Get Well Wishes: What to Write in a Get-Well Card

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When you truly care about someone, you send them words of encouragement, this is to show that you’re keeping them in your thoughts and ready to lend a hand if they need it.

It can be challenging to know what to say when someone we know becomes unwell, particularly if it’s a serious condition.

There are many kinds of upbeat, motivating, and even humorous things you can say to someone who is unwell or injured.

Furthermore, no matter what you write, just making the effort to send a card will do a lot to cheer up the recipient. It may be a good idea to be quiet and simply listen with an open mind and heart if you’re unsure of what to say, though.

It’s absolutely acceptable if you don’t have any words of support or condolence to offer at such a time because, under such circumstances, actions speak louder than words.

Get-Well Wishes

You don’t need to write too much to significantly improve your recipient’s mood. Keep your personal message succinct, positive, and short, especially considering how much the card itself has already stated.


‣ I’m hoping you feel better soon!

‣ “Be extra cautious!”

‣ “To you, steadier, stronger, and better every day,” is the toast.

‣ Get well soon! I’m sure you’ll be back to your active self in no time.

‣ Hope you feel better every day.

‣ We expect you to be resting comfortably right now.

‣ “Best wishes to you.”

‣ Take your sweet time recovering!

‣ Best wishes for a quick recovery, please!

‣ Around here, I miss you.

‣ During your treatments, I will be lifting you up in my prayers.

‣ You’ll soon be back to your old pranks, I’m certain.

‣ Hope each day brings a little bit of improvement.

‣ As you recuperate from your injury, know that you are in everyone’s warmest thoughts.

‣ Thinking of you, and sending healing thoughts. You’re such a strong person, and I’ve always admired your courage and strength.

‣ When you’re ready, I want to see you back at practice.

‣ “I hope you’ll be discharged from the hospital soon.”

‣ Consider this the universe urging you to watch more television.

‣ “I hope you’re reading cookbooks to catch up!”

For a Child

To a young child, a get-well message is an opportunity to cheer them up, send a hug or a smile, and temporarily divert their attention from the scary or unpleasant circumstances.


‣ “Utilize your superpowers and recover quickly!”

‣ “[Princess] you are being so brave. I adore you a lot.

‣ “[Baxter] and I have you on our minds. He says “Woof,” a dog’s way of saying “Feel better soon.”

‣ You know, there are simpler methods to skip school. Happy to hear you’re recovering.

‣ “I am aware of the current hardships. You’re tougher, I know that.

‣ You are far more awesome than this. Soon, you’ll be back to being wonderful.

‣ “I beg you, please return from the hospital quickly! They genuinely miss you, and your toys.

‣ I hope under every star you feel better soon.

‣ Can’t wait to see you grinning once more!

‣ Sorry, but the current situation is not amusing. I’m hoping that soon changes.

‣ It sucks to be sick. You excel. Get well quickly!

‣ You have my heart.

‣ May your recovery be swift and painless.

‣ We can do this together!

‣ I will do anything to help.

‣ I love you and we’re here for you.

‣ Remember that it’s okay if you aren’t at one hundred percent.

‣ You can do it!

‣ You mean so much to me.

‣ It is okay to relax. Don’t worry about anyone or anything else.

‣ You’re doing fantastic.

‣ I hope you know how much we care about you and everything will be alright.

‣ “When you’re here, even school is cool. I anticipate your return shortly.

‣ “You’ll bounce back like a big ol’ basketball!”

‣ “I imagine your schoolmates miss you. You’re really easy to miss.

‣ “See? You’re so wonderful that even bacteria admire you.

‣ “Ouch! I’m really sorry, [Emma], about your broken leg. I’m sending you tons of healing hugs.

‣ I’m sorry to learn that the rest of the season will be cut short by your ankle. I hope you’re able to concentrate on getting well, resting, and returning stronger than ever the following year!

‣ Hello, tonsils. Hello, I feel much better!

For Family and Friends

Get-well messages that reflect love, thanks, and support are wonderful for family members or friends who are ill or injured. A beautiful, encouraging greeting for someone you know well can also be created with a fair amount of comedy.


‣ “You are really important to me. I sincerely hope you feel better soon.

‣ Hope it helps to know how much you are loved to know that.

God’s blessings on your healing.

‣ I’m just giving you a little get-well sunshine because you always make my days happier.

‣ Love you and consider you frequently.

‣ I love you, but I’m sorry you’re unwell.

‣ “Go ahead and squeak as much out of this as you can. I’d do it.

‣ You’ll overcome this, I know because I know you.

‣ You’ve always been a fighter, and you have such amazing courage.

‣ This is incredibly tough, but you’re tougher. Keep your head up.

‣ “Ugh. When my favorite individuals are injured, I detest it.

‣ I’m confident you’ll be better quickly.

‣ Sending love and hugs.

‣ “More prayers for your healing,” I said.

‣ No justice. You’re far too kind to be in such bad health.

‣ What you’ll do to get attention! You are free to use mine for however long this continues.

