fellow member.

121. Ines – One who is gentle and pure

122. Jade – Hebrew – Thankful; Jade is Green Gemstone; A pet form of name Jadon

123. Julee – it means Jove’s Child or feminine of Julian. Such girls are a jewel and spark for their friends and family and bring laughter.

124. Jules – the word means youthful. They are calm, simple, and have a fun side. They are easy to understand.

125. Juley – it means youthful and the feminine version of Julius. They love and seek genuine friendship. They have an eternal spirit.

126. Julia – Latin – Jupiter’s Child; Julia is Youthful, Downy

127. Juliette – we enrich such people with every kind of knowledge and prove to be excellent friends. They keep on trying to achieve their aim and life goal. They treasure their relations.

128. Justeene – The name Justeene means Righteous

129. Kamille – Kamille is Born Free, a Noble One

130. Karalina – The name means Full-grown, Free

131. Kari – As a female name Kari means Black-haired one in Gaelic or Nordic Free Woman. The male version of the name means Strong in French and tremendous in Scandinavian

132. Karolina – Karolina means Tiny and Feminine

133. Kathleen – Means Pure, Flawless

134. Kathryn – The name means Simple and True

135. Katriane – The name means Plain, Clear

136. Kestyn – The name means Bird Pray, Rattle

137. Kiki – Double happiness

138. Kikky – A new beginning or a new life

139. Kortney – Old French – Short nose; Domain of Curtius; the domain of the short one

140. Kotara – Kotara means On the Banks of the River

141. Kourtney – The name means From Courtenay, a Town in North France

142. Kristeen – The name means Christian

143. Kyrielle – The meaning of the name is She is a Poetess

144. Laca – Laca is a name that derives from a Town in Normandy

145. Lace – Lace comes from a French Nobleman’s surname

146. Lacee – The name comes from a Normandian Nobleman and a Town in Normandy

147. Lacey – The name derives from French Normandian Town

148. Laciee – Laciee a Girl as beautiful as Lace

149. Lacina – Lacina comes from a French Noble Family name

150. Lacine – Lacine name derives from a Famous French Noble family who came to England after the Normandic invasion

151. Lacy – Lacy derives from different towns in France, brought to England during the Norman Conquest

152. Lafa – She who is Destined for Greatness, Faith

153. Larique – Crystals or Cut Glass of art nouveau style

154. Latosha  – One who is born on the day of Christmas

155. Laura – Person crowned with laurels

156. Lavern – A land of trees, Woodland

157. Laverna – A person who is born in spring.

158. Lavyrle – A person who came into the world in the spring

159. Layce – Resembling the lace material

160. Layci – Something that is lace-like

161. Laycie – Derived the french surname “Lacey”

162. Lea – Person who brings good news

163. Leal – Faithful, loyal person

164. Lina – Person who is tender and delicate

165. Louise – Name describing renowned fighter 

166. Manon – Diminutive form of Marie which is a variant of Mary which means bitter

167. Mignon – Delicate, Graceful; French – Dainty

168. Mila – A Gracious or a beautiful dear

169. Mimi – Germanic – Will; Desire; Helmet; Protection; Faithful Guard; A variant form of Mary; A diminutive of Miriam

170. Minette – A faithful guard, the one who defends

171. Minjonet – French – Resembling the small blue flower; Petite Blue Flower

172. Mireille – Hebrew – God Has Spoken; To admire; Wonderful; A variant of Mira

173. Mirela – An admired person, most admirable

174. Miria – The Holy virgin mother Mary

175. Mishavonna – A Young archangel, a young messenger of God

176. Mistique – A person full of mystery, a mystery person

177. Modeste – Mehula is referred to the Rain. It is derived from Sanskrit word “Meh”.

178. Moi – Having skin rich in melanin pigments.

179. Monalisa – Art; Mona Lisa is a famous portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci

180. Monet – A protector’s descendant

181. Mortimer – A still water, motion-less water

182. Myrl – Variation of Merle which means Blackbird or Of the Sea

183. Nadeleine – A ray of Hope

