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How Much Do Professors Make Hourly, Monthly and Annually?

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– How Much Do Professors Make –

Are you thinking of furthering your education after graduation so you can become a professor in your field?  Your dream isn’t impossible to achieve, well today is your lucky day because everything you need to know about how much do professors make is all stated down here.

how much do professors make

Who is a College Professor?

Professor (commonly shortened as Prof.) is an academic rank at universities and other post-optional education and research organizations in many nations.

Literally, a professor derives from Latin as an “individual who proclaims”. Educators are usually experts in their field and instructors of the greatest position.

In many frameworks of academic positions, “teacher” as an inadequate title alludes just to the most senior scholarly position, in some cases casually known as “full educator”.

In certain nations and establishments, “educator” is additionally utilized in titles of lower positions such as associate professor and assistant teacher; this is especially the situation in the United States, where the inadequate word is likewise utilized conversationally to allude to partner and associate teachers too.

This use would be thought of as erroneous among other scholastic networks. Nonetheless, the inadequate title “Educator” assigned with a capital letter almost consistently alludes to a full teacher.

Educators regularly conduct original research and usually teach undergraduate, professional, or postgraduate courses in their main subject areas.

In colleges with graduate schools, teachers might tutor and administer graduate understudies directing exploration for a thesis or thesis.

In numerous colleges, full educators take on senior administrative jobs like driving offices, research groups, and establishments, and fill jobs like the president, head, or bad habit chancellor.

The job of a teacher might be more open-looking than that of more junior staff, and educators are relied upon to be public or global forerunners in their main subject area.

How Can I Become a College Professor?

Do all College Professors need to get a degree in training? The overall response to this inquiry is No. Only one out of every odd field has this particular prerequisite with regards to educating.

Most Colleges and Universities lean toward a Ph.D. degree before an applicant is considered for the job of a Professor. Notwithstanding, a few fields likewise utilize competitors with a Master’s certification to the job they educate.

Here is a point-by-point investigation of the stuff to be a school educator, the obligations and obligations just as the standpoint for a task in this field.

Stage One: Choose A Field of Education

Hopeful school teachers can choose from various fields accessible, any place they have a tendency to learn and practice. Arithmetic, English, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Music, Dentistry is a portion of the fields that can be picked as your favored field for study later on.

Recollect that whichever field you pick should be out of energy and self-discipline to overcome it out despite exceptional rivalry.

Stage 2: Complete your Bachelor’s Degree

In the wake of picking a field, you are enthusiastic about, the following stage is to enlist yourself into a Bachelor’s certificate program at a University. Acing your four-year certification program is a need by and large as future enrolment to a master’s level college depends on the scores and GPA got in your single man’s course.

Aside from a decent GPA, an examination of how educators communicate with understudies in the undergrad local area can assist you with getting significant bits of knowledge concerning what is generally anticipated from you later on.

Stage 3: Get conceded to a Graduate School

For most Universities, school educators need no less than a graduate degree to be considered for a chance to instruct at the University. As a rule, a Ph.D. or comparable doctoral certification is likewise a need.

For getting conceded to an esteemed master’s level college, there is a rigid contest and scarcely any seats with countless candidates.

Assuming you clear the bar of getting conceded to a school of your decision, you can hope to gain proficiency with a great deal about your picked field.

A solid scholastic relationship with your educators will likewise help you co-creator many papers in the field and get an industry-wide openness.

On the off chance that you decide to seek a doctoral certification, you can have some expertise in your preferred discipline.

Close by this, the distribution of papers and proposition is of uncommon significance for competitors who need to become College Professors.

Understudies with the record of an effective series of distributions are more aggressive with regards to going after showing jobs at colleges and schools.

Another thought that can assist you with your showing profession is figuring out how to instruct on the web. Many presumed colleges are offering all-day courses to understudies on the web.

Displaying your internet showing abilities could be the differentiator with regards to featuring your adaptable nature for an educating application.

