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How to Study in India 2020 See Application Guide and Requirement

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How to Study in India 2020 See Application Guide and Requirement.

How to Study in India: Koi mil Gaya! Want to study in India? That’s why I sang you that song ‘cos I’ve found you’ it’s an Indian movie soundtrack.

India is one of the fun countries when it comes to education not just because of their funny way of speaking but their in-depth view of life and education.

How to Study in India: Application Guide and Requirement.

In the past decades, India has been discovered to be the 12th most populous country for American students and students traveling far and wide to study why? The country is known to provide some of the best medical practitioners and the likes.

Don’t waste your time searching for universities to study or finding fault in studying in this country because you cannot find another country like this.

With interesting cultures and festivals to spark up your celebrative spirit like Holi-the festival of colors (not that I’ve attended) with lots of landmarks and tourist centers to visit like the Taj Mahal, built-in 1632 and is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Education System in India

The Indian education system is highly similar to that of the Anglo Saxon countries. The stages are:

Nursery –> primary (class 1 to class 5) –>secondary (class 6 to Class 10) –> Senior Secondary (class 11- Class 12) –> Graduation (Arts & Commerce – 3 years, professional – 4 years, Medical – 5 years,) –> post-graduation (1/2 to 3 years)

The Indian education system is currently mainly comprised of primary education, secondary education, senior secondary education, and higher education. Elementary education consists of eight years of education. Secondary education lasts four years and senior secondary education is an additional two years of education.

How to Study in Indian Universities

Figured you should, first of all, learn of the different degrees and duration offered in Indian universities.

It takes between three and four years to complete an undergraduate degree in India.

Subjects such as arts, commerce, and science take three years, and topics such as technology, engineering, and pharmacy taking four years.

As is the general case at universities across the world, subjects such as law, veterinary science, and medicine are likely to take longer.

India follows the Bachelor’s degree structure for undergraduate studies. After completion of their Bachelor’s degree students can decide whether to continue their education with a master.


A credit pass in 5 relevance course(s).

Admission Processing

Admission processing is simple. Interested students are to scan the following documents to the website of the institution of their choice along with the following requirements.

  1. WAEC Certificate/statement of result
  2. Data page of international passport (if it is available if not no problem. Admission will be processed)
  3. 3. Indicate your proposed course of study. Also, provide your phone no for ease of communication.

Note: Admission processing takes 2-3 days. An offer letter will be sent to the student. No payment of any fee for admission processing.

Visa Requirements 

  1. Valid International Passport six-month validity
  2. Admission Letter
  3. Authentication of your original results from the Federal Ministry of Education & Foreign Affairs Ministry, Abuja.
  4. NDLEA Clearance from the student’s state office. (This usually takes a month)
  5. Letter of sponsorship supported with Court Affidavit.
  6. 6 (six) month bank statement supported with Court Affidavit.
  7. 2 by 2 passport photographs.
  8. Payment of necessary acceptance fee to the Institution in India.
  9. Must have five (5) credits in relevant subjects not less than C4 in WAEC or NECO
  10. Support his/her documents with his sponsor’s ID card or other means of identification
  11. Payments of visa fee of at the embassy
  12. Book appointments and obtain dates online.
  13. Living in India and Security

Resumption, Departure and Flight 

Nigerian students are to resume between August – September 2017. Students from Northern Nigeria will take off from Abuja while students from Southern Nigeria will depart from MMM International Airport Lagos. The University will make arrangements to convey the students from Airport in New Delhi to the campus.

Summary of Admission Process

  1. Credit in five subjects at WAEC level
  2. Scanned result
  3. Admission Offer Letter ready in 3 days
  4. Apply for NDLA clearance from your state office of NDLA
  5. Get your result authenticated from Federal Ministry of Education and Foreign Affair Ministry, Abuja
  6. Get your International Passport
  7. Book date for visa interview
  8. Get ready all your Visa supporting documents
  9. Go for visa interview on the appointed day
  10. If visa is given, book for your ticket
  11. Communicate your departure date to the University
  12. Depart to India and University will pick you at airport
  13. Important Notes:

IMPORTANT! Applicants Should Kindly Note the Followings;

  1. Credit in Five Subjects in WAEC. It is a self- help process. Applicant/the parents can start the process kick-start the process and follow it to the end without involving any Agent.
  2. No need of visiting anybody or any office and no payment of any processing fee to anybody for any assistance.
  3. Admission is stress-free and no room for scam or fraud.
  4. Any or all the financial expenses involved in the process could be made by the student/parents without involving anybody.
  5. Information or any assistance to be provided by the Nigeria contact are to be provided free of charge. WHERE money will be involved students should contact the Institution Director of Admissions for confirmation.
  6. Authentication of your original results from the Federal Ministry of Education & Foreign Affairs Ministry, Abuja and NDLA Clearance from the student’s state office may involve payment of money at such offices. Students are advised to make such payment on their own without given money to anybody.
  7. At the point of payment of the first-semester fee, contact the Institution for payment guideline as stated in the Offer Letter.
  8. Any information required in respect to processing and visa processing, contact the Nigeria Representative but without payment of any money to him EXCEPT directed by the school.

You can visit the university’s website @ for more inquiries.

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