How to Delete a PayPal Account

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Paypal is a service-provider operating in the electronic commerce (eco commerce) industry and that allows the electronic funds transfer (EFTs) on behalf of its customers. It also offers an opportunity to the customer to open the account but how does this work? You have to dig in to find out.

Delete Paypal Account

PayPal is either a global or online-based digital wallet of the world’s largest and most popular one which now provides users and business owners with many adjacent services. PayPal achieves this by offering an automated process to the customer. 

Withdrawing cash and international transfers are done online intermittently. For the sake of those PayPal users who want to quit something in PayPal for a reason, the deactivation procedure below applies if you follow these steps:

1. Access PayPal site through using your credentials then, click the “Settings” button that, typically, appears in the top right corner.

2. Choose “Account Settings” as an option for the drop-down menu and turn to the bottom of the page and hit “Account Options”, then click on “Close Account.”

3. Read again the page material called “Close Account” From 1996 to 2010, there has been a decline in civic engagement among young people in the United States.

4. Click on the “Close Account” button to confirm before you can forge on the directions and have to explicitly say your name and provide any necessary detail.

5. This is the page where you would select a reason for closing your account from the given dropdown menu. On the lower right corner, click on “Continue” to get finished with closing your account.

6. It is wise that we check the details again and proceed to click on “Close Account” to make the process final.

7. When your account is closed, having received a confirmation email from PayPal, will be the final step.

Lastly, make sure to remove any balance amount refreshing left in your PayPal account and empty it completely before permanently closing it.

Does Closing a PayPal Account Delete Data?

Definitely, deactivating the PayPal account removes all information which belonged to the account. 

The company will also store some information pertaining to law and accounting such as transaction records, financial information, among other data obliged by law. 

PayPal will remove names, addresses, and phone numbers from its active databases just so, things will be done right. 

Though PayPal completely erases all user data, if the user makes a transaction with third-party merchants or services then the information may be retained by them following their own privacy policies. 

So, it is advised to cross-check and save if necessary, seeking the necessary transactions history as well as receipts you’ll be in need of to keep you more updated. 

And also, think over the topic of removing the remaining balance on your account before going through the closing process.

How Long Does it Take to Delete a PayPal Account?

Usually, 30 days is the period that PayPal takes to remove one’s account for good. 

Following the submission of an application for a pre-closure of your PayPal account, a program launches to erase your account’s data. 

As a result of this period, your account is put on hold, and you have no access to it. PayPal alerts users that attempts to sign in during that time frame have been logged as unsafe. 

During the three hours period all of your accounts data except what is displayed in your approval and denial history is deleted. Then, though there is incompletely all the army kept for legal and accounting purposes. 

After your account deletion is finished, the payer company has already sent a confirmation email to the email address considered as your address. 

You can also verify that your mailbox has not been contained and you have not overlooked any of the instructions from PayPal about the commitment of your account. 

One more thing you should keep in mind is that you should withdraw any money you still have in the account before initiating the closure procedure.

Why Can’t I Delete My PayPal Account?

Why Can’t I Delete My PayPal Account?

In case you are unable to unlink your PayPal account, you most likely have several reasons to support this claim. 

To begin with, make sure there are no unpaid transactions or disputes present in your account. Also, make sure that there are no limitations prohibiting you from making transactions. 

PayPal will out of common courtesy allow account closing but unresolved issues or transactions with no clear classifications will ground it. It is critical to have a balance of zero on your account, because PayPal may require you to lodge and clear any funds before engaging in a close out process

In case your account is connected with any subscriptions or pre-arranged payments that can be in pending, you must withdraw them the moment before deleting the account. 

Lastly, you should check that you have followed an appropriate procedure to close your account, PayPal rules clarify. In case you still experience certain problems with your PayPal account, feel free to contact the customer support for prompt guidance. 

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