Stage 4: Participate in Teaching Assistantships or Internships

During your entire vacation, you should be prepared to partake in any business openings or assistantships with your teacher. This will assist you with acquiring experience and put your showing vocation on a most optimized plan of attack.

Post-Doctoral experience is likewise a method for expanding information and distributing papers for the following a few years after your Ph.D.

A post-doctoral encounter showing subjects of your field will help an incredible arrangement with regards to handling a full-time position at any University.

The amount Do US Professors Earn?

The American Association of University Professors tracks scholarly compensations in the United States. In view of their 2016/2017 report, the normal compensation for a full educator is $102,402 USD.

Academic partners acquire a normal of $79,654 and associate educators normal $69,206.

The Chronicle of Higher Education additionally has a database of individual personnel pay rates for in excess of 4,700 establishments dependent on data gathered by the U.S. Instruction Department.

Highest Paying Subject Areas

Albeit the Department of Labor set the middle pay for all teachers at $76,000 in 2017, the middle compensation shifted generally agreeing by a branch of knowledge.

Law educators had the most elevated middle yearly compensation of $104,910, trailed by designing and financial aspects teachers at around $98,000.

Social work and schooling teachers were among the least workers with a middle pay of about $64,000.

The compensation for educators in a given branch of knowledge frequently mirrors the general worth of experts in that field.

Schools With Highest Paid Professors

The area is another significant element when it comes to college teacher salaries. Working at a lofty school or college accompanies higher pay.

A 2018 study by the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) positioned Columbia University first for generously compensated teachers, with a normal yearly compensation of $251,300.

Stanford University set second with normal pay rates of $246,200. The average Harvard educator pay of $245,800 ranked third.

Future Demand for Professors

There were approximately 1.3 million professors in the United States in 2016, but more will be needed in the future.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that in the ten years from 2016 to 2026, the demand for university professors will increase by 15%, which is much higher than the growth rate of most other occupations.

The demand will be highest in disciplines where there is a high demand for trained professionals, such as healthcare and engineering.

The growing demand for more professors is based on the projected increase in the number of college students.

The Labor Department also predicts that many colleges and universities will focus on recruiting part-time professors in order to save money. With the reduction of tenure jobs, competition for high-paying jobs is expected to be fierce.

Professors Job Outlook

 The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the employment of college professors will grow by 15% between 2016 and 2026, much higher than the average for all occupations in the United States.

This projection includes part-time and full-time instructors. College enrollment is expected to rise in the next decade. Colleges need to hire new professors to help with the increased enrollment.

Students want to continue their education so they can have the skills they need to get jobs now.

Colleges need to hire more part-time professors. Full-time non-tenure positions and full-time tenure positions may be restricted. Some degree programs may hire more professors in colleges.

Health specialties expect to see an increase in students seeking degrees in a health-related field.

Do College Professors Get Paid Well?

Full school teachers in the U.S. made a normal of $140,543 in 2020-21. Senior-level educators at private organizations brag the most elevated yearly income.

Subordinate and other non-tenured staff procure extensively less each year. In spite of rising understudy expenses and chief pay, teachers’ compensation stays stale.

Professor Salary Varies by Job Level

In general, the three main ranks of university professors are associate, associate, and full-fledged. Assistant professors are typically in the early stages of their career path full-time and pre-professionals who have earned an undergraduate degree.

Associate professors are middle-level university professors, while full-time professors are higher-level.

Outside of these three traditional ranks, there are also adjunct faculty, full-time and part-time faculty with titles such as lecturer or teacher.

Besides the job ranks of professors, the type of university they attend—public, private, independent, or faith-based—and the educational level of the students they teach can affect their annual salaries.

How Much Does a Professor With a PhD Make a Year?

Involvement with showing assumes a part, as it does on any vocation track. On the off chance that an educator with a Ph.D. doesn’t have a showing foundation, their compensation might be lower.