184. Nadelle  – Something that arises a hope within

185. Nadelyn – A belief that something wanted can happen

186. Nadene – The complete confidence in a person.

187. Nadi – The one who is manifesting hope.

188. Nadine – A trustful relationship.

189. Naeva – The person who was born during sunset or dawn.

190. Naevia – The person is full of life and spirit.

191. Narrion – One who is a sea of sorrow; bitterness

192. Natacha – The day of birth

193. Natalie – The child born on Christmas day.

194. Nelley -The person who knows about reality.

195. Nerilly – Lilies of the spirit of seas

196. Nichole – Vanquisher of the nation.

197. Nicholl – A triumphant person

198. Nicolaus – The triumphant winner

199. Nicolay – The people who always win

200. Nicole – The winning people.

201. Nicolette – The champ of the people.

202. Nicolle -The one who is fighting for the multitude.

203. Rosemond – A pure rose of protection

204. Roux – A color red, a color of blood

205. Roxane – She who shines like a dawn

206. Rozella – A rose from the rose garden

207. Rubaline – A gemstone of deep red color

208. Rubie – A woman who is like a ruby

209. Ruby – A precious red jewel

210. Rusti – A variation of Rusty, means a person with a redhead

211. Sacha – The defender and helper of men

212. Salome – She who gives peace

213. Sarah – Princess

214. Sasha – A helper and defender of mankind

215. Satine – One who is smooth

216. Saverine – She who is stern

217. Savon – Soapmaker

218. Selena – Moon goddess

219. Seychelle – The beautiful shells of the sea

220. Shanelle – Channel

221. Shannelle – One who comes from the channel

222. Shantal – A woman made of stone

223. Shantelle – A woman who is like a stone

224. Shanton – A woman who sings

225. Sharalyn – A very dear woman

226. Sharita – A dear person who is beloved by all

227. Sherece – French name meaning cherry

228. Sheree – She who is very dear, darling

229. Shereena – A dear woman

230. Sherelle – A beloved woman

231. Sheril – Darling woman

232. Sherita – One who is the dearest

233. Sherrey – A darling girl

234. Sherrica – French name meaning cherry

235. Sheryl – Dear one

236. Shonda – A woman who is like a stone

237. Shontelle – She who builds with stones

238. Silvie – Variation of Sylvia which means From the forest

239. Tailer – A form of Taylor

240. Taiya – A gift from the river

241. Taliana – Goddess of beauty

242. Tallis – Woodland

243. Talyse – She who is a forest woman

244. Tatienne – French variation of the name Tatiana, means fairy queen 

245. Taylor – Tailor or To cut

246. Taylyr – A cutter; occupational name for a tailor

247. Tempeste – One who is turbulent

248. Thurrieua – She who loves thunder

249. Tierce – Third or one who owned a third part, a falcon

250. Tilda – the strength or power in battle

251. Toulouse – One who belongs to the city Tolosa

252. Tracia – Who has come from the land of Thracians

253. Trais – The numeric Three

254. Travis – To cross over

255. Trayce – One who is from the Thricius

256. Tre – The third-born child

257. Triamour – One who loves three times

258. Trinette – A very little innocent child  

259. Trinique – A pure or unique person

260. Troy – Son of a foot-soldier

261. Tulip – Resembles as tulip floret.

262. Valentin – Strength or Health

263. Valerie – A woman who is brave and valiant.

264. Valery – Strength or Health

265. Victoria – Victory, conquer

266. Yasmine – Jasmine flower

267. Yolanthe – Strong

268. Yvette – A skilled archer

269. Yvonne  – Feminine of Ives, meaning archer’s bow.

270. Zara – Princess or To Blossom

271. Zoe – Life

272. Zola – Earth or Ball of Earth

273. Zuri – Good or Beautiful

As you can see, French girl names are quite sweet. Not just the nice-sounding rhythm they produce, but also the outstanding meanings they have.

Do well to consider these French girl names when picking a name for your princess. If you are planning for a foreign name for your baby, think of French girl names.

Please kindly share this article with anyone who is interested. You can share with any of your colleagues at work. Thanks.

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