Romantic Good Night Messages for the One You Love

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Sending romantic good night messages to the one you love brings about sweet dreams and it can also make the one you love feel so loved and brings a better day for both. There are no limitations to whom you can send a good night message. 

Good Night Messages for the one You Love

A thoughtful, encouraging, and romantic goodnight message is enough to lift a person’s mood, appreciate their hard work, and make them feel loved and worthy.

The following good night’s love messages can be very useful.

Good Night My Love SMS for Girlfriend

Here is our Romantic Good Night My Love SMS for your Girlfriend to have a good night’s rest.

1. Take a moment and look at the sky. Do you see how the stars are shining? Your beauty gives them a reason to. Good night my baby girl.

2. I’m waiting for the moonlight so I can find you in this perfect dream. Good night, babe.

3. As we fade into the night, I hope to see your beautiful face in my dream. Good night Love.

4. I want to share your joy and pain always. Good night.

5. Go on and rest your pretty little head. I will think of you.

6. I’m never going to let you go, that I assure you. Good night my fair lady.

7. As the day gives way to the night, may the angels be with you throughout the night.

8. I will remind you daily how gorgeous you are. You are gorgeous, my darling. Have a beautiful night’s rest.

9. The beauty of your soul lights my world up. Good night my darling.

10. You are so beautiful, the stars must be so jealous. Sleep sounds like my lady.

11. Good night, sweet, you are the best part of my life.

12. Reach for my heart. You’re always holding out for it. Always. Good night princess.

13. I had a long day, but thoughts of you kept me going. Good night dear.

14. I will sleep with the thought of you. Hopefully, I will wake up thinking of you, knowing full well that I will have a good day. Good night.

15. In my arms, that’s where you belong. I love you, have a beautiful night’s rest.

16. You are so beautiful. I know I say it every day, that’s because it’s the truth. Good night, beautiful one.

17. My heart skips every time I see you. I didn’t think anyone could make me feel that way. You are special, my darling. Good night. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

18. I hope you wake up thinking about me. Good night my love.

19. Good night my angel, may your fellow angels keep you company.

20. Have a wonderful night’s sleep. I will gladly wake you up with a kiss.

21. The stars are shining, and the moon is out, all for my baby to sleep safe and sound.

22. I will say a prayer to God for my baby. Have a beautiful night’s sleep. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

23. A princess needs her beauty to sleep. Good night my love.

24. Without the nights, there will be no beautiful sunrise, so get your beauty sleep and awaken into a brighter day.

25. Remember to say your prayers and think of me for a minute or more. Good night sunshine.

26. Right now, I’m thinking of you. I thought I should let you know. Good night my angel.

27. You are in every beautiful memory that I have. How’s that for a bedtime story? Have a beautiful night’s rest.

28. I trust you had a great day. Now, will you do me a favor? Have a lovely night.

29. My day started with me thinking of how amazing you are. It’s dusk and I’m still thinking of you. Good night.

30. A thousand kisses to the girl after my heart. I love you so much. Sleep well.

31. To my favorite lady, have a beautiful night’s rest.

32. You are everything beautiful and good. Have a good night.

33. I made only one wish tonight that my baby sleeps safe and sound.

34. May the angels keep you safe through the long and lonely night, amen. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

35. With your beautiful eyes closed to sleep, may you have a perfect dream? I love you.

36. You work so hard; you deserve a good rest. Have a wonderful night’s rest.

37. I looked out of the window. There’s a star shining so brightly. That’s you because you shine so brightly. Good night Love.

38. If the night never comes, there will not be a new day. Sleep well, my darling.

39. From a heart that loves you deeply, ‘Good night princess’.

40. You opened up my heart to the beauty the world offers. Good night Love. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

41. It’s the end of the day. I just wanted to keep the key to my heart safely in your care for the night. Good night.

42. You should know this, you are my favorite though. Good night Love.

43. Thank you for soothing my heart with your voice this evening. Sleep well.

44. Twinkle little star, you are all I want and more. Have a wonderful night.

45. Can I dream of you tonight? Good night princess.

46. I watched the day go by, then I saw the beautiful sunset. It made me think of you. Good night.

47. If I had wings, I would come to be by your side. But I don’t, so sleep well my darling. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

48. As the lights go down, I send my best thoughts of love to you to wish you a good night.

49. I’m under a million stars. I told them each that I loved them. I love you. Have a beautiful night’s rest.

50. Sweet dreams, good night, sweetheart.

Good Night SMS for Boyfriend

Here is our Romantic Good Night My Love SMS for your Boyfriend to have a good night’s rest.