Be that as it may, insight at partnerships or in the field might go about as a substitute, as indicated by EduDecisions. The compensation of a teacher with a Ph.D. will increment humbly until residency is accomplished.

When a teacher has ensured professional stability, they see an enormous pay raise.

The U.S. Statistics says a middle school educator’s compensation is about $73,000. The compensation of a tenured educator with a Ph.D. is frequently six figures, as indicated by Edu Decisions.

Compensations for Ph.D. educators can likewise rely upon what subjects they instruct.

For example, educators with a Ph.D. who show Psychology acquire between $60,000 to $105,000, finance teachers can make $140,000 – $160,000 or more, business educators procure around $115,000, instruction teachers are remunerated between $65,000 – $93,000 and natural chemistry teachers can acquire around $110,000, as indicated by Ph.D. Program.

Ph.D. educators for the most part make not as much as PhDs working at large corporations, yet they frequently get time to do their own examination.

Do Professors Make a Lot of Money?

Not in any way, Top compensation for educators at CUNY is around $100,000. High-level private schools will get you fairly more (yet at the same time under $200,000, except if you’re a football trainer), however, most private universities have similar compensation scales.

They make enough to get by. It’s not part of cash. it’s anything but rich life.

You can pretty much figure out how to carry on with an aware life. Most instructors – at whatever level they might educate – are energetic around 2 things – (1) learning and (2) instructing.

This is a source of both blessing and pain and except if one will make penances, one ought not to wander into his calling.

Educating is a calling just for the most devoted, generally legit, and forfeiting individuals. BTW, in numerous nations, including India, educating isn’t viewed as a calling by any stretch of the imagination.

So you will have the following as experts on all administration structures: specialist, architect, bookkeeper, and attendant … But not educator! In any case, we continue. Showing respect for the overall educating local area.

How Much Do Canadian Professors Make?

The average professor salary in Canada is $90,967 per year or $46.65 per hour. Passage level positions start at $83,166 per year, while most experienced laborers make up to $127,500 per year.

Quit worrying about the elite level; educators in the maple-hung ivory pinnacles of Canada are on normal the best-paid on the planet, new exploration shows. …

In changed dollars, Canada’s normal full-time educator procures $7,196 each month, contrasted with $6,054 in the United States and $5,943 in the United Kingdom.

The 2020 full-time normal time-based compensation rate for proficient occupations in schooling administrations, which incorporates college teachers and speakers, is $40.97.

The 2020 relating middle week by week wage rate is $1,538, giving an inexact full-time yearly compensation for this work bunch of $80,000.

Do You Need a PhD to be a Professor in Canada?

University professors need a Ph.D. in their field of specialization.

Professors teaching future practitioners in certain professionally regulated areas such as medicine, engineering, architecture, psychology, and law may require a license or professional qualification.

How Much Do Professors Make

Are College Professor Positions Available?

Filling in as a school educator can provide significant business and a chance to give information to the future.

Overall, it’s very hard to turn into an educator. These days, there are a lot more qualified candidates than there are full-time, school-level showing positions, making residency track occupations specifically exceptionally serious.

Here comes the rundown on educator position accessible


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Sydney Uni Scholarships: 2022/2023

1. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

Full Job Description:

The David Eccles School of Business’s Department of Operations and Information Systems at the University of Utah seeks to fill an open-rank tenure-track faculty position beginning July 2022.

We seek candidates with demonstrated research accomplishments in operations management, information systems, and related fields. A Ph.D. in a relevant discipline is required by fall 2022.

Candidates at all levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

Successful candidates will be expected to produce high-quality research and teach effectively. Candidates publishing in the top INFORMS journals are encouraged to apply.

The David Eccles School of Business values candidates who have experience working with students from diverse backgrounds and who are committed to improving access to higher education for historically underrepresented students.

They committed the Department to remove barriers that individuals from underrepresented groups have traditionally encountered; strive to recruit faculty who will further enhance our diversity; and makes every attempt to support their academic, professional, and personal success while they are here.

