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100 Beautiful Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meanings 2022 Update

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Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meanings

During pregnancy, parents get the most hilarious baby name ideas. As it is very natural for mothers to attach emotional importance to anything, resist the temptation to name your beautiful girl child after your most effective painkiller. 

Igbo Baby Girl Names and Meaning

We’re here to answer questions like “what name will I give to my baby? Should I name my baby after a family member? Should we name the baby after an event? How about naming her after my favorite TV channel? TRACEy sounds lovely!”

There are too many factors to consider when naming a child. Most names especially traditional ones, have an attached history; therefore, most factors influence the names you choose for your babies.

Such factors include the circumstance surrounding childbirth, the significance of the day the child was born, and so on.

With child naming, some hasty parents accept suggestions without inquiring its meaning. 


In this article, I will list out Igbo names and their meaning, but before this, I would like to discuss a little about the Igbos and child naming.

Igbo is one of the major ethnic groups which dwells in southeastern Nigeria. The Igbos determine that what you name your child will actually determine what the child’s life will look like.

The Igbo’s really believed in naming a child after an event that took place that day, and lots of other conditions. Presently in the Igbo community, children are now given lovely and Godly names and no longer given funny local names.

 List of 100 Beautiful Igbo Baby Girls’ Names and Meanings

  1. Ifechukwu – The light of God.

  2. Ifedimma – Something good

  3. Ifekristi – The light of Christ.

  4. Ifeyinwa – Nothing can be compared to a child.

  5. Ifunanya – Love

  6. Ihuoma – One who is favored

  7. Ihuomachukwu – God’s favor.

  8. Ijeawele – A smooth journey.

  9. Ijemma – A good journey.

  10. Isioma – One who is fortunate and blessed

  11. Kairaluchukwu – Let’s leave it to God.

  12. Kaisoluchukwu – Let’s follow God.

  13. chinechezirim – God thinks well of me.

  14. Chisimdi – God says I shall live.

  15. Daberechi – Lean on God

  16. Daluchi – Thank God.

  17. Ekemma – One who was born on Eke market day

  18. Epkereamaka – One who finds prayer wonderful.

  19. Eziamaka – One who believes that we get good things by going out

  20. Akwaugo – “my precious daughter

  21. Amaogechukwu – “God’s time is the best”

  22. Azuka – “we grow stronger with experience”

  23. Akumjeli – “I will enjoy that wealth”

  24. Isioma – “good luck”

  25. Onochie – “the one who replaces”

  26. Chukwunomso – which means “Lord is near me”

  27. Fumnanya – “love me”

  28. Uzoamaka – “a delightful journey” or “a smooth path”

  29. Ginikawa/Ginikachukwu – “there’s nothing greater than a child” and “there’s nothing greater than the Lord”

  30. Chiazokam – God has saved me well.

  31. Chibinobim – God dwells in my heart.

  32. Chibundo – God is my shelter

  33. Chibuogu – God is my strength.

  34. Chichima – A sweet and precious girl.

  35. Chinechezirim – God thinks good of me

  36. Ezichi – Good God!

  37. Ezinne – The good mother.

  38. Ginika – What can be greater than God?

  39. Achebe – One who is protected by the Goddess

  40. Adaego – Daughter of wealth

  41. Adaeze – Princess, daughter of the king.

  42. Adaku – A girl born into a wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family.

  43. Adanna – Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl

  44. Adaobi – The first daughter in the family compound.

  45. Adaolisa – God’s daughter.

  46. Adaugo – Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle.

  47. Adaure – Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State.

  48. Addana – The younger sister of a girl

  49. Ahunna – One with the body of her father.

    Traditional Girl Child names

  50. Ezichi – Good God!

  51. Ezinne – The good mother.

  52. Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by nature

  53. Chimamanda– My God will not fail

  54. Chikaima– It’s God we know

  55. Kamharida– May I not fall

  56. Kosisochukwu – However it pleases God

  57. Ndumzoronachukwu – I hide My life in God

  58. Zioranmachukwu -Show the world God’s beauty

  59. Kaimarachukwu – Let’s know God

  60. Obinaetochukwu  – A heart that praises God

  61. Sochima – Only God Knows

  62. Chinagorom – God is my witness

  63. Chisomaga – God walks with me

  64. Chukwukasiemobi – God console my heart

  65. Somgolibe – Follow Me Rejoice

  66. Nmasinachi – Beauty Is From God

  67. Chidiuto – God Is Sweet

  68. Ifechidelu, Ifechukwukwurugeme – What God has written…God’s words must come to pass

  69. Ifechimererika – God’s works are endless

  70. Chigaemezu – God will fulfill

  71. Nwanyibuife – A woman is light

  72. Chisimdiri – God said I shall live

  73. Kachizamekpere – Let God answer my prayer

  74. Chizaramekpere – God answered my prayers

  75. Ekpereamaka – Prayer is beautiful

  76. Nwukaamaka –  Children born on Sunday are beautiful

  77. Otitochukwu – In God’s Praise

  78. Otutuchukwu – Chant for God

  79. Chimdalu – Thank you my God

  80. Chinanuokum – God hear my calls

  81. Chinalu – God is at work

  82. Akummiriigwe – The Dew of Heaven

  83. Kamsiyochukwu – How I pleaded with God

  84. Chisomnazu – God is my protector

  85. Echioma – Brighter Tomorrow

  86. Enyichukwu – God’s friend

  87. Kaitochukwu –  Let’s praise God

  88. Chimsimdili – My God said I shall live

  89. Oguguochukwu – Befriend God

  90. Makuochukwu –  Embrace God

  91. Kachiside (Kachi) – As God has written

  92. Amaka – Queen of ravishing beauty

  93. Anwuli – Joy, a joyous and happy girl

  94. Anwulichukwu – Joy of the Lord.

  95. Anwulika – My joy is great or joy is greater.

  96. Apunanwu – A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun.

  97. Binyelum – Stay with me

  98. Chiagozie – God has blessed me.

  99. Chiasoka – God is too sweet.

  100. Ifechiluru – What God has done

I hope these Igbo names and their meanings will motivate you as you choose for your child with full knowledge of what they mean. Do well to ensure this list reaches the maternity wards by sharing..

CSN Team.

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