Gun Names for Dogs: Set Your Sights on the Ideal Name

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Gun names for dogs are uncommon, but that doesn’t make them any less impressive. All of the names on our lists are great for both men and women.

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Think outside the box and choose something unique for your dog.

Gun Names for Dogs: Set Your Sights on the Ideal Name

Get ideas for naming your dog after your favorite gun manufacturer.

1. Beretta

A distinctive moniker for a female hunting dog has been created by an Italian gun manufacturer.

2. Kimber

This company makes guns in America.

3. Colt

This firearms manufacturer has been producing armaments for the country since the 1800s.

4. Gauge

A gauge is a unit used to evaluate a weapon’s barrel diameter. It’s also a strong and ferocious dog name.

5. Nelli

Shotguns made by this renowned Italian firearms company are widely utilized by law enforcement, the military, and civilians.

6. Remington 

The Remington Arms Company is a leading American manufacturer of ammunition.

7. Sauer 

A German firearms manufacturer.

8. Smith

Massachusetts-based Smith & Wesson produces ammunition and firearms.

9. Wesson 

Smith & Wesson is a Massachusetts-based firearms and ammunition manufacturer.

10. Ruger

Ruger is a manufacturer of high-quality weapons.

11. Winchester

A well-known American maker of repeating weapons is Winchester Arms Company.


Gun Names for Dogs Inspired by Gun Parts and Ammunitions

Gun Names for Dogs Inspired by Gun Parts and Ammunitions

If you’re looking for a fierce dog name, check out this list of the coolest names.

12. Glock

A pistol

13. Tank

A tank gun is an excellent name for a hunting dog.

14. Magnum

This is a gun.

15. Musket

Looking for a totally cool dog name? A muzzle-loaded firearm is a musket.

16. Derringer

This handgun is stealthy but strong.

17. Bullet

Here’s the kill shot! This is a name that can be given to both male and female hunting dogs.

18. Hammer

Part of a weapon that converts stored-up energy to fire a projectile.

19. Trigger

Take the plunge!

20. Powder

The explosion created by gunpowder propels the bullet and makes a great hunting dog name.

21. Gunner

A cannon operator is a person who operates a cannon.

Best Gun Names for Dogs

Best Gun Names for Dogs

Examine this list to see if there is a suitable name for your new dog on it.

22. Finch

They aren’t hunters but have an adorable name!

23. Fox

Foxes are quick and athletic, great qualities for a hunting dog.

24. Buck

A buck is the male version of an antlered animal that is commonly hunted.

25. Drake

Duck hunting is a popular hobby.

26. Justice

Hunting dogs are known for their courage and strength.

27. King

This noble name is ideal for hunting dogs.

28. Legend

This is a unique and fun name for your confident hunting dog.

29. Hawk

Hawks are agile and robust hunters.

30. Lynx

A medium-sized wild cat.

31. Beast

Inspires strength and courage.

32. Blitz

This military term serves as a unique hunting dog name.


33. Bolt 


A good hunting dog is quick and agile.

34. Brutus

Tough and Hilarious.

35. Max

This is a popular name for male dogs.

36. Outlaw

Outlaw is a daring and rebellious name for a dog.

37. Diesel

Diesel exudes intense toughness and rebelliousness.

38. General

If your dog is athletic and commanding, this is an ideal name.

39. Jag

A tough name for a hunting dog.

40. Cabela 

This store is a mecca for hunters.

41. Tiger 

Tiger is a tough and strong animal.

42. Wolf 

A wolf is a tough canine hunter.

43. Dash

Apt for hunting dogs that are fast and agile.

44. Mack

Mack is a tough and tenacious name.

45. Maverick

An eccentric or maverick is someone who takes an independent stance.

46. Porter

This is a cool hunting dog name.

47. Rex 

This is a classic hunting dog name.

48. Shiloh 

This name is the quintessential dog name.

49. Spike

This name is adorable, endearing, and tough all at the same time!