The University of Utah recognizes that a diverse faculty benefits and enriches the educational experiences of the entire campus and greater community.

This institution offers benefits to same-sex and to different-sex domestic partners. This institution offers benefits to spouses.

Interested individuals should upload a cover letter, curriculum vitae, a sample of research papers, and 3 letters of recommendation. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. For full consideration, we encourage you to apply by November 12, 2021.

Apply Now

2. Graduate Adjunct Professor – Leadership (Online)

Full Job Description:

Graduate Adjunct Professor–Leadership

Graduate Adjunct Professor – Leadership

Employee Type:  Part-Time

Location: Online

Required Education:

I prefer a terminal degree from an accredited institution of higher learning with a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the academic field

They must meet extensive professional experience in a related field minimum technology requirement. They can view those at

Previous experience teaching online students at the university level


Trine University invites applications for part-time adjunct positions in the following academic fields: business administration, information studies, criminal justice, engineering management, and organizational leadership.

Applications are accepted going forward to support the program and enrollment growth. Applications are active for one year from the submission date.

The Adjunct Faculty Role

The University’s mission is to promote intellectual and personal development through personally focused learning opportunities, preparing students to succeed, lead and serve.

Our faculty are responsible for ensuring students are successful in the online classroom and are prepared for the complexities of today’s workplace.

Expected Adjunct Faculty Will

Actively engage students through frequent interaction and convey genuine enthusiasm for their learning.

Provide thorough and constructive feedback, using rubrics to effectively assess learners’ work, while also acknowledging learner accomplishments.

Show relevant and current subject-matter expertise and help students connect concepts across their academic program.

Work effectively with the TrineOnline team to seek continuous improvement for all TrineOnline courses and programs.

Adjunct Faculty Training

All new faculty teaching online are required to successfully complete onboarding training as a condition of hire.


Salary is based upon the number of credit hours taught and the number of students registered for the class being taught.

Adjunct faculty candidates are required to provide official transcripts during the candidate selection process.

Are you ready to join Trine?

Apply Now

3. Assistant Professor – University Of New Mexico

Full Job Description:

Posting Number: req17690

Employment Type: Faculty

Faculty Type: Tenure/Tenure-Track

Hiring Department: Civil Engineering (456A)

Academic Location: School of Engineering

Campus: Main – Albuquerque, NM

Benefits Eligible:

The University of New Mexico provides a comprehensive package of benefits, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance.

In addition, UNM offers educational benefits through tuition remission and dependent education programs. See the Benefits home page for more information.

Position Summary:

University of New Mexico

Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Assistant Professor Transportation Position

University of New Mexico

Department of Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor – Transportation Engineering

Candidates with track records and backgrounds in Transportation Engineering are invited to apply.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to sustainable transportation systems, smart, connected rural and urban communities, and zero-carbon transportation.

Minimum Qualifications:

Doctorate in Civil Engineering or closely related fields

Preferred Qualifications:

➣ The ability to develop an externally funded research program in the specific focus area described above

➣ A commitment to undergraduate and graduate education

➣ The ability to teach core transportation and engineering surveying courses.

➣ A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, student success, as well as working with broadly diverse communities

➣ Registration as a Professional Engineer (PE), or completion of the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (FE) with plans to pursue PE registration

Application Instructions:

➣ Only applications submitted through the official UNMJobs site will be accepted. If you are viewing this job advertisement on a 3rd party site, please visit UNMJobs to submit an application.

➣ Describe the documents the applicant should attach for a complete application. Include any additional application instructions that may be required of applicants.

➣ Applicants who are appointed to a UNM faculty position are required to provide an official certification of successful completion of all degree requirements prior to their initial employment with UNM.

For Best Consideration

For best consideration, please apply by 12/10/2021. This position will remain open until filled.

