Heritage Bank Savings Account Registration Guide – Full Procedures

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Heritage Bank Savings Account Registration Guide – Full Procedures.

One of the oldest banks in Nigeria and the most understandable banks when it comes to its customers is the Heritage Bank PLC (HB). Tracing its root back to the 1980s when it was founded as the Societe Generale Bank of Nigeria, you can see that it’s not a one day bank; it is an old-time bank.

Heritage Bank Savings Account Registration Guide - Full Procedures.

Opening a savings account in Heritage is very easy and to get one, the steps below will be of great help;

Steps to open Heritage Bank savings account;

  • First log in to the Heritage bank websites
  • Click on open account
  • A form will appear which you are to fill and submit
  • With the supply of your phone number; a Bank Verification Number (BVN) will be sent to you which you are to take to your local heritage bank closest to you for verification.
  • You can also download the form, fill and print to submit.


  • $5 minimum balance
  • $10 Opening Balance
  • Valid identification
  • Current utility bill or job letter to confirm the address.

Additional Requirement;

These requirements can vary based on savings category including;

  • The variable interest rate may change daily; interest calculation is based on the daily (collected) available balances and is compounded monthly.
  • Debit card not available
  • Overdrafts and NSF: $33 per paid item; $36 per returned item
  • $30 fee if the account is closed within 6 months of opening
  • Transfer money electronically to or from your account…anytime, online
  • The account holder must have a linked checking account (at any financial institution chartered in the U.S.) which can be used to transfer money from this account


  • Limited liquidity plus a better rate of return than a Savings Account.
  • Balance options offering tiered interest levels – customer chooses terms to fit the personal budget.
  • Affordable fees – Customers can control or eliminate fees by maintaining required balances and limiting transfers, withdrawals, and third-party checks.

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