50. Scooter

A cool and stylish hunting dog name.

51. Spartan

A society in ancient Greece that conquered Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

52. Rambo

This is an iconic, and tough Sylvester Stallone character.

53. Rebel

Great name for kick-butt, rebellious pups.

54. Rocky

The strong boxer is played by Sylvester Stallone.

55. Rogue

A rebellious, unique name.

56. Ryder

A strong and fashionable moniker.

57. Sarge

This is a strong and commanding name for your dog.

58. Walker

The Walker Texas Ranger!

Gun Names of Dogs Inspired By Mythology

Gun Names of Dogs Inspired By Mythology

Check out these myth-related names befitting your dog.

59. Athena

Athena was skilled in both hunting and military planning. She was renowned for her tenacity, sage advice, and athletic prowess.

60. Apollo

Apollo, a god, excelled at everything as well. He was very good at archery.

61. Xena

Greek mythology had Xena as its warrior heroine.

62. Zeus

This makes an ideal hunting dog name!

63. Artemis

In ancient Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of war.

64. Hercules 

Hercules, who is half god and half man, is renowned for his tremendous strength. This is a magnificent and distinctive dog name!

65. Orion 

Zeus assigned the hunter Orion the constellation of Orion in the heavens.

66. Olympia 

The Greeks of antiquity staged a Celtic celebration to glorify Zeus. As a result of the event, which was held in Olympia, the term “Olympics” was coined.

67. Nyx

Nyx, the goddess of the night in Greek mythology, is a mysterious figure.


What is a Good Name for a Gun Dog?

1. Beast.

2. Blitz.

3. General.

4. Rambo.

5. Wolverine.

6. Athena.

7. Bolt.

8. Duke.

What is a Unique Name for a Dog?

1. Arrow.

2. Ash.

3. Atlas.

4. Bixby.

5. Busy.

6. Cinder.

7. Happy.

8. Harper.

What are Some Warrior Dog Names?

1. Oscar: Hebrew, translates to “divine strength”

2. Takeo: Japanese, translates to “warrior, strong like bamboo”

3. Remo: Greek, translates to “the strong one”

4. Ekon: African, translates to “strong”

5. Maude: German, translates to “mighty battler”

6. Audie: English, translates to “noble strength”

What is an Alpha Dog Name?

1. Banshee.

2. Beast.

3. Bruiser.

4. Bruno.

5. Brutus.

6. Boss

7. Scar

8. Devil.

What are Some Gangster Dog Names?

1. Bonnie: Bonnie & Clyde, are a famous bank-robbing couple.

2. Bugsy: Bugsy Siegel was a gangster who help develop Las Vegas.

3. Butch Cassidy: A well-known train and bank robber.

4. Capone: Al Capone was the boss of the Chicago mob.

5. Clyde: Bonnie & Clyde.

What is the Coolest Dog Name?

1. Flint

2. Harley

3. Dingo

4. Sable

5. Lucky

6. Pepsi

7. Shades

What Name Means Fearless?

1. Anfelisa: This is a Turkish name that means “fearless.”

2. Audenzia: This name is of Sicilian and Italian origin which means “one who dares” or “one is who is fearless.”

3. Basilah: Of Arabic origin and means “brave” and “fearless.”

4. Binsa: This unusual name is of Nepali origin and means “fearless woman.”

What are Slang Names for a Gun?

1. Shooter (slang)

2. Piece (slang)

3. Rod (slang)

4. Heater (US, slang)

What is a Hunting Dog Name?

1. Rocky

2. Maggie.

3. Nala.

4. Teddy.

5. Finn.

6. Scout.

7. Willow.

8. Moose

What are Some Hunting Names?

1. Blaze.

2. Chase.

3. Hunter.

4. Ranger.

5. Scout.

6. Davy.

7. Shadow.

8. Trapper

It’s crucial to have a reliable companion by your side, whether you’re a hunter or you just enjoy being outside. Why not give your partner a memorable name?

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