The University of New Mexico is committed to hiring and retaining a diverse workforce.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer, deciding without regard to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, veteran status, disability, or any other protected class.

Apply Now

4. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor–University of South Carolina

Full Job Description:

Posting Number: FAC00208PO21

Advertised Title: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor

Campus: Columbia

College/Division: Darla Moore School of Business

Department: DMSB Management

Advertised Salary Range: Commensurate with experience/qualifications

Part/Full Time: Full Time

Hours per Week: 37.5

Position Category: Full-time Equivalent (FTE)

Basis: 9 months

Work County: Richland

Tenure Information: Tenure-Track/Tenured

Job Search Category: Faculty

About University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina System comprises the state’s flagship university in Columbia (founded in 1801 and currently one of the top 50 “Best Colleges” according to U.S. News and World Report).

Together, the USC System institutions offer over 450-degree programs on campus and online and are uniquely positioned to meet the state’s educational, health, and research needs.

The System employs nearly 14,000 people who work daily to improve the lives of students, fellow South Carolinians, and the world. Our diverse, engaged faculty and staff enjoy a dynamic and intellectually stimulating work environment.

Diversity Statement:

At the University of South Carolina, we strive to cultivate an inclusive environment that is open, welcoming, and supportive for individuals of all backgrounds.

We recognize diversity in our workforce is essential to providing academic excellence and critical to our sustainability.

They committed the University to eliminate barriers created by institutional discrimination through accountability and continuous process improvement. We celebrate the diverse voices, perspectives, and experiences of our employees.

Advertised Job Summary:

The Management Department in the Darla Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina invites applications and nominations for a tenure track Assistant Professor position with teaching and research interests that complement the Department’s existing areas of emphasis.

While faculty rank is for an Assistant Professor, we will limit applicants for consideration at the rank of Associate or Full Professor to those with an exceptional record of teaching, research, and service and years of relevant experience consistent with University policy.


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Required Education and Experience

Appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor requires a PhD in management or a closely related field by August 16, 2022 (ABDs may apply) and has shown potential for excellence in teaching and research.

Appointment at the rank of Associate Professor requires at least five years of relevant experience beyond the PhD with an exceptional record of teaching.

Research, and service by the time of appointment; appointment at the rank of Full Professor requires at least nine years beyond the PhD of exceptional record of teaching, research, and service of relevant experience by the time of appointment.

The successful applicant at any rank will conduct high-quality research that can fit within the highly collaborative research community of OB/HR scholars, including strategy scholars with similar interests, and the ability to effectively contribute to teaching in our growing HR.

Analytics programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and a showed record of or the potential to publish consistently in top-tier scholarly journals commensurate with faculty rank.

Quicklink for Posting:

EEO Statement:

The University of South Carolina does not discriminate in educational or employment opportunities on the basis of race, sex, gender, gender identity, transgender status, age, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, genetics, protected veteran status, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions.

Apply Now                                                           

5. Assistant/Associate/Full Professor – The University of North Carolina Greensboro

Full Job Description:

The Department of Biology ( at the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG) seeks an innovative biologist in any biological subdiscipline at the Assistant/Associate/Full Professor rank who studies plant and/or pollinator biology.

With nearly all flowering plants requiring pollinators, the pollination crisis is impacting both human and environmental health.

Therefore, we are seeking an individual to take an intellectual leadership role in UNCG’s plant and pollinator research including our state-of-the-art Plant and Pollinator Center integrates their work with our current strengths (e.g., honey bee microbiome, orphan crops, plant physiological and community ecology).

We are searching broadly for a candidate who works at any scale from molecules to landscapes, can integrate with other approaches to unlock the biology of plants, pollinators, and/or their interactions, and to contribute to solving the growing global problem of pollination and food security in the face of climate change.

The Assistant Professor position will be tenure track and Associate and Full Professor rank will be tenured and provide leadership opportunities at the Plant and Pollinator Center and in developing priorities for UNCG’s development campaign.