‣ Get well and soon return to your magnificent self!

‣ It’s ok to feel upset and angry. I’m always here if you want to get things off your chest.

‣ “When you’re not working, I understand how much I depend on you.”

‣ Call me if you want me to come over and tell you that you don’t look sick.

Serious Injury or Illness

Don’t let your concern over saying the incorrect thing prevent you from communicating with someone who is dealing with a major injury or illness.

Writing a few lines in a card is a pretty easy way to communicate, and no matter what you write, it will be obvious that you care.


‣ “I was so sorry to learn about your diagnosis. I’m thinking about you a lot as you start your treatment.

‣ I’m hoping you’ll experience God’s restoring power at work in you.

‣ “I don’t understand why unfortunate events like cancer must occur to decent individuals like you. However, I want you to know how much I care about you and how eager I am to support you in any way I can.

‣ “I want for you as you progress through your physical therapy whatever will help you feel better.”

‣ I’m praying for you.

‣ Don’t forget to eat and sleep well. You need your strength.

‣ Life is too short to be upset or feel sad about anything at all times, so don’t dwell on the past.

‣ It’s not easy but life can get better eventually, just give things time to improve!

‣ I have nothing to say besides my love and thoughts for you.

‣ Let’s get together. When you’re ready, I’ll be prepared.

‣ Don’t worry about anything right now because I’m here for whatever you need.

‣ Hopefully, the future looks brighter soon.

‣ God does not give us more than we can handle.

‣ To make up for all the bad days lately, I’m wishing you some well-deserved happy days.

I care about you so much. I wish there was something more I could do besides being by your side in any capacity possible.

‣ Seriously, this is a serious situation. I’m prepared to tackle it with you.

‣ When you’re ready, call me. The sound of your voice would be wonderful.

‣ Focus on something that makes you happy, even if it’s small.

‣ I’ve observed a million of your grins and will continue to do so.

Provide Assistance

If you can provide assistance with childcare, cleaning, meals, or anything else while your recipient is out of commission, feel free to mention it in your note. Just remember to follow up and finish what you start.


‣ “We are enjoying taking [Ella] to and from school. I hope that gives you one less thing to be concerned about as you recover.

‣ “While you’re in the hospital, don’t worry about anything. A large group of “elves” are in charge of everything. I hope you’re getting wonderful care from those doctors!

‣ I am here to help you. For any reason, for however long you require.

‣ “We’ll clean up and pick up. You take a nap.

‣ Continue to give thanks and cherish each day you have.

‣ “Until you’re mobile again, I’d love to assist around the house. I’ll text to inquire about a suitable time to visit.

‣ You’re going to overcome this obstacle! Don’t worry about the lawn until then. We have it covered.

‣ You’ve been through worse; this isn’t going to be a permanent condition.

‣ “I swear I won’t act like I can make dinner for you. How does delivery sound?

‣ I refuse to let you quit.

‣ You don’t have to suffer in silence.

‣ Take care of yourself first!

‣ “I have it, and you need it, whatever it may be.

‣ “Let someone else handle everything for the time being. For starters, I’d love to bring over some food.

‣ “I want to be there for you no matter what or when. I’ll get back to you soon.

Terminal Illness

It’s crucial to extend our compassion even when we are certain that someone will not recover.


‣ “I consider you on a daily basis. If [Eric] thinks you’d like a visitor at any point, please let me know.

‣ “You are always on my mind when I’m at my happiest. It will always remain.

‣ It’s comforting to know that you’re receiving excellent treatment.

‣ I’m praying for you.

‣ “In my thoughts and prayers”.“Always, but especially right now”.

‣ You are an inspiration to many.

‣ God loves you.

‣ You are so brave. 

‣ I believe that all things happen for a reason.

‣ “Wishing you a pleasant day and thinking of you today.”

‣ “Our conversations about everything and nothing are always so wonderful when we get together. I really hope we can do that again soon.

‣ You are a fighter, and you will make it through this rough time in life.

‣ “I’m hoping for a healing miracle. Hey, asking doesn’t hurt.

‣ I just wanted to emphasize how valuable you are to me.

‣ “You are in the very best of our warmest prayers.”

‣ I hope you can sense the love that is currently around you.

Warm Closings

Any get-well greeting card is best wrapped up with a friendly closure before your signature. Select one of our suggestions or think of one of your own.


‣ Yours Sincerely

‣ With love

‣ Abundantly, consistently, and with prayers

‣ I always think of  you

‣ Be careful, be extra careful

‣ Greetings for a speedy recovery

‣ I send you my best wishes for recovery, rest, and wellness.

‣ I wish you good health

‣ Happy recovery

‣ Gratefully

‣ Blessings

‣ Blessings from God

‣ Good luck


Often, all it takes to lift someone’s spirits while they are ill is to hear someone else express their concern, their faith in your ability to recover, or their assurance that things will get better.

Hopefully, these encouraging and resilient comments will help you be there for ailing friends and family members.

CSN Team.

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