Top 10 Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100K in Nigeria

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There are offline businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria when you consider the economic situation of the country. As you read on, we shall be providing some guide as per research that will see you make the right choice and kick-start that offline business today.

Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100K in Nigeria

The next issue definitely would be which business idea or venture to invest the 100 thousand naira you have saved.

This is where the problem lies for most people, especially those who aren’t internet savvy or prefer offline businesses they can walk into.

Not to worry as we have got you covered.

With proper research on what is currently available in Nigeria, we have compiled a list of the top 10 offline businesses in Nigeria which you can start up with 100 thousand naira, at least. These businesses are profitable as long as proper work ethics are followed.

Offline Businesses You Can Start with 100K in Nigeria

Below is our pick of the top 10 offline businesses in Nigeria you can start with at least 100 thousand naira:

1. Phone Charging Business 

It is no news that the electricity supply in most parts of Nigeria is unstable, erratic, and poor at best.  In this digital age, everyone needs to get connected especially via their mobile phones.

Since the power supply is poor and the cost of petrol and gasoline is expensive, Nigerians with the immediate need to power their phones, payphone charging vendors to charge their phones mostly at a fixed rate.

2. Phone Accessories Business

Selling phone accessories like phone casings, earpieces, screen guards and other such accessories is profitable since the market for phone accessories is always readily available.

This business does not need much capital for a start-up. With your goods displayed on the roadside, you can get your customers up for business.

3. Food Vendor Business

In most urban areas, workers, students, and residents need to have meals sold by others for several reasons ranging from the need to satisfy a craving for a particular meal to being too busy to prepare their meals.

Hygiene and good culinary skills are also important requirements for this business.

4. Fruit Juice Production and Sales

The demand for fruit juice that is organic is high, hence it is profitable with a low capital input. The demand is even higher in urban areas where fresh fruits are not readily available.

This is one of the few low-income businesses we can boldly recommend for you to try and venture in fully while you wait for something bigger.

5. Soap Production 

There are many tutorials readily available for soap production. You can easily enroll in one and get yourself used to the production process.

The demand is high since hygienic activities such as washing would always take place. It is important to locate customers who would patronize you.

6. Food Stuff Retailing

You could start with a bag of rice, beans, and Garri. Secure a store or stall and retail these foodstuffs in cups.  For example, a cup of rice is sold at 100 naira.

There are about 250 cups in a 50 kg bag of rice. This would be at least 25,000 naira when fully sold in cups. Since a bag of rice costs about 16,500, the profit margin is 8,500 per bag.

7. Palm Oil Retailing

Since the price of palm oil fluctuates seasonally, one could buy when it is cheaper in gallons of 50 liters and retail in lower quantities.

Palm oil retailing is a good and capital-intensive business venture for you. With just the sum of one hundred thousand naira, you can have your business moving.

8. Barbeque Business

The nightlife in some cities is very active and barbequed meat such as beef, chicken, goat meat, and pork on local grills are profitable.

Do not ignore the Barbeque business if have basic snacks-making skills. If you are going into this venture, locate a busy area and mount your stand.

9. Dog Breeding

Dogs are bred for meat, as pets, or for security in Nigeria. It is economical to start with 3 female puppies which cost about 20,000 naira to purchase.

In less than a year, with proper feeding and care, they would be ready to mate.

10. Pig Farming 

The demand for pork meat is high in Nigeria, especially in the southern part. The demand for protein food is also very high.

A sow could lay as many as 8 piglets at a time and is very fertile. A young female piglet cost about 50,000 naira.

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