Exceptional candidates will be considered for the Florence Shaeffer Distinguished Professorship in the Sciences.

Minimum Qualifications

Candidates must hold or anticipate a Doctorate in Biology or related discipline when starting the position on 8/1/22

Preferred Qualifications

Postdoctoral experience is preferred

Apply Now

6. Assistant/Associate Professor-Chemistry – Western Michigan University

Title: Assistant/Associate Professor-Chemistry

Department: Chemistry

Grade: I30

Job Type: Tenure Track

Salary Range: $70,000 – $90,000

Major Duties:

  • Excellence in teaching organic chemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels, including both lecture and lab instruction.

➢  Establishing a globally recognized research program that includes graduate and undergraduate students and which ideally includes

➢  interdisciplinary collaborations as well as work in the successful candidate’s specific area(s) of expertise.

➢  Actively seeking external funding to support research and scholarly activities.

➢  Conducting and publishing scholarly research in peer-reviewed journals -Student mentoring and advising.

➢  A strong commitment to inclusion and student success

➢  Service to the department, college, and university.

Minimum Qualifications:

➢ Must complete a Ph.D. in organic chemistry or a closely-related field by August 2022 with preference given to candidates with postdoctoral experience.

➢ A demonstrated commitment to teaching undergraduate and graduate courses.

➢ A demonstrated commitment to working with students, faculty, and staff with different cultural and economic backgrounds

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Desired Qualifications:

Research emphasis in synthetic chemistry.

➢ Experience with evidence-based teaching practices.

➢ Interest in instructional innovation.

➢ Departmental leadership potential.

➢ A focus on supporting and engaging students from diverse backgrounds.

Required Applicant Documents:

Cover Letter highlighting your qualifications

Curriculum Vitae

Additional Position Information:

Application review will begin on November 1, 2021, and applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

External Posting Date: 10-15-2021

Apply Now

Professor Salaries from Around the World

Another examination of staff compensations at state-funded colleges around the world – intended to make correlations conceivable by zeroing in on buying power, not unadulterated pay rates – observes that Canada offers the best personnel pay among 28 nations dissected.

Canada dominates the competition for those recently entering the scholastic calling, normal compensations among all educators and those at the senior levels. As far as normal workforce, pay rates depend on buying power.

The United States positions fifth, behind its northern neighbour, yet In addition, Italy, South Africa, and India.

The figures (see table at end of article) are the aftereffect of an uncommon examination project between the Center for International Higher Education, at Boston College, and the Laboratory for Institutional Analysis at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, in Moscow.

The correlations are intended to sidestep a commonplace impediment to global examinations of staff compensations (or any pay rates so far as that is concerned): the pointedly various expenses of living in different nations.

Unadulterated compensation correlations dependent on trade rates would observe the most significant compensations in select Western-created countries.

Undoubtedly those nations do well even with the procedure utilized for this review.

That system depends on the “purchasing power equality index” (PPP), in which compensations reflect the stuff to buy comparable labor and products in various nations.

This empowers nations with somewhat low pay rates (in unadulterated funds) yet in addition with low expenses of residing to be serious with others where base compensation is a lot higher.

Also, that is the reason it’s workable for nations like South Africa and India to show up over the United States.

Indeed, on the grounds that the American numbers depend on full-time positions and bar most extras, the American near position might be lower than is shown.

For the most part, China and once in the past Soviet-ruled nations charge inadequately in the correlations in the review.