1. You are always in my dreams and when I wake up, you are still my reality. Have a good night. Love.

2. Aww, I know you had a long day. Now think of me and have a beautiful night’s rest.

3. Every other morning I would love to see you staring back at me, but for now, just have a good night.

4. The princes deserve all the rest of the night’s offers. Close your eyes, thinking of me.

5. Get enough rest for an energetic day tomorrow. I will think of you.

6. I thought about you all day long. Now sleep with the thoughts of me.

7. Can I slip into your mind for a second and wish you a lovely night’s rest? Good night my darling.

8. A hot sunny day won’t stop me from wishing my love a good night. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

9. Thank you for the awesome date earlier. You are amazing. Good night my prince.

10. A good night’s rest ushers in a beautiful day ahead. Have a wonderful night, love.

11. Hey handsome, what’s on your menu tonight? kidding… Sleep well.

12. I would say ‘sleep like a baby’ but babies cry at night lol, so sleep like me. P.S. I always have a sound sleep. Good night, honey.

13. Before I sleep, I think of all the ways loving you has improved my life and I’m grateful. Good night my darling.

14. I will send you, my guardian angel, yes I love you that much. Sleep soundly.

15. A beautiful night’s rest for the prince of my heart.

16. I will sing you a lullaby, close your eyes, and listen carefully, good night Love.

17. You have got my heart tonight and always. Good night Love.

18. An amazing day starts with a good night’s sleep, so have a good night’s rest so you can wake up on an amazing day.

19. A young lady is thinking about you this evening. I’m the young lady. Good night dear.

20. You are part of the reason I look forward to each day. Goodnight my love. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

21. May tomorrow bring better opportunities than today. Sleep well, love.

22. Just close your eyes and feel my lips on yours. Goodnight hun.

23. Morning, noon, and night let my thoughts fill your heart. I can be that selfish, but I love you as much. Good night my darling.

24. Hey someone special, did you think of me today? Well, if you don’t, I forgive you. Now think of me and sleep well.

25. I sent your home address to a host of angels so they can keep you safe. So unless you are not at home, I trust you will have a pleasant night’s rest.

26. From dusk till dawn, I will think of you. Oh, wait I will sleep too. Good night my darling.

27. No matter how far apart we are, you are always in my heart. Good night handsome.

28. I don’t mind if you call me baby, just don’t sleep like one lol. Have a good night’s sleep.

29. Are you ready? I just sent my guardian angel to read you some bedtime stories.
Yes, I know, I’m the cool girlfriend. Good night my love. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

30. It seems we are a world apart, but we are right under the same stars, so have a good night’s sleep, dear.

31. I whispered into the night, I love you. If you listen carefully, you might just hear it. I love you always.

32. When I’m far from where you are, it’s ok because we are under the same stars. Good night Love.

33. Just like the cool ocean breeze, let thoughts of me send you gently to sleep. Good night.

34. The rhythm of your heartbeat is my kind of music but you know already so have yourself a beautiful night.

35. I’m wearing the shirt you gave me. It makes me sleep better at night. I hope your night is even better. I love you.

36. Happiness is knowing that you are mine. Good night, baby.

37. The day was rough, tonight we held hands and walked on the clouds. Good night, babe.

38. I would love to say so many things to you, but I will just say “Have a good night love.”

39. I will dream about you only if you do the same. Good night Love. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

40. May God keep you safe through the night and wake you up to a brighter day.

41. I wish we could talk all night long, but I know you need to rest. Sleep well, honey.

42. I sent a little bird to whisper good night to you.

43. A good night’s rest makes for a healthy life. You know I always want you to be at your best self. So have a good night’s rest.

44. Even from miles apart, you speak to my heart. I love you. Good night.

45. Out of sight is not out of my mind. I thought of you. Good night Love.

46. Say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the day, be safe and sound.

47. All work and no sleep make (insert your boyfriend’s name) a dull boyfriend. Good night Love.

48. I’m sending you a load of love tonight and enough for tomorrow. Sweet dreams, my love.

49. Tonight I’m your pillow, rest on it and sleep well. – Good Night Messages for the one You Love

50. Just close your eyes. I will be in your dreams. Love from your girl. Good night, sweet.

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