Monthly Average Salaries of Public Higher Education Faculty, Using U.S. PPP Dollars

Country Entry Average Top
Amernia $405 $538 $665
China $259 $720 $1,107
Russia $433 $617 $910
Kazakhstan $1,1037 $1,553 $2,304
Ethopia $864 $1,207 $1580
Lavita $1,087 $1,785 $2,654
Mexico $1,336 $1,941 $2.730
Turkey $2,173 $2.597 $3,898
Czech Republic $1,655 $2,495 $3,967
Colombia $1,965 $2,702 $4,058
Brazil $1,858 $3,179 $4.550
Japan $2,897 $3,179 $4,604
France $1,973 $3,484 $4,775
Argentina $3,151 $3,755 $4,385
Malaysia $2,824 $4,628 $7,864
Nigeria $2,758 $4,629 $6,229
Israel $3,525 $4,747 $6,377
Norway $4,491 $4,940 $5,847
Germany $4,885 $5,141 $6,383
Netherlands $3,472 $5,313 $7,123
Australia $3,930 $5,713 $7,499
United Kingdom $4,077 $5,943 $8,369
Saudi Arabia $3,457 $6,002 $8,524
United States $4,950 $6,054 $7,358
India $3,954 $6,070 $7,433
South Africa  $3,927 $6,531 $9,330
Italy $3,525 $6,955 $9,118
Canada $5,733 $7,196 $9,485

Annual Salary for a Research Professor

The average research professor makes $133,276 in the United States. The average hourly pay for a research professor is $64.08. The average entry-level research professor’s salary is $90,000.

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $30,720, and the top 10 percent earned more than $130,510.


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Nursing Scholarships: 2022/2023 Application 

Community College Professor Salary

College faculty, including community college professors, make an average of $54,542 per year when working full-time.

Many community colleges do not use academic rankings, referring to professors as instructors regardless of their tenure status, while others use titles to indicate their expertise.

Adjunct professors, who are college instructors that work part-time and are not eligible for tenure, make an average of $44.43 per hour. Assistant professors, who are usually beginning a tenure-track career.

Make an average of $59,539 per year while more experienced associate professors, who are usually tenured or tenure-track, earn a national average of $82,205 per year.

Community college professors can increase their potential salary by earning advanced degrees and gaining experience in subjects that are in high demand.

This can include subjects that most students are required to take such as English and math, as well as specializations such as engineering and social sciences.

Some community college professors work part-time at multiple institutions or alongside another job in their field, which can influence their earnings as well.

Average Salary by State for Community College Professors

how much do professors make

There are community colleges located in most counties in the United States. The cost of living, class sizes, and availability of qualified candidates can all influence the state’s average salary.

 Here is a list of the average salary for assistant professors in each state according to Indeed Salaries, which should give you a good idea of the salary for a full-time community college professor:

➣ Alabama: $73,307 per year

➣ Alaska: $77,406 per year

➣ Arizona: $53,129 per year

➣ Arkansas: $64,333 per year

➣ California: $65,748 per year

➣ Colorado: $71,467 per year

➣ Connecticut: $69,659 per year

➣ Delaware: $90,000 per year

➣ Florida: $59,495 per year

➣ Georgia: $50,606 per year

➣ Hawaii: $80,102 per year

➣ Idaho: $52,341 per year

➣ Illinois: $81,840 per year

➣ Indiana: $56,877 per year

➣ Iowa: $64,902 per year

➣ Kansas: $85,526 per year

➣ Kentucky: $55,528 per year

University Professor Salary

Full college professors in the U.S. made an average of $140,543 in 2020-21. Senior-level professors at private institutions boast the highest annual earnings. Adjunct and other non-tenured faculty earn considerably less per year.

Despite rising student costs and executive compensation, professors’ pay remains stagnant.

Over the last decade, shifts in the average college professor salary in the U.S. have been minimal. Between the 2019-20 and 2020-21 academic years, the increase in average professor salaries was just 1% for all professor ranks at all institution types.

When adjusted for inflation, however, this shift actually represented a decrease — the first such dip in professors’ salaries since recovering from the Great Recession.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, salaries had risen in the 3% range year over year for the past 10 years.

The stagnant nature of professor pay is surprising when compared to the rising tuition costs and increased pay for top executives at universities.

 In the last decade, college tuition has increased by approximately 46%, while presidential salaries have risen beyond most experts’ ability to track their